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  1. MINDDomakr

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    Those games are lame. Big whoop. 2 modern games that let you make modifications to them.
  2. MINDDomakr

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    Yeah about a game made in 1993 which was over 20 years ago genius. I'm talking about newer games.
  3. MINDDomakr

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    Nobody cares about new created content and mods anymore. Sadly. Those are a thing of the past.
  4. Hi, I really want to change my account name to something else so that it appears different when people play my SnapMap levels. I'm on Bethesda's website and it won't let me change my account name for some reason. Anybody have a fix?
  5. MINDDomakr

    Interesting maps/wads made by young people

    I'm a younger person and I got my start with DOOM 2016. I've released 4 or 5 maps or so and am taking a break until I think of creative things I can do again.
  6. MINDDomakr

    MIND1 - The Herr's Keep

    I know that the last level is quite brief but at the time I was doing what I wanted to do which was seeing how far I could push the "Custom Geo" in the game to see what I could do with it and what it's limits were.
  7. MINDDomakr

    Flaws in Doom 16'

    - Watered down map level editing tools - Multiplayer dead after a few months - Load-outs are like Halo - Largely dumbed down to appeal to console players so more money could be made - Wrong name. It's proper name is DOOM 4.
  8. DOOM: Knee Deep in the Dead After 2 Months. They should've appropriatley called DOOM 2016, DOOM 4.
  9. MINDDomakr

    MIND2 - Wasteland

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45iNkSPd-ug Level Key - Q2EH9QS4 Make your way through one of the UAC's most patented facilities in an atempt to get to the other side to clear it all out of enemies. This facility is compromised and the threat needs to be eliminated. Only you can do it to restore the facility to working order.
  10. MINDDomakr

    MIND1 - The Herr's Keep

    This is my first official 3 part series that was made over the years of 2016 and 2017 when the game first initially launched in May of 2016. I had made a bunch of levels dubbed "The Lost Levels" which were just me experimenting with the logic and limits of SnapMap but this is my first official work. I know that the last level is quite brief but at the time I was doing what I wanted to do which was seeing how far I could push the "Custom Geo" in the game to see what I could do with it and what it's limits were. Feedback is appriciated and encouraged. Share, play, and rip-n tear! Level Key's 1. G2GTMPN6 2. 5TE7LK6Q 3. NY59HEJX - MIND
  11. MINDDomakr

    SnapMap Help

    I need help making the floor module textures that are brick all even and straight so that they look good as well as the wall textures. Can anybody help me "edit" this so that I can duplicate the modules for better use. I can't seem to make them straight and even. The code is 7ZHJDJ3 Leave everything else as is. I just need help with the texturing being evened out.
  12. I'm not giving them more of my money and buying the sequel if they don't make modding and creating SnapMap's easier like they did with the original Dooms. The new game will be the same shit. People will beat the campaign and then it will just die out not even a year later.
  13. MINDDomakr

    What makes Doom (2016) 78.5g?

    Because its jam packed with awesomeness.
  14. MINDDomakr

    2 New Releases From Me

    E1M2 - Descent To Sin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YloSR_63PZM Custom Features: 4 players Demon Player PBV's Custom Geo Hell Themed Props Checkpoints E1M3 - Herr Diablo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHNqMHyKkKE Custom Features: 4 Players PBV's Empty Grid Room Custom Textures
  15. MINDDomakr

    It's been months that DOOM 2016 was released~

    Well, 1 year in and it's sad that SnapMap online is so dead and that there are barely any mappers in the community. All the chats are dead on Discord. Makes me not want to make my third SnapMap.