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  1. Thought some more contested demos would be good. Can't beat those Dastan tablefiller nomos though :( Map01 nm 100s in 0:17 bd01s017.zip map02 nm speed in 0:20 bd02n020.zip map23 uv stroller in 0:37 bd23str037.zip map24 uv respawn in 1:04 bd24r104.zip map24 uv max in 1:40 bd24m140.zip
  2. Cereal box designers upping their game I see.
  3. This is a lot of text for a non-serious reply for a topic that obviously didn't warrant any serious replies because the OP is a dipshit.
  4. I feel like reading is difficult for you but here you go
  5. Decay

    DeathMatch servers and liminal spaces

    I like the exaggeration of number of servers. But this has always been true, even when there were lots of people playing online, most servers were empty, with people packed into a handful of the hundreds available. Pretty much what I thought when I read your post.
  6. Decay

    Various Decay wads

    10 am Break D2All (UV Speed) in 5:18 10amAll-518.zip
  7. Decay

    Why do you like software rendering?

    It feels right to me because OGL sends every PC I've ever had into overdrive, contributing more to climate change than Toronto's never ending gridlock.
  8. That's such an incredibly low bar it's beneath the crust of the earth.
  9. Most of the later 32in24 entries have a ton of caco winners contributing.
  10. Map17 Pacifist in 0:11 bd17p011.zip
  11. Decay


    That's a lot of words for a joke topic.
  12. Decay

    How much detail do you put into your architecture?

    I've seen this episode of the Magic School Bus.
  13. Usually I'd say no but if you played more games and read more comics maybe you'd stop indulging this video crap that makes you posts these kinds of topics.
  14. TBH discouraging him from playing video games at all would have an immensely positive impact on his present and future life.