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  1. Decay

    Multiplayer Doom Federation

    Good podcast guys. I highly encourage people who aren't really sure about playing competitive doom to dip their toes into this, it'll be a good chance to try something new.
  2. Decay

    Lost Village (DM Map)

    Screenshots makes it look like the map is rather flat and boring, aside from the potentially bumpy floor (blah). I'd love to give proper feedback but given there is no download, I can't. Why is there no download? We can't help you make a better map without actually at the very least strolling through it.
  3. Decay

    3dm: 3 Deathmatch Maps

    I was hardly being a dick, honestly. Maybe a little rude at best. Not of the criticisms are invalid (otherwise I would not have posted them), and of course if someone comes in with the attitude of "I don't want to put in effort" I'm going to be a bit crass in my remarks. Put out low effort stuff, get low effort feedback. Please point out where I said "maybe someone with half a brain could salvage this with better thing placement" because while it definitely sounds exactly like something I'd say, I'd likely only say that to someone I've known for a long time. Saying "if you knew what you were doing (aka being a dm player) the map could be salvaged with better thing placement" is 100% valid. Take it at face value (hey if you played dm you would know how to do this better) instead of digging deeper to find insults that aren't there (lol d00d you're a fucking idiot, a monkey could salvage this with better placement). I don't think these were made to "fool some dumb DM morons" but acknowledging being lazy about such crucial aspects of DM mapping is just bad. If a regular DM player, known in the pvp community, made subpar maps, there would be an endless barrage of memes, insults, trolling, etc, with absolutely no real feedback within it. Valid criticisms with some sarcasm is not a big deal, and if it is, don't get into pvp because you'll either rage out or end up as a puddle of tears on the floor. If the recipient of such critique chooses to get offended over THAT post, Weenie Hut General is around the corner. "if you put some effort into this, maybe you could make something decent" I guess this is specifically referring to my last line here "Maybe you should actually take a moment and "carefully orchestrate" the thing placement and you might end up with a decent map." I say "might end up with a decent map" because I don't know for sure. It's very easy to tell when a map will play poorly, but can be very difficult to see if a map will play well based on first glances and suggestions. It could take several revisions to make good, or it might never be good because the structural layout is intuitively bad. I don't know. So I say might/maybe instead of "it will be better." I'd be perfectly happy for OP to disagree with any of the criticisms, so long as the reasons are valid (which could be as wide ranging of "I don't intend for serious play so this unbalance is fine by me" or "I will completely restructure this map for balance reasons x,y,z"), or if there are questions regarding the criticism I'd be happy to answer.
  4. Decay

    3dm: 3 Deathmatch Maps

    It shows. A sloppy assortment of things spread across the maps with no rhyme or reason. Spawns haphazardly tossed in with absolutely no thought given to game play. Dead ends, quasi teleports, no definitive areas of battle, cramped spaces and bumpy floors. And that's just map01. Nice theme though. Nice error messages of missing textures. map02 looking gr8. Other than being nauseating to walk around in, the map is more of a maze and hoping to stumble upon your enemy than having any direction on where to go with visibility. If you've never played DM, why bother making DM maps? You clearly have no clue what's going on, you wasted your time making these, and wasted our time playing them only to say in the end "damn that sucked." map03 got a nice frozen waterfall. map03 layout wise wouldn't actually be that bad if it was touched up, those god awful bars removed, and an actual player who knew how to do thing placement for balanced game play. No dm experience = not having a clue how to balance a map, and this is a prime example with a super easy access bfg with tons of ammo mere moments away and a goddamn invisibility sphere. Maybe you should actually take a moment and "carefully orchestrate" the thing placement and you might end up with a decent map.
  5. Decay

    Doomshack Plays

    First set done, onto round 2. Easily some of the worst maps I've ever played, @Doomkid and @42PercentHealth and @Altazimuth can agree
  6. Doomshack Plays............ BucketDM! Come see how shitty of a mapper Bucket is and suffer along with Doomkid, 42PercentHealth, Altazmith and myself.


    Zandronum: Doomshack: Buck It Deathmatch


    As always, join us on discord as well for commentary! https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK

  7. Decay

    Doomshack Plays

    Doomshack Plays............ BucketDM! Come see how shitty of a mapper @Bucket is and suffer along with Doomkid, 42PercentHealth, Altazmith and myself. Zandronum: Doomshack: Buck It Deathmatch As always, join us on discord as well for commentary!
  8. if you enjoy watching people "rage" on stream there are plenty of career options as a daycare worker
  9. Spoken as a true loser. I bet you told yourself something similar when people told you BucketDM is complete garbage. "I didn't try making those maps, they will never know my true mapping capability!"
  10. Decay

    ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    At first I laughed at the exaggerated picture, and then I laughed again because those shitty servers get more players online on average than zdaemon does all day.
  11. Decay

    ZDaemon 1.10 Released

  12. I thought about mentioning that but it's dead as a door nail, much like the rest of the zdaemon forums/community.
  13. Nowhere really reviews MP sets, only particular people because not many MP can be bothered to do so (or are even capable of stringing together a coherent sentence). Right now your best bet for map reviews comes from joining doomshack plays sessions as we go through wad after wad, or requesting feedback from people for WIP. Best way to determine goodness or not is having several people play and making a judgement from that. Bear in mind many people are content with playing garbage (we intentionally played some awful wads in doomshack plays and people legitimately enjoyed them) and will not be able to give you a good opinion. Seek mappers, good players, and people who have been around for a long time. otherwise, at a glance, many maps can be determined playable or not based on.... - flow if the map is disjointed, directional, bumpy, or grabby, it sucks 9/10 times - intensity maps should be able to balance fast and slow pace action, not strictly be one or the other. - visibility can't find your opponents (or monsters), map sucks - spawns can easily make or break a map. - balance if one side of the map has a megasphere, soulsphere, blue armour, that's a problem. also bfg balance and tackling rocket spam potential - layout small circular arenas are really shitty, so are enormous mazes. make a layout that is unique but also integrates common conventions - accessibility to weapons like it or not the ssg is essential. however, most spawns do not have to be (and shouldn't be) ssg. it's also nice to have a variety of weapons at your disposal. stop putting pistol spawns in maps particular to CTF when constructing a map you must consider the 3 essential positions and each of their roles from the point of view from offensive and defensive tactics particular to LMS every spawn should be capable of winning particular to domination leave some breathing room for the domination points instead of constant turnover particular to coop/invasion/survival ensure challenge accommodating X amount of players, balance ammo, power ups, etc
  14. Join us in another exciting Doomshack Plays session! Tonight we are playing Green War2 on zandronum


    Doomshack: Greensnore


    Join us in voicechat Discord here: https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK

    1. Fonze


      Gl, hf! Would love to see some recordings of sessions.

  15. Decay

    Doomshack Plays

    Last night was a bit of a bust, but tonight we had a great 2 hour session with an average of 12 people. GGs @Doomkid @42PercentHealth and @Altazimuth Had some new faces in as well; definitely love seeing new people, if anyone wants to dip their toes into some deathmatch, this is a good opportunity!