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  1. Decay

    can i appeal a ban?

    Having the word "meme" in your display name should be enough grounds for a ban tbh
  2. Logged in just to like that post, thanks for linking it!
  3. Decay

    The Joke Map Conset

    got you an interpic fam
  4. Decay

    Any mapping discord servers ?

    If you want to do any PVP related mapping, you'll find feedback here https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK
  5. Decay

    Question about Zandronum and PrBoom+

    Please correct me if I'm wrong but I don't think the hitboxes (barring the mastermind, which was reduced to 112 units vs 128 in zdoom ages ago but there is a compatibility flag for this now) changed at all. There's a different hit registration with the fist I think but that's about it? Are you possibly referring to blockmap?
  6. Decay

    Question about Zandronum and PrBoom+

    Each port has a set of "compatibility" flags that replicate vanilla or older port behaviours, so "original game behaviour" isn't much of an argument there.
  7. Decay

    Question about Zandronum and PrBoom+

    Odd, once you turn off freelook it should be saved in your INI config file so you shouldn't have to turn it off every time. That applies to every command, so I'm not sure why you're having that problem. To change map for pistol start, I think you need to use the command "map eXmX" instead of "changemap eXmX". There are also pwads for zandronum that will do this automatically for you but I'm not sure what they are called, given I don't play single player. As for ports, play whatever makes you happy.
  8. Decay

    do you put Easter eggs in your WADS?

    @hobomaster22 likes putting pics of his cats in his maps. As for me, almost every map I've made since 2014 has an easter egg/joke in there somewhere. It's a neat little thing to do, sometimes it's poking fun at someone, sometimes it's changing the map a bit, sometimes just a small joke, probably the most meaningful one is a tribute to the late DemonSphere (RIP).
  9. Decay

    Favorite Metal Bands

    Moonsorrow 100% for atmospheric metal. Check out the albums Kivenkantaja and V: Havitetty, both of them require a full listen, Havitetty in particular, a true masterpiece.
  10. KFC is crazy, maybe there is a greater goal behind this
  11. Decay

    32in24 - Best of DM Pack

    Best to make a brand new pack then, because there is a very good reason nobody plays these packs/maps outside of singular events.
  12. Decay

    lulzworthy drama bs

    Is this really where people want to be
  13. Decay

    AI research and Doom multiplayer

    That video is Dwango5 map01, SSL2, and Judas23_ @Fonze Doomseeker supports odamex as well Freelook and jumping are optional mechanics of course - the user does not necessarily need to use them in most maps, even in newschool ones. But I'd agree that oldschool is probably the best way to go for this particular project. Flags (settings) are different between ports so it'll be a matter of choosing which port you believe is best suited for the project (you could go chocolate doom for the most "pure" experience).
  14. Decay

    AI research and Doom multiplayer

    Hi, There's a number of factors at play when picking what is "standard" (and there are many competing views on that). Easiest way would be to demarcate a line between oldschool (which has a more clearly designated "standards" or flagsets) and newschool (a bit more nebulous and has a variety of approaches). The most important distinguishing points between these 2 would be the enabling of jump, freelook, and finite actor height. Oldschool mostly tries to emulate vanilla play in more modern ports such as Zandronum, though the other alternative choice would be Odamex. Odamex is arguably more suitable for oldschool play, and the maps that have been used in tournaments (most recently quake con I believe) would be SSL2, Dwango5 Map01, Judas23_, Doom2 Map01, and I think King1. Might've been Dwango5 map07, which is another viable standard map everybody knows. Those are for 1v1. For FFA deathmatch, this question has actually been asked before on the zdoom forums, here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=56552 which is mostly unchanged, the only difference being an additional newschool set made by the same people who made DBAB and Aeon, called NeonDM Port choice is player preference, neither are "standard" but it's worth keeping in mind there are nuanced differences between them that changes feelings for players (Odamex is based on a much older version of ZDoom and CSDoom, while Zandronum is based on a much newer version of Zdoom). Zandronum supports more modern features which change map dynamics (such as 3D floors which allows room over room creation) while Odamex more definitely caters to old school Newschool has less bound rules but there are many people willing to help you out, starting with the MDF yea. As for finding players, MDF and WDL are good places to look, I think Devastation is still around, Ralphis is still here, @dew can probably give good suggestions for viable players who aren't too immature for the research process.
  15. Decay

    The Slaughter Spectrum - RC1 Release

    It's easy to make it seem like that's all this is about really, but it's not, and it's kind of disingenuous to dismiss everything I pointed out in my first post by just saying that. If BB was some random nobody who did this nonsense with the pk3, half the forum would jump down his throat. The only reason you guys aren't is because he makes pretty maps and established himself with streaming. It kinda sucks that this is partly just a private drama that's being dragged out of the shadows, but the reality of things is that it's easy for BB to seem like he's done little/no wrong when all the public facing posts indicate so, but a series of shitty pms, waving the threat of separating these maps from RR before they were kicked, blatant disrespect to other mappers on the project, utter disdain for people not fortunate enough to have decent computers, and borderline bi-polar attitude towards help tell me that BB is not the saint you guys think he is. He doesn't need you defending him, he can defend himself.