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  1. MiNaM


    Ah yes, that classic Baron design.. oh wait... Is that E1M8's "Sign of Evil" theme "0:42~1:29" damn..
  2. MiNaM

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    The blue stickers clearly says "Anhar Purified Water" "Anhar" is an Arabic word that means "Rivers" Don't know why id did this..
  3. MiNaM

    What new acheivements could possibly be added?

    Name: "Get a Gf" Gamescore: 47029891891.2B Type: Action Description: Kill the Cyberdemon using only your pistol !
  4. Well, here's my setup - Asus Strix GTX 980 @ stock clocks - Nvidia 365.19 Drivers "I've downloaded the latest driver but didn't update since I have zero graphical/performance problems" - Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit I'm playing @ Max settings 1050p and haven't seen any pixelation on reflections and shadows.. Texture pop-ins aren't noticable in regular gameplay, I don't see them till I force them to show-up even though it's running from a regular 2x7200rpm HDD's in Raid-0 If you're running the latest driver give the 365.19 a try, and if you've OC'ed your video card try downclocking to the stock clocks..
  5. Haven't seen any thing like this in the game maxed out on GTX 980... what's your GPU ? maybe you're out of vRam or something..
  6. MiNaM

    DOOM's Next Update + Multiplayer Improvements

    fly a bit higher.. that's it now aim your lasers... okay now say cheese.... "Ggrrrrr!" PERFECT!
  7. MiNaM

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    Seems familiar.. Ah yes!
  8. MiNaM

    Doom Won't Run! Can Someone Help?

    Was that a 286 chip ? I remember how it performed on my 386DX 33Mhz with 4MB RAM ! it was very playable with something like 15~20 fps but there was those moments where i'm forced to play on lower quality (pressing f5) or on lower screen size (pressing -) for smooth gameplay :-)
  9. MiNaM

    Doom Won't Run! Can Someone Help?

    That's a 750Ti, better get the newer GTX 950.. Here you can see the 950 pulling 50~60 fps on medium settings @ 1080: I've searched for a low profile 950 but can't find any..
  10. MiNaM

    Doom Won't Run! Can Someone Help?

    Your motherboard is compatible with these processors: i7 3770K i7 3770 i7 2700K i7 2600K i7 2600 i5 3570K i5 3570 i5 3550 i5 2500K i5 2500 Sorted from the fastest to the slowest, and "K" means this processor is unlocked for overclocking "should work fine on your motherboard but you can't OC it", and any of those can run Doom just fine.. find a good deal for a used one and pair it with a "Low Profile Only" Geforce GTX 950 and you're ready to go ;)
  11. MiNaM

    Endless Shutdowns.

    Today i decided to try starting Doom offline to see how it goes, so I disconnect the internet, start steam in offline mode and start Doom.. PLEASE DON'T DO IT!! The game came up with this message and my whole savegame data was corrupted !! WTF! I've heard somewhere about Doom's devmode bug so i brought down the console and found out that IT IS running in devmode.. Exiting the game, connect to the internet and start steam online, start Doom again, nothing... still in devmode with corrupted savegame data ! Tried the "+com_gamemode 4" startup parameter then restarting in campaign mode, still nothing... Doom is stuck in devmode.. For god's sake i played for over 22 hours and got all secrets, challenges, and collectables, i was working on the challenges of level 10 and now i've lost everything ! PLUS i've heard that restarting the game from scratch while in devmode will disable and make you loose all your achivements on steam ! Thank god i've made a backup a day before of the savegame folder located in c:\users\username\saved games\id software\doom Replacing with the backed-up files saved my ass and brought my progress back at the beginning of level 10, so i'm back with a loss of just a couple of hours.. phew So, till this game get some serious bug fixes, always make a backup of your savegame data folder from time to time just in case your data get corrupted..
  12. MiNaM

    Playable Offline?

    I'm not saying that I'm correct and you're wrong, I'm looking for some common sense, what they said in that explaination could be easly tested for a confirmation.. Just go offline and change your processor then start the game while you're still offline.. I don't have another 1155 processor to try that myself, but will do when i got my hands on one. PS i don't give a damn how it works, i just want to say to the OP that he can't unlock it on a PC and play it on a different one, don't you agree with me ?
  13. MiNaM

    Playable Offline?

    Didn't say it patches the EXE itself, I was saying that it definitly patches something somewhere ;) Edit: maybe not directly through some Denuvo servers, it might be done through steam itself..
  14. MiNaM

    Playable Offline?

    Based on that, you can run Denuvo protected games after unlocking it on a different offline system.. which you can't... not even on an identical hardware with an identical processor ! What was said here about Denuvo patching the game binaries with a code made only for a specific processor, and there's a zero possibility for two processors to be 100% identical makes more sense..
  15. MiNaM

    Playable Offline?

    Only if he can log in to his steam account and allow them to access & detect his machine.. It's a bit complicated on how the game unlock on your system but in simple words, the system must connect to the internet in order to be detected and verified by steam so that Denuvo will patch the game based on the detected processor with some code that will only work with this specific processor.. Full story here