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      Our server host (Linode) is going to be applying patches to address the Meltdown vulnerability over the next day or two. Because this involves patching the hypervisor that the Doomworld virtual private server runs under, this will require some degree of downtime. Some of our servers are due to have this maintenance around midnight-ish tonight, America time, and the other server is due to have this maintenance tomorrow around midnight-ish, America time. So if you try and come to Doomworld and stuff appears to be broken, don't freak out!


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  1. Did you want to try out @Dragonfly's awesome new map as seen here? Here's your chance, it's time for some Progressive Duels with @Fonze and others. Other maps received facelifts and reconstructive surgery as well, check out the solid work done by the team.


    Hook yourself up with zandronum's latest beta build if IDE/DE won't automatically install for you, found here, Windows only and put it in your "testing" subfolder without unzipping it.


    Server: [TSPG] Progressive Duel: zds://

    1. Fonze


      Ggs and nice update; good idea on linkage

    2. Decay


      GGs Fonze


      Anybody who simply wishes to view the maps, here's the wad https://allfearthesentinel.net/wads/progduel2b11.pk3


      Zan 3.0 is required to run it due to new features. To remove missing item icons, run with https://allfearthesentinel.net/wads/eonweapons_rc5a-3.0.pk3

    3. Doomkid


      It was fantasmic!