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  1. Almost 5 hours now with an average of 20 players the entire time, and substantial amount of time with 24-27 in game at once. Incredible, tbh. Server is still going strong with no signs of slowing down so if you're curious, now's the time to get in.
  2. Following the success of Impromptu DM, we are going to have another speed session for FFA. This time, we're going to catch that Halloween vibe by sticking to themes from Hexen, Heretic, Blood, and Doom. You aren't limited to the stock textures though - just try to catch the feeling by lighting, textures, architecture, and decorations. Map goals: Aim for approx 4-8 players size wise. Doesn't have to be very big at all. Check out the previous Impromptu Dm to see good map sizes, they were pretty reasonable. Quality Control: We will playtest this weekend. Deadline for completed maps: Oct 31. The sooner you submit a layout, the sooner you can get feedback on it and start detailing it. Detail level doesn't have to be spectacular but don't make it shitty or I will throw it in the garbage even though it's only a speed session. If you want to use an old layout you had around, that's fine, I support environmentalism by encouraging reducing (effort), re-using (ideas), recycling (layouts). This set will be aimed at Zandronum and up, so as long as Zandronum supports the feature you want to use, it's good to go. Weapons! This time we get some slightly different weapons, courtesy of Michaelis. The rocket launcher has been replaced by the Bloodscourge, but it fires like rockets (1 ball, no homing), a Sapphire Wand for pistol replacement (you can use pistol spawns!!!!!!!), a buffed WraithVerge as a BFG alternative (doesn't replace, so you can pack them together), a flechette that blind opponents, and good old Quietus for Chainsaw replacement, along with some skin changes for Plasma. These aren't quite ready though so just place normal doom2 weapons accordingly. Resources. Instead of a fat resource pack, I'm going to link you packs that you can draw from that I will compile at the end. If you wish to add something as well, include it in the wad submission. This should be plenty to go on though. Stalung Unreal Hexen (has textures and decorations, check map01 for decorations available since DB doesn't display them for whatever reason) Blood Gothmash Music: whatever zan supports, pack it with your submission Skies! @Argent Agent has made some custom skies for this https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/404501142723362817/503409662532780042/SPOOKYSKIES.wad Where are the people doing this? Multiplayer General Discord: https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK Go forth and make good maps.
  3. I find dogsoft to be an unreliable source. It often gives me bad wads to join servers, meaning I have to then delete the wad and find a different source for the correct one, even with recent releases, which is a pain in the ass. BestEver went down after the events of this thread but AFTS picked up most of that background. Some of it seems to be lost, as recently another player was looking for the completed rocket jump extreme remastered edition, and nobody could find it, though it was supposedly on BE. Use wadseeker and getwad's search functions to find the mirrors they are drawing from, most of them are still fine.
  4. Decay

    Online Doom Dying?

    Possibly one of the most backwards statements I've read on these forums.
  5. I know of at least 3 people from israel who played with some sort of regularity, but as for more obscure places, I've seen servers from: Isle of Man Pakistan UAE Kuwait Botswana South Africa Thailand Ghana Trinidad and Tobago Papua New Guinea Cambodia Nicaragua
  6. Nice, a psychopathic corporate shill for one of the most mass-produced low quality guns you can buy. Re: Discussing politics There's nothing wrong with talking about politics, but people often seem to forget politics isn't limited to debates of right v left, identity, or trump. There is a lot to talk about, unfortunately too many people have seem to have left their own personality behind in exchange for a purely political one crafted for them. Without standing up fiercely for their political lean, right or left, they have literally nothing going on in their lives, nothing of value except for screaming about their beliefs in a frantic smattering of keyboard strokes. I honestly feel sorry for these people, many of which can be found here, who cannot see the forest for the trees, and have no real life or identity of their own.
  7. For those potentially interested in watching or joining the tournament, here is a practice session stream of the maps to be played The servers hosted by TSPG will only have a "join password" instead of a connect password - so spectators can connect to the server and easily watch the games in progress without needing the password to actually join the game. That being said, the tournament starts in just under 5 hours from now, I encourage new players to come and try their hand at this.
  8. Decay

    Multiplayer Doom Federation

    Good podcast guys. I highly encourage people who aren't really sure about playing competitive doom to dip their toes into this, it'll be a good chance to try something new.
  9. Decay

    Lost Village (DM Map)

    Screenshots makes it look like the map is rather flat and boring, aside from the potentially bumpy floor (blah). I'd love to give proper feedback but given there is no download, I can't. Why is there no download? We can't help you make a better map without actually at the very least strolling through it.
  10. Decay

    3dm: 3 Deathmatch Maps

    I was hardly being a dick, honestly. Maybe a little rude at best. Not of the criticisms are invalid (otherwise I would not have posted them), and of course if someone comes in with the attitude of "I don't want to put in effort" I'm going to be a bit crass in my remarks. Put out low effort stuff, get low effort feedback. Please point out where I said "maybe someone with half a brain could salvage this with better thing placement" because while it definitely sounds exactly like something I'd say, I'd likely only say that to someone I've known for a long time. Saying "if you knew what you were doing (aka being a dm player) the map could be salvaged with better thing placement" is 100% valid. Take it at face value (hey if you played dm you would know how to do this better) instead of digging deeper to find insults that aren't there (lol d00d you're a fucking idiot, a monkey could salvage this with better placement). I don't think these were made to "fool some dumb DM morons" but acknowledging being lazy about such crucial aspects of DM mapping is just bad. If a regular DM player, known in the pvp community, made subpar maps, there would be an endless barrage of memes, insults, trolling, etc, with absolutely no real feedback within it. Valid criticisms with some sarcasm is not a big deal, and if it is, don't get into pvp because you'll either rage out or end up as a puddle of tears on the floor. If the recipient of such critique chooses to get offended over THAT post, Weenie Hut General is around the corner. "if you put some effort into this, maybe you could make something decent" I guess this is specifically referring to my last line here "Maybe you should actually take a moment and "carefully orchestrate" the thing placement and you might end up with a decent map." I say "might end up with a decent map" because I don't know for sure. It's very easy to tell when a map will play poorly, but can be very difficult to see if a map will play well based on first glances and suggestions. It could take several revisions to make good, or it might never be good because the structural layout is intuitively bad. I don't know. So I say might/maybe instead of "it will be better." I'd be perfectly happy for OP to disagree with any of the criticisms, so long as the reasons are valid (which could be as wide ranging of "I don't intend for serious play so this unbalance is fine by me" or "I will completely restructure this map for balance reasons x,y,z"), or if there are questions regarding the criticism I'd be happy to answer.
  11. Decay

    3dm: 3 Deathmatch Maps

    It shows. A sloppy assortment of things spread across the maps with no rhyme or reason. Spawns haphazardly tossed in with absolutely no thought given to game play. Dead ends, quasi teleports, no definitive areas of battle, cramped spaces and bumpy floors. And that's just map01. Nice theme though. Nice error messages of missing textures. map02 looking gr8. Other than being nauseating to walk around in, the map is more of a maze and hoping to stumble upon your enemy than having any direction on where to go with visibility. If you've never played DM, why bother making DM maps? You clearly have no clue what's going on, you wasted your time making these, and wasted our time playing them only to say in the end "damn that sucked." map03 got a nice frozen waterfall. map03 layout wise wouldn't actually be that bad if it was touched up, those god awful bars removed, and an actual player who knew how to do thing placement for balanced game play. No dm experience = not having a clue how to balance a map, and this is a prime example with a super easy access bfg with tons of ammo mere moments away and a goddamn invisibility sphere. Maybe you should actually take a moment and "carefully orchestrate" the thing placement and you might end up with a decent map.
  12. Decay

    Doomshack Plays

    First set done, onto round 2. Easily some of the worst maps I've ever played, @Doomkid and @42PercentHealth and @Altazimuth can agree
  13. Doomshack Plays............ BucketDM! Come see how shitty of a mapper Bucket is and suffer along with Doomkid, 42PercentHealth, Altazmith and myself.


    Zandronum: Doomshack: Buck It Deathmatch


    As always, join us on discord as well for commentary! https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK

  14. Decay

    Doomshack Plays

    Doomshack Plays............ BucketDM! Come see how shitty of a mapper @Bucket is and suffer along with Doomkid, 42PercentHealth, Altazmith and myself. Zandronum: Doomshack: Buck It Deathmatch As always, join us on discord as well for commentary!