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  1. Decay

    What are your favorite deathmatch maps?

    start here https://www.doomshack.org/recommended.html and here https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=56552#p999580 Also the cacoward pages for DM/multiplayer awards
  2. Decay

    Bizarre Multiplayer Stories

    Asriel is not a bot,just plays a ton.
  3. Decay

    Good lightweight source port for quick LAN?

    https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/69270-how-to-play-doom-multiplayer-tutorial-info/?tab=comments#comment-1549272 check out this post, but Odamex is probably your best bet
  4. Decay

    2020 Deathmatch Wads?

    Remember, PVP is dead and nobody makes content for it ever
  5. Decay

    Robot J's Deathmatch Arena (BOOM COMPAT)

    Hell yea for more new content keep at it
  6. Ah yes the annual "nobody plays what I want" thread even though you can easily get people to play what you want if you put in a bit of effort. Quit your whining and go play the game instead of the forums.
  7. See that 4 hour gap in response time? Your brain is too slow for doom pvp
  8. - they aren't older than dirt - they have good reaction times - they have brains - they don't play on dunkin donuts wifi - they (usually) aren't creepy pieces of shit - play the game more than they play the forums you currently don't have any of those attributes, that's why you score 0 frags in a 5v5 10 minute tdm match
  9. You need to use a brain, which you don't have. You also need to not be 65+, so you actually have reaction time and cognitive functions, so you're out of luck there too. You also need to practice the game instead of wasting time sending dick pics to female doom players over facebook, so once again out of luck.
  10. It hasn't been easy demaking some of the UDMF maps. I am not a fan of vanilla mapping, that is for sure. But at least with simple limits it's easy to put out something simple too Sometimes the demakes actually come out for the better. "Pretending to be Original" was originally made for Don't Be A Bitch Last Man Standing 1, in late 2014, and was replaced by Progduel02: Fade in DBAB Remastered. It really hasn't seen much play time, and is quite ugly But I think the vanillafication has done good things for it
  11. Decay

    When setting up a Doom rig

    Another good example of "running rings around you" would be "any novice doom player can run rings around Smight/Inf3cted/whatever name he goes by, no new rig will make up for poor skill"
  12. What port are you trying to launch? Check your file paths. Try an alternative browser (such as Doomseeker) if supported.
  13. Be sure to let me know if there's any other maps you'd like to see converted... so long as Razgriz or myself are listed as original authors I will see if I can make a reasonable convert, or if not by one of us I'll have to put some thought into remixing (like digitality)
  14. Doom's weapon "balance" is absolutely not perfect by any stretch, any competent player will tell you that. In fact I'd argue that the weapon imbalance in made more stark in high level 1v1 but maybe someone like @dew or @DevastatioN would have more to say about that.