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  1. When I used to play another FPS online, to get a game with anybody you knew you had to ask on the forums. I wonder if a status can serve the same purpose?


    Come hit me with your best shot. New School Progressive Duel on Zandronum, I'll take any and all challengers.

    Server name: [TSPG] Painkiller: Fat Prog Duel


    I'll be waiting.

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    2. Marcaek


      i gotta have more 10000000 frag rounds on shoot to get good

    3. Decay


      Don't forget to start your day with 3 hours of cardio, a big glass of orange juice with a huge bowl of lucky charms, otherwise the practice won't stick.


      Don't worry Sgt Marc VI you still did better than petty square ral :O)

    4. Doomkid


      im a doomworlder who would have showed up if not for (insert something about timezones or work or lag or some shit here)