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  1. MINDDomakr

    How should I contribute to the Doom community?

    I don't know about anybody else but I'll still be making SnapMap's long after the dedicated servers are taken offline for DOOM 4. You can still use it and make videos of your work.
  2. MINDDomakr

    How should I contribute to the Doom community?

    Don't make maps for other people. Make them for your own enjoyment. That's what I do with the new Doom. Do my videos get many views? No. Am I a "somebody"? No. Do I have fun making my own stuff on the timeline that I CHOOSE? Yes. Very much so. If you get recognized then that's just a bonus.
  3. MINDDomakr

    Hangar Playthrough

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YoLkraGHFKo This is another Spindleshank map and it's a rather simple one. You get the shotgun and kill a bunch of demons. This is one of the more boring maps this guy has made but I can forgive him considering his other work is great. Lots of good scenery is used in this level for the toxic waste. Author - Spindleshank Level Code - S9TRKAGE Check out our group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/snapmaplegacy
  4. MINDDomakr

    Toxic Refinery Playthrough

    Someone needs to change the topic title.
  5. MINDDomakr

    Toxic Refinery Playthrough

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fTnpK-yfpnM This map is a custom geo remake of E1M3 with secrets and a system for collecting bonus points. You get to use the chainsaw in this level and you're going to need it with the amount of enemies that are thrown at you with only 2 lives given by default. I got killed before I could finish the map but It's excellently made and fun if I do say so myself. It reminds me of my Wasteland level. Author - Spindleshanks Level Code - 6R9GRECZ Check out our group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/snapmaplegacy
  6. MINDDomakr

    Static Entry Playthrough

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZmDmj1I7YPM This level involves a boss fight, destroying multiple objectives, and using switches. Needless to say, you WILL get your ass handed to you during the boss fight. I know I did. Overall, this was a pretty enjoyable campaign like map to play. Author - elfinko Level Code - UY5TQVG3 Check out our group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/snapmaplegacy
  7. MINDDomakr

    Phobos Anomaly Playthrough

    Phobos Anomaly Playthrough - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_N33d6jtlg This is an amazing remake of the classic DOOM E1M8 map with well made custom geo and a good handful of weapons. The level was rather short with 32 kills but it still offers a decent experience and is worth a playthrough. Author - Spindleshank Level Code - UTJK8SBN Check out our group - Check out our group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/snapmaplegacy/discussions/4/1751232561631248776/
  8. MINDDomakr

    Outcast M1 Playthrough

    Outcast M1 Playthrough - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZGGkeu8H50 This is one of the funnest and most well together custom geo maps I've ever played. Tons of enemies and ample ammo + good selection of guns will leave you with 20 minutes of fun. The work with the custom geo is incredible with this one. Author - Void Runner Level Code - K9PG5F99 Check out our group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/snapmaplegacy/discussions/4/1751232561631248776/
  9. MINDDomakr

    SnapMap and Multiplayer Servers

    Well. At least SnapMap will still be available to use on Single Player and I can still make videos which is what I love doing. It's my form of artistry. I love that fucking thing and have nearly 500 hours in it. 5 levels made in total. People never really played my levels at all really but that's not the point. I made them for my own enjoyment. If people liked them and they got popular then it was just a bonus. Someone should leak the source code so people can share their levels even after the servers get taken down. A big FUCK YOU to Id and Bethesda for taking this out of the new game instead of expanding on it and bringing making levels/wads back.
  10. MINDDomakr

    SnapMap and Multiplayer Servers

    Are they ever going to take the servers offline totally or are they going to support them for a long time to come?
  11. MINDDomakr

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    That's because the features were extremley limited and they only cared about graphics. Nobody gives a shit about building an easy game to last for years to come when they can milk the online for so much profit like GTA 5. It's always "MUH GRAPHICS", MUH MICROTRANSACTIONS, etc.
  12. MINDDomakr


    I have a shitload of Horror/Thriller DVD's that I need to get through. I bought 20 of them for 40 somethings dollars off of the Facebook marketplace. I'm just going to sit on my ass and watch them one by one.
  13. Steam ID: mindustry / Username: MINDDomakr like to play: Doom 4, Quake Champions, Forza 7, GTA 5, Counter Strike: Go 360 ID - MINDDomakr
  14. MINDDomakr

    Planned Obselecense In gaming?

    Kind of like Shark Cards for GTA 5? Pay to keep on playing. Microtransactions really ruin shit. I remember how much fun I had with GTA 4's online when I still played on my console back in the day. I switched to PC after the last generation of consoles though.
  15. MINDDomakr

    Planned Obselecense In gaming?

    Unreal 4 is WAY to complicated for the average person.