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  1. Ever since status updates got hidden I forgot they existed


    Finally wrapped up Progressive Duel 2 after a very long fine-tuning processing time and expansion from 5 maps to 16 + a hub, and 2 of the original 5 got chucked into the bin. If you don't want to bother checking out the topic, here's the pack directly or perhaps a screenshot gallery will suffice. Onto the next project, whatever that may be. Should probably start working on NeonDM or close up Hexecution, but a single-player pack beckons I think.


    For those who ignore the multiplayer forum, recently a MP centric discord has been set up as a hub for the major MP ports for all game modes (DM, CTF, Cooperative, Survival), MP focused projects and events, check it out if you are interested in playing some wads online with people or just want to have a chat (got about 70 people in so far, far more than I expected!) https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK


    Now that the zandro team-deathmatch tournament has concluded, perhaps its time to run some pick-up, 1 night duel tournaments....

    1. Marcaek


      finish neon


      or hexectution im not picky