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  1. What are the new TV's that are out? I need a bigger one than I already have. Mine is a small little 20 something inch LCD. I want one that's a bit bigger.

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    2. AndrewB


      The new ones are called HDTV (high definition televisions) and are actually pretty thin compared to your typical CRT. They come in plasma as well as LCD so make sure you know the difference. Standard HDTV comes in 720p (pixels) be careful because they also come in 1080p varieties. These can be a lot more expensive and don't actually increase the number of inches. Most people probably can't tell the difference anyway. I'd suggest a 32 inch 720p plasma. Philips and JVC are well known brands.

    3. MIND


      Why the fuck was this posted under "Morons"?

    4. Chezza


      MINDustry said:

      Why the fuck was this posted under "Morons"?

      Calm down, it's just some Administrator's / Moderator's Cynicism when categorizing totally irrelevant and unproductive threads. Don't anger them, our existence is their greatest mercy.

      As for TVs. HD is a modern era of basic resolutions, like 720 on a youtube channel. Full HD is like 1080P. For most people, 32" is the medium size these days and 55" is the big one. Plasma will do wonders with motion, LED will do great with sharp colors and LCD is your general modern design. Plasma has been known to be less power efficient but that has gradually been fixed.

      Do you watch lots of movies like DVDs and Blu-Rays? If you do, consider purchasing a Full HD Television as it will look amazing. If not, and you're more of a general viewer then don't go crazy with full hd as most TV channels don't air full HD shows unless you pay for them. The most expensive are generally full high definition LED Smart TVs, which allows you to browse the web and all that jazz your phone and computer can already do better.

      I could be wrong with my resolutions but I think I'm right on track.