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  1. WoodPecker, our game was the toughest one we had yet (though Caution/Goblin were pretty tough on Laz too); I had fun. I've updated the demo post, it now includes all the div 1 demos that have been submitted so far, and with most of the games in div 1 complete, that's a lot of demos. Tons of games have been played on the way to the final date of stage 1; looking forward to stage 2!
  2. Thanks :P I am a firm believer that PvP matches should get the same detail treatment as SP maps... though not at the expense of game play, of course! It's a mishmash of packs, drawing from Hexen, a lone texture from shadow warrior and american mcgee's alice, gothmash, Unreal, Marathon, and Daikatana, at least according to the person detailed the aforementioned aeon maps. The aurora skybox was custom made by @Argent Agent in space engine (he should really consider packing them all up and releasing them as resources hint hint).
  3. Some really excellent matches played this weekend, we went from like no games done all week to like 8 done over the weekend, great work, now I have a lot of post editing to do for the demos mannnnnnnn that's a lot to add in. I might've goofed putting Stipsi and im1hpu0 in div2, but we'll see how things pan out. Some teams need to be more cohesive to overcome better fire power, and too often I saw some serious rushing into the fray for no real reason, resulting in needless deaths. Remember, play smart, not hard. it's also not a grand idea to bank on underplayed maps for a victory; best to just stick with what you know plays to your strengths well, and what you have practiced.
  4. how gracious. why not just offer them up instead of seeking attention first?
  5. Finally hacked together my final Progressive Duel map, Abandoned Shrine. Very loosely Hexen inspired but also by AeonDM maps (aeon22 and aeon28) that went for similar themes
  6. Update! Galactus broke up with D'Sparil, so D'Sparil hooked up with Dragon and pulled a 2-0 win over 2ez4daPros Demo post updated, and we have several games happening tonight, stay tuned! Div 2 has merged: play as many games as you can until the end of oct 22nd (next sunday). Top 4 move on to stage 2
  7. Div 2 got some matches done last night Mondobizarro finally switched his partner and got some games done. Autistic Doomers vs Vinegar on Salad (AD wins 2-1) Autistic Doomers vs Black Sheep (AD wins 2-0) Black Sheep vs Skrawtondreddnut (SD wins 2-0) Thanks for getting some games done, gotta update the demo post! This weekend is slated to have a bunch of games being played in Div 1, looking forward to seeing these games!
  8. It's not about a penalty for "being unmotivated" it's about following the policy set forth in the rules (1 point for no games done in 7 days) to prevent a complete stagnation of games being played. Remember, other teams are depending on your being around, either to chat with or play with as part of the competitive environment. Simply being around, posting in the topic, being in discord, even if you don't play, and communicating is better than doing nothing.
  9. Some people seem to have forgotten what "commitment" means, and forgot the explicit statements I made in the sign-up thread. It really isn't hard to be around for these. People who work full time jobs and are in post-secondary have been playing and/or scheduling their games without a problem.
  10. Demo post updated. Several great games happened this weekend; The Autists vs Multiple Scorgasm (MS wins 2-1) 2ez4daPros vs the Meme Police (2ez wins 2-0) and vs Multiple Scorgasm (MS wins 2-0) Vinegar on Salad vs Black Sheep (VOS wins 2-0) DoomGeriatrics vs Black Sheep (DG wins 2-0) The Slim Reapers vs Caution/Goblin (TSR wins 2-1) OurHero/Razor vs The Jajas XD (TJX wins 2-0) Caution/Goblin vs The Jajas XD (TJX wins 2-0) Div 2 get your act together! Get some games done. @Battle_Kirby @A7MAD @ShotgunDemolition None of you have been around nor attempted to get any games done. Several consistent absences and lack of attempting to get games done has resulted in penalty points! Killstrike decided to bail, leaving Godlike without a partner. Fate to be decided. Dranzer quit and is subsequently banned from signing up to future tournaments. OurHero filled his spot. Shift also quit and received a ban. Ral is not seeking a new partner. Nik informed me Thomas quit, so he quit, and both received future sign up bans, but suddenly changed his tune when confronted in a server. Still banned, IMO Hope you guys have been having as much fun as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Although my join date is in 2016, I've been around consistently since 2009, I just never had any incentive to join here. I only joined when the MP section made a return.
  12. Many great matches have been played Bloodhunters vs The Autists (TA wins 2-1) The Jajas XD vs Caution/Goblin (TJX wins 2-0) Multiple Scorgasm vs The Autists (MS wins 2-1) See second post for demos and screenshots. Keep the games rolling; DIV 2 get moving!
  13. Posting a win for the jajas vs Razor/OurHero; all demos are in the second post (that have been submitted so far)
  14. Match Commentary: WheelChair Warriors vs Fonze/Patience These matches were neck and neck for virtually the whole game, they were really close and good matches to watch, though a little painful at times watching alfonzo's excellent 250-260 ping and some legendary double/triple team kills. Not team killing is a real skill in itself! Beware the consequences. IMO, Fonze and patience were really consistent, and did a good job at directing the flow of the map, even if it resulted in losing some skirmishes. However, I think the WWs could've pulled off a win had they not team killed each other so much. In Skirm12, it was 65-65, and then there was a double team kill, putting it down to 63-65, and the WWs lost ALL momentum after that, resulting in the 75-66 loss. Same thing happened in Exec09. On the other hand, Patience proved himself a real capable fragger, carrying a laggy Fonze to victory. I look forward to the rest of the matches in this division, it will be a close call to see who moves forward; its anyone's game.