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  1. Come join Doomkid and I in Progressive Duel, get some frags.


    Port: Zandronum

    [TSPG] Progressive Duel zds://


    Can play with us on TeamSpeak 3

    Ts3 ip:

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    2. Fonze


      Videos and demos have different pluses and minuses; on one hand demos suck because there is no phone-version of zand 2.blah.blah, let alone the beta version of 3.0 we used, to watch the demos on. And of course gotta get the wads/pk3s. However, the ability to switch between players freely or just ghost cam, in addition to being able to watch offline, really adds to the usefulness of demos. "Best" to do both :)

    3. Dragonfly


      Good points, for sure! I don't mind the limitaitons of video for the most part, the tradeoff for the convenience is so worth it in my opinion, especially since when I sit down to 'watch things' I'm usually in bed trying to fall asleep. When I'm sat down in front of a computer I'd rather be the one playing or making somehting haha :D

    4. Koros


      well guys. heres the link.