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  1. thaquoth

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Eh. It has an amazing premise, but struggles to scale it's mechanics over an entire game's length. There is a point in the campaign (when you start mostly fighting other Dungeon Keepers) when it kind of loses track of what makes it great and takes a turn into "not so great RTS". The entire underlying metaphor (being, you know, a dungeon keeper) that makes the game so appealing breaks down at that point, and it turns to "build a base, destroy enemy base". I still love the game though, just not for longer stretches of time. It's great to fire up and play the first few levels now and again. :)
  2. (that was a bit of a rhetorical question) My stance on the whole thing: The fact that crowdfunding your own survival can be necessary is a tragedy. The problem isn't crowdfunding itself as a practice though. The problem is that relying on the popularity economics of crowdfunding can be the only thing available. The fact that a lot of discourse displaces this discussion on "is it ethical to crowdfund" is kind of harmful honestly. In terms of modding: sure, why not. I have more of a problem with corporate monetising of mod work, to be honest.
  3. Is crowdfunding "begging" or a flimsy band-aid on the fact that we grossly undervalue certain kinds of labour?
  4. thaquoth

    Do you collect anything?

    I used to be kind of into the idea of owning extensive collections of media (films, music, games...) when I was younger. The thing is, at some point I have noticed that having too much... stuff is not good for me, mentally. Specifically physical things in my apartment. Since then I've greatly reduced the amount of things that I own + have digitalised a lot of media. But even there I'm pretty rigorous about not getting bogged down with too much stuff I don't really care about. Never felt better in my life, honestly. Getting rid of things is so cathartic.
  5. thaquoth

    First Person Shooter (Hidden Gems)

    I've recently played around 2 episodes of Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold. I think I like this game better than Wolf 3D actually. Might be my favourite of that generation of shooters that I played. (that is: single plane of movement, tile-based environment) The added interactivity (informants, food units) really does wonders for it, and makes it feel way less repetitive and mind-numbing. Also the levels are themed more interestingly, which makes them feel less like endless mazes of grey/blue/brown corridors. Pretty impressed with it. Smash a fash, comrade!
  6. Off to spend $800 on a pair of dirty trousers and a machine that squeezes capri sun packets, but only if it feels like it.


    The marvels of late capitalism.

  7. thaquoth

    First Person Shooter (Hidden Gems)

    Despite not caring for KISS one way or the other, despising Todd McFarlane with a passion and it being received as mostly a middling game back in the day, I've always liked the KISS Psycho Circus game. There's just something about that game that made it really appealing to me, and I still have a soft spot in my memory for it. I guess I just like shooters with super cheesy scenarios or something? In any case, that's my one "not sure if anyone else likes it" fps. Haven't played it in more than a decade though.
  8. thaquoth

    Have you finished Doom with pistol starts only?

    Makes the e3 spiderdemon fight a lot more interesting too. I think you can attribute some of the fact that many people consider it a letdown to them just blasting that thing away with a full arsenal. You actually have to be a little crafty about it if you go in pistol only. That was kind of an eye opener for me.
  9. thaquoth

    Old Gaming Mags Were Full of Crap Too

    Gamasutra is honestly a super weird example here, because it's not journalism. Or hip. It isn't supposed to be. It's an industry site. Its audience are people working in the games industry, in whatever capacity, and the people writing for Gamasutra are mainly industry professionals. So... eh? As for the rest of what you're writing, seems to me that you're looking for very specialised, game-specific coverage. Expecting that from sites that employ individual people to cover the whole spectrum of gaming is kind of a fools errand. The only way that can work is crowd-sourcing that information, i.e. wikis. Meanwhile, covering the social/cultural dimension of games (as cultural artifacts) is absolutely worthwile in my opinion. It would be crazy if we collectively neglected that. So... I don't really see a problem there. If you're personally not interested in that, that's also fine? Read other stuff. There is a ton of technical stuff out there. Read wikis. Or, you know, Gamasutra. ;)
  10. thaquoth


    Or maybe, you know, simply not comfortable associating themselves with someone who's publically concerned about the purity of the white race. Like, if that guy worked for me in any capacity, you can bet I'd have fired his ass over that.
  11. thaquoth

    Old Gaming Mags Were Full of Crap Too

    Eh. The "product review" school of criticism has not aged well. That whole thing was kind of a fallacy anyway. And I feel like back then there was a lot more "FUCK YEAH VIDEOGAMES" sycophancy, especially in the big magazines. I'll take a Waypoint or Rock Paper Shotgun over that any day of the week. That said, I've always liked the German PC Player back in the 90s. A little sophomoric at times, and their attempts to paint themselves as "serious critics" were kind of amusing, but they were a good bunch.
  12. thaquoth

    What's your type of playstyle of doom source ports?

    QZDoom or Crispy Doom low res if fancy strikes me. I have everything set up for both keyboard only and mouse play (without freelook): WASD, E for use, arrow keys for turning, up arrow for shooting, down arrow for next weapon. So basically just mapping all the mouse functionality to the arrow keys. Makes it easy for my old brain to switch between the two, as in both cases both hands are essentially doing the same thing.
  13. thaquoth

    What happened to Post Hell?

    Dunno if I would characterise its contents as just "silly fun." I mean, sure, there's that aspect, but often "shitposting" just simply translates into vile garbage. Of which there was a whole bunch in there. Maybe that's actually kind of the point. Maybe Post Hell implied, even if only ever-so-slightly, that vile garbage equals silly fun, and that ain't great. Especially in this our year 2017.
  14. thaquoth

    What is wrong with you?

    This is actually not that weird. Or less uncommon than you might think. I believe I've read that studies on stuff like aggregate data from porn sites have shown that penises are strong sexual cues for cishet males. Hetero dudes are a lot more into dicks than many of 'em will admit is what I'm saying.