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Everything posted by Meril

  1. Meril

    The Waterfront

    Great visually, some clever ideas and well used sound replacement (final part in red key building, no spoilers). For it's age awesome!
  2. Meril


    Ugly, uniintresting, mazy switch hunt. Very confusing as well. Fightings are boring, because you encounter mostly imps and few pinkies.
  3. Meril


    Big map (30minutes, ca. 300 kills) made in 1995. Visuals aren't perfect, but without misalignments. Best part is non-linear progression, steadily introducing more powerful weapons. But difficulty comes from extensive use of hitscanners. Better don't use sfx.wad, because sound replacement is terrible. Anyway, it was very well spend time.
  4. Meril

    My House Doom

    Small, quick, ugly, almost everywhere one texture, some HOMs... I want to find any pros, but I can't. Maybe author tried to detailed?
  5. Meril

    Temple of Saturn

    Overdose of mazes, completely random design. Overall for its time: playable, but far from being fun.
  6. Meril

    The UAC Base -- Doom II version

    Very well made level from 1995. Some fine details, great design and architecture. Custom intermission text, custom text while picking up keys is cool addition. But as always this map is not perfect. It may be confusing, you must find secret doors marked very gently, easy to miss. Yellow door isn't require yellow key. I spended about 30minutes having great time! (Except few minutes looking for missed hidden door)
  7. Meril


    For 1995 map, it's very big and lots of monsters (about 450). Cool idea with fighting hordes of monster under constant rocket fire from cybie. But there's come a moment when you aren't able to sneak by and you must kill it mostly with sg, because plasma iammo is rare. Design is simple without many details. You can find only few odd textures. Overall: Good old map.
  8. Meril


    Standard old "first map". Angular corridors, awfull texturing, flat not alligned to grid, not unpegged lifts... In pit with blue key you must to use noclip, becouse of authors mistake in making a lift. How it's possible he didn't notice it and published wad?! I can find only few adventages: Music (Low quality Nirvana - Rape me), no shitloads of powerups nor enemies. And he tried. but failed :D
    Design and archiecture - wow! But gameplay is a bit worse. Map is large and confusing. Cyberdemon in dungeon part is in my opinion imposible, becouse you need to go back there, and then he waits in front of elevator... Minor issue in room next to exit door, if you get in there and don't have key, you are stucked. Difficulty is HARD. I had problem to finish it in HMP. Overall: Good visuals, gameplay ok, but with minor issues, good 1995 wad!
  9. Meril

    Flip 2: It's that time again

    This map is crap. Ugly, confusing. Each keycard is in unmarked secret area impossible to find without IDDT. I have no idea how to defeat 3 Cybies in narrow corridor. Bullshit.
  10. Meril


    Very good. Some minor problems like theme is not consistent, final fight in very dark area. Overall, fights are very well designed. It gave me a lots of fun.
  11. Meril


    E1M1 is ABOMINATION. Long, angular corridor with few side rooms. Each wall has diffrent texture (not literraly, but this is extremely ugly). It awesome in 'the worst wad ever' category. If you like playing crap - must have! E1M2 is slighly better. It has some shape, and base theme. BUT still nothing impresive. Some annoying features like monsters shooting through the wall, ugly texturing etc. Overall: First map 0/5, second 2/5 = average 1/5*. If you skip E1M1, it's kinda ok.
  12. Meril

    Lord Roberts Doom 1.0

    It is one of the worst wad ever! Everything is glitched. Some baddies, but no guns, no exit, no fun.
  13. Meril


    Name of wad is adequate. It's cramped af. Gameplay is shitty too. You are forced to hump every piece of wall to progress. A lots of unmarked doors. Only for masochists.
  14. Meril


    Only start is good, you need to think how to get out. My first though was that this is proto-Terry trap, but you can escape. But then, this map turns into crap. Annoying lifts and switches part, and than kinda ok fight in pillar room.
  15. Meril

    Tread Softly!

    It just a arena with cyberdemon. Simplistic but not terrible. One of thhe first using of voodoo dolls. That made fighting like on the mine field.
  16. Meril

    Obituary 1.1, updated version

    Very good. New textures, new weapons, new enemies. Design and architecture is very well made. But this pack is broken, I repaired it in Slade. Rocket zombie is dumb idea, but I like it. It is really funny when they kill themselves. But monster placement is pain in the ass. So many hitscanners! Flamethrower is OP, but kinda balanced thanks to short range. 2 times I needed to use level editor to find how to progress, and few times I get stucked because of using S1/W1 trigger lines. Anyway, I spend a lot of great time with this wad.
  17. Meril


    Not bad, but very short and easy.
  18. Meril


    Overall pretty good map set. Nice design and well textured. BUT playing this wad is sometimes annoying. Many hitscanners, not much cover. Litterally each corner has own exploding barrel. Every sector in secret area is marked as secret and is average of 20 secrets per level. Some secrets are needed to progress, but they are extremely obvious. Difficulty is kinda hard. Healthpacks are rare, hitscanners are not and slowly draining your precious HP. As wad from 95' really not bad. 4/5*
  19. Meril

    Blue Hell

    This is very decent 95' map! If you don't find secret with bfg, it is really challanging, mostly becouse of low ammo. Some cool traps using instant lifts. There's some minor flaws like bland dark maze, but in that era map without a maze is not a map. For those who like classic maps, I really recommend playing this wad!
  20. Meril


    Map is from mid 1995. It is simple in design like most of 95' wads. A little of switch hunting, but not confising. Monsters are too easy. BFG is unnessesary. Begining is challanging becouse of scarce of ammo. Overall map is average for its age, but for todays standards... Meh+
  21. Meril

    Caos5 (Havok)

    Not terrible. Map is small with annoying kinda teleport-maze. Some wall-texured doors to make it more confusing. 2.5/5*
  22. Meril

    Make one up

    Short, easy, ugly and undetailed. Nothing more to say.
  23. Meril


    Not much to say... It's Dumb. But I give a little + for another way to kill it, but still it's only one big square room.
  24. Meril

    Undergound Military Bunker

    Very good map from 1995. Good design, some nice details, consistent base theme (it's rare in early wads). Only few minor texturing flaws. (Playing on UV) Challange is mostly made of big number of hitscanners and hordes of pinkies, but overall it's well spend 20 minutes of my life. Ammo and health balance is perfect. I never had to much ammo. 4.5/5*