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  1. I could of told you that. Though I've read the halo books, they (IMO) are pretty damn good. Although I suppose if you are not a big fan of halo, more halo probably won't make it better. I'm suspecting the kids in the trailer is john and kelly (John being the master chief's name)
  2. Cyborg? Please. He's human. Cyborg? No, that is the armor he wears which is a very big suit powered suit, something that only he and other spartans can wear. I doubt they'll reveal his face and honestly? Is it all that important? Personally I want to see Kelly and Linda and the others atleast make one appearance.
  3. Well, given it's an old beta and not so much anything else I wouldn't of expected anything else out of it. While it is far to early to really ask, do you have a planned length or just a wait and see approach?
  4. Juras, Right-click on the bat file and select edit. Inside should be this line "zdoom -iwad base/main.wad -file base/data.wad -config base/foreverhood.ini" and then check that you have everything in that base folder. Alternatively you could edit the bat so it looks in the main directory. See if that helps.
  5. Or if he had been working with the half-life engines he'd be hired by valve to complete the trilogy and then delay the game for about seven years. Hahaha.
  6. Silent Hill 3 was brilliant. Silent Hill 4 not so much. The Suikoden series are probably the most epic console rpg's in existance. RPG set in a massive war torn world, driven by character personalities rather than the raving madman cliche? Nothing else like it, especially given the way all of the games tie together. If you haven't played the earlier ones though, don't worry as they do stand alone quite well. Eh, consoles already have this rounds winner. 360. *Shrug* sony are far too arrogant this round and then you realise if you keep up to date with a half-decent PC you outdo a console anyway. People tend to blindly ignore that consoles and PC's tend to evolve along side each other anyway and all have strengths/weaknesses.
  7. Hey... Barry Humphries rocks. There's more to him than Dame Edna. Personally to complete the unholy trifecta of idiot aussies we need Russel Crowe to fall off a building.
  8. Yeah, but the thing is I am not looking forward to this to play a doom clone. I thought the pace of this suited the world quite well. Just watching the bizarre environments unfold around me was awesome. My complaint is that it ended too soon and at points it did feel fairly linear, but given it was an early/old part of the game I can let it slide. Naturally I want a GZDoom compatible version. Yet this still looks impressive in software which i find very cool so it's not a high priority.
  9. You know, I missed Jello's actual comment the first time I ignored it. AC/DC were not and never were an 80's band (Given that they spent more time in the 80's trying to recover the huge impact they made in the 70's. The Razors edge was a temporary ressurection in the earlier 90's but they haven't done much since. Stiff Upper Lip was decent though and I think they might be recording a new one due next year (Rumours only). They were much bigger in the 70's and according to most, much better. While Bon Scott's death was a tragedy, Brian Johnston is by no means a bad singer, but it does boil down to opinion of course.
  10. Nice, the painkiller guys are an actual band? I did not know this. I liked that soundtrack. It looks like I may have to look them up... or even better, do they have an english website?
  11. Oh wow that was such a well thought out and planned paragraph of coherency. AC/DC may be a rather simple musically but back in the day they put on an insane live show. Saw em a couple years back and that was still a damn fine effort. Be helpful if you slag out something with a reason why it's "such bs"
  12. Thing is though, there are plenty of bands in it for the fans and the music, your mistake was the assumption that people like 50 cent are musicians instead of carefully placed icons to represent a theme. Half-baked is much like other "gangster" fools before him, a pointless gimmick. Going deep and deeper outside of the commercial realm and you realise that most, if not all bands still performing yearly tours ten or twenty years later are the ones doing it for the fun of it. Iron Maiden still put on a fantastic tour, Deep Purple still have fun on stage. Megadeth and even Metallica endeavour to blow away the fans at every live show they do. (Even if the albums are weaker, they still fucking own live) Ignore the pop tripe and you'll always find the real bands. Always, no matter what genre.
  13. Yeah, I know what you mean. I'm not sure how they plan to replace tarja, I'm not even sure they can either, because Tarja was such a huge part in that bands style and her voice was awesome. There are quite a few talented female singers though, so I'm interested to see who they might pick. Also, I think it depends on the listener to a degree as well. Many consider that AC/DC died with Bon Scott, While others think that Brian Johnston managed to take them higher than before. Others may say that Iced Earth doesn't work without barlow while more consider The Glorious Burden (especially Gettysburg 1863) to be a damn fine effort with a new singer. (Ripper got unfairly ripped into with Judas Priest as well IMO) Incidentally, Barlow is singing again too. He's in the first state force police band, a band with an educational bent for primary school kids... and he's bald!
  14. Ah, WASP, now theres a band from way back. I was vaguely aware that they were still around but I haven't really taken any effort to hear any of it. I can't say I'm a fan of black metal really, the screeching crap will kill interest in a band no matter how good I find the music. If you really need to counter fantasic music by slaughtering a monkey then more power to you but not for me. (As usual though, not all bands do that and there are always good bands that break the mould) Also, I just remembered about a band I discovered after watching an AMV set to the game xenogears. It was sequel of decay by Tristania and I'd probably class it as doom metal personally. It was a nice contrast of male/female vocals to fairly moody music and worked quite well. (It fits the theme of the game so damn well it's not funny) Belial. I don't agree with that. Once was definitely a weaker effort compared to oceanborn and wishmaster but it did take it's own direction as well. You also might want to keep an eye on nightwish in the near future too as Tarja was fired from the band a month or two ago and they are currently looking for a new vocalist. So when they get a new vocalist in they might start back to the old stuff with a new edge.
  15. Tragically I'm going to have to disagree with you on Manowar. I always found it to be unbearably cheesy heavy metal. However, given that I have not heard of many those bands on that list, I'm not going to claim to be an expert of power metal either. Given I tend to lean to the progressive side of the coin. Savatage and Helloween are decent bands though.