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  1. Decay

    Worst State in the United States

    My perspective as a Canadian. You can pretty much play this game with the Canadian provinces too. Generally speaking, all states/provinces have ups and downs, and perspectives often come for what you are looking for. Nowhere is perfect, and for every positive there is a negative. Pleasing everybody is difficult, and corporations, money in politics, and cultural divides and class/culture wars don't help. I have visited and/or driven through most of the Eastern seaboard and a bit inwards, as well as California. It's easy to say West Virginia/Virginia is shitty, but some of the mountain driving in the Appalachians was some of the best driving I've ever done. Detroit is utter trash but the area along Lake Michigan and the Sleeping Bear Dunes is glorious. Yea Florida is chewing itself apart but a sunset on the beach at St. Petersburg is relaxing. Tennessee and North Carolina have some great forested areas, and the Tail of the Dragon at Deals Gap is legendary. NYC is a concrete jungle but Lake Placid is a hiker's paradise. LA wasn't great but heading out into Temecula Valley was great. You get the picture. I've had colourful experiences everywhere. Of the states I've visited: Michigan, California, Illinois, Pennsylvania, New York, Vermont, Maryland, New Jersey, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Hawaii, Virginia, West Virginia. The only one I can think of with no redeeming features whatsoever was Ohio. Maybe I'll have to give it a chance again when it isn't poisoning everyone with toxic fumes. I'd also like to note that all of these perspectives do come from a privileged perspective. I have spent some time in unbelievably poor places, favelas and slums where plumbing is non-existent, clean water is a luxury, turning down the wrong street can be deadly, and life is a day-to-day grind. For all its faults, America is for the most part a good place, especially if you come from those parts as @Endless points out. There is a reason people make that dangerous journey everyday to get there.
  2. Decay

    Doomworld standard cover photo origins?

    Pretending to be drunk on the Internet for cool points.
  3. https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/62984-little-doomlings-still-exist-demon-laden-vanilla-wad/ one person pretending to be several right here
  4. Shit son, I guess I found out I have ADHD.
  5. Decay

    [FINAL RELEASE] Eviternity

    Real DooMers play without music so they can hear the monster sounds better. It's one man against the hordes of hell!!!! They aren't blasting music through the techbase announcement system, it's just you! It's a product of the early 90s, DoomGuy ain't jamming on a Walkman carrying multiple CDs, and if he is, those songs on repeat have definitive ends and beginnings too, with bonus skips every time he fires a gun.
  6. Decay

    New world records in MyHouse.wad

    "world record" what a joke. You know there is an entire subforum dedicated to speedrunning right?
  7. Decay

    QYARIA [a wip GZDoom game]

    Damn, looks fantastic. Great work!
  8. Decay

    How do I get more map testers?

    Beg and pray, basically.
  9. Rage Wars for the GBC had a bombass OST. Great game. Not necessarily a great Turok game, but a great game nevertheless.
  10. Tips: Don't have shitty in the title. Have more confidence in your map, otherwise why would anyone want to play something acknowledged as shitty? Don't title yourself as an asshole, it may or may not be true but it doesn't give people incentive to support you Don't use .rar, use .zip
  11. Maybe not in those exact words, but even in this post you are conveying that sentiment even though you contradict yourself with this post: If you "keep seeing people ask for a Rage Wars remaster" then maybe there are more people out there who do want it than you think? Look at your posts. The manner in which you are posting is akin to marketing speak, and speaking as if you have ANY say in the matter. As an individual, you don't matter to a game company's decision making process, and it is confusing why you would speak thus. Are you on the board of directors? Are you a developer? Shareholder? Bonus you haven't even played Rage Wars so it's further confusing why you are so against a game in which you have no stake. Nobody here cares if you think it's worth remastering. I'm not here to convince you either; all I made was a light-hearted joke post "When Rage Wars" because I don't think it will be remastered, but it would be cool if it is. Then this is where it (d)evolves from light-hearted to personal insult: Stay mad.
  12. The shut-ins with more money than sense are the ones actually buying these games. You should actually be thanking them for supporting game studios by throwing away their money for remasters of old games from their childhood rather than using it as an insult.
  13. Thank you, major game developer PR spokesperson.
  14. Rage Wars had bots plus it's own little "campaign" iirc, where you completed various objectives (frags, capture the flag, boss battles, etc) to unlock different characters. Most Rage Wars cartridges actually suffer from a bug that broke the campaign, very few fixed cartridges were sent out (and thus cost a fortune). Having a non-busted way to play would actually be pretty cool. If you look at it from a market saturation point of view, there's not much incentive to do... anything really. Everything is saturated. Financially it might not make too much sense, but it would be nice for completion.