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  1. Are you progressive enough for progressive duel?


    Meet me in the server. Update your IDE/DE client for easy access of the 3.0 beta



    [TSPG] Painkiller: Progressive Duel


    1. Doomkid


      god dannit I want to play the new progduel build but I'm literally posting in my sleep

  2. Poor soul who hasn't been introduced to DM wads :(
  3. TBH its odamex, why don't you just do a random rotation of all 3 wads instead of picking 1 wad. Put odamex's best feature to good use
  4. Where are the screenshots at
  5. Goldeneye, then came a more complex reload system, perfect dark.
  6. So when's this challenge going down???????
  7. 40oz did a lot better than I expected he would. Best play of the match was the stealing of the soulsphere at the beginning of round 2! Well played.
  8. Sure, open on up Yes, in about 30 minutes (5:45 EDT/EST?????) we will start having some exhibition matches for anybody watching/wanting to try it out. I highly encourage people to give it a try!
  9. For those who want to watch it in-game, you will need a beta build of zandronum 3.0. Doomseeker should automatically install this for you, Doom Explorer and IDE are having trouble due to not supporting a protocol IIRC. Here are some builds: put it in a subfolder named "testing" in your wad folder without unzipping it and zandronum should pick it up. The server being played on is Doomshack Duel40 Private Server. It is passworded to connect to it, but maybe Doomkid will allow the password to be given out here and then change it after. In fact that's probably the best bet, pm me if you want the password to the server itself. You could also ask @Fonze @Doomkid depending on who you want to ask. Ip: port and direct link zds://
  10. Death and Decay or Crash and Corruption?
  11. Did you want to try out @Dragonfly's awesome new map as seen here? Here's your chance, it's time for some Progressive Duels with @Fonze and others. Other maps received facelifts and reconstructive surgery as well, check out the solid work done by the team.


    Hook yourself up with zandronum's latest beta build if IDE/DE won't automatically install for you, found here, Windows only and put it in your "testing" subfolder without unzipping it.


    Server: [TSPG] Progressive Duel: zds://

    1. Fonze


      Ggs and nice update; good idea on linkage

    2. Decay


      GGs Fonze


      Anybody who simply wishes to view the maps, here's the wad


      Zan 3.0 is required to run it due to new features. To remove missing item icons, run with

    3. Doomkid


      It was fantasmic!

  12. or or ????????????????????
  13. hey where's the dislike button >:(