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  1. the better option is to gun down whoever is playing with you
  2. 1. finish my neondm map 2. leave doom
  3. wipe the slate perhaps and start fresh? i wonder how many people just look at the list and feel bogged down, especially with all the junk wads in there.
  4. Every time I see a still of that guy with those ugly-ass glasses reminds me strongly of
  5. Brutal doom? Well, you'd be wanting zan at the very least... so you might as well start here: this service will put up a free server for you on zandronum. All the steps are there; to make it private, to set a connecting password and enable it. Alternatively you could use zdoom or gzdoom peer-to-peer connections but i'm not sure how that works.
  6. Yea "vanilla" (or close enough) dm has been the standard for DM and CTF for several years, I don't know where you are looking........ and FFA dm has definitely been on the upswing in the past few months, I've seen a lot of new players joining servers across mapsets and it has been a very positive thing. What would be cool, IMO, is more bridging the gap between SP players and PVP players beyond 32 in 24. I realize it is difficult to convince people to map for game modes they don't play, but I'm not sure how many people have even tried playing PVP in a good, fun setting. SP and MP mapping are also so incredibly different to map for it could be a novel thing to do.
  7. -yes- Part of the reason I formed the Mechanix Union was inspiration from the Jetsons, Unidoom, and Chaos Core. Seeing these groups work consistently as a team was pretty important to me as an early mapper, and for the past 7 years MXU has been pretty vital for me as a mapper but also as a player. I'd love to see more consistent groups form.
  8. What a great list of mapset both in the winners and runner up categories. Congrats to the winners, and thank you to those who keep the cacoward tradition alive. I don't understand how the lead programmer for an advanced/progressive port can be so regressive. I guess this is why boom format will always be better :(
  9. Poor alexmax and the altdeath forums....
  10. Yes. Close enough
  11. I'm confused; why wouldn't you use zandronum over zdoom? The "graphics" are pretty much the same if you use the software renderer. The skulltag config file also transfers directly over to zandronum as well, so there is no need to start with a blank slate. As for zdoom @Edward850 may be able to help you here, not very many people play zdoom multiplayer.
  12. ROFL :O)
  13. I dunno man, I've been banned several times from zandronum, misc. servers, and irc channels, (for a combined total of 3 years) and I never once ban evaded or considered ban evading. Most ban evasions are done to intentionally continue pissing people off, "ban evasion" as an offense indicates no remorse and continued rule breaking. It's not like they are ban evading to hold a civilized discussion over tea and cookies to get to the root cause why they were banned. Ban evasions are also usually under the category of temporary bans (months/year) and not being able to live that sentence. <Metal> You have at least 2 years until you're unbanned. <capo> for 2 years i will probably dead
  14. Wowee, thanks for quoting me 5 times! I definitely would have never have been able to piece together your reply had you just quoted me in a block, or even simply summarized my post. Way to go, you did it. I think I need to go the optometrist now though..........