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  1. Kaminsky

    3D Floors and Performance.

    Whether you use 3D floors or portals in your buildings will very much depend on the size and complexity of your map. Although 3D floors are notorious for causing performance to drop substantially if used excessively or if too many are being rendered at once, there's no clear way of telling how many it takes to slow the game down because everyone's computer is different. Some people may not see any noticeable performance drop while others may experience lots of lag from only seeing a couple of 3D floors. If you intend to use 3D floors in your map, try to use them sparingly or use them only for creating the second floor of the building. Otherwise, if the buildings are supposed to have lots of detail (furniture, rugs, lighting, etc.), it might be better to use sector portals instead, as boris suggested above.
  2. Kaminsky


    This would make a great palette for something like "Doom II: Hell on Another World" with the purple tinted liquid and orange/brown sky in some of the screenshots.
  3. Kaminsky

    Favourite Doom sound?

    The Icon of Sin (or John Romero)'s pain sound, echoing untold miles of Hell's surface.
  4. Kaminsky

    Your least favourite enemy?

    I hate Arch-Viles, especially on maps with hordes of monsters. Any time I come across just a few of them, they start resurrecting all the dead monsters and use their flame attack to keep me back. They tend to hide behind other monsters too, which makes them difficult to kill. Dealing with these guys requires a lot of strategy, but gets annoying very quickly.
  5. Kaminsky

    Any way to disable Brutal Doom graphics effects?

    Play Smooth Doom instead.
  6. Do you think we can use custom sky textures for our maps or would that be against the rules?
  7. Kaminsky

    The "What the hell is this supposed to be?" game

    It would've been pretty cool to see that face as some monster that you could fight. It probably would've looked like a Hell Knight or Baron of Hell, only stronger and more sinister with those red eyes too.
  8. Kaminsky

    Is anyone else annoyed by lack of official news?

    I think the occasionally leaked screenshots are enough for me. I'm sure many of us can still wait for another two months before the game's release without getting another trailer or more video gameplay.
  9. Kaminsky


    Still got any space for this? I'm thinking of making a Hell-themed level for this, but I'll contribute to whatever's available.