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  1. Doomshack Plays

    Last night was a bit of a bust, but tonight we had a great 2 hour session with an average of 12 people. GGs @Doomkid @42PercentHealth and @Altazimuth Had some new faces in as well; definitely love seeing new people, if anyone wants to dip their toes into some deathmatch, this is a good opportunity!
  2. Doomshack Plays

    Doomshack Plays What is it? Doomkid hosts a server on a multiplayer port (odamex, zandronum, or zdaemon) with a random pvp wad for about 1-3 hours on a random day. This is not a weekly event, rather when we feel like doing nothing and playing games. A bunch of us get on voice-chat in discord and discuss the maps as we play them. Usually we purposely play bad wads, or old wads that were/are highly acclaimed to revisit them and re-evaluate them. We also play works in progress and new releases. We love having a ton of people play with us, so please feel free to drop by! One of us will probably post before playing or a status to alert that we are about to begin. Here is the discord link: https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK Here's what we have played so far: Classix Doomkid's DM Kid duel2 Vex Zdaemon swarmDM RageDM Joe Ilya's Doom2 DM Mega5.wad The Last Strike 2004 Superfast DM TNT Bloodlands Crucified Dreams 2dm maps Onslaught Deathmatch Revival Impromptu1 Staph1 Brit9 Styx Dwango21 aka cuck.wad Dwango20.wad Here's what we have to play so far (we take all suggestions) Ancient4.dm (skulltag) CRDM (skulltag) TinyDM UDM various wads hosted on doomshack on zdaemon deca IGPack Sabbat Martyr 32 in 24 series Skullvomit Greenwar 2 Brit5-8 dweller2 Exec Lazarus Cybercrime 3 Uritedm Uptightdm fragfest ? asdfjkl lethal vital aim xenos Nutty DM 1 and 2? OMG maps 1995dm 1994dm bucketdm1 and 2 NESdeath elv series by cybershark danzig1 and 2 if not already covered in classix ffi_z Decided not to play on grounds of being too awful Surge DM (31/32 maps symmetrical) Motornerve DM (Shit with a bow on it) Zodiac DM (Complete garbage) Fetal (too many symmetrical maps)
  3. where's your ethics protocol
  4. Doomshack Plays

    Another Friday night, another Doomshack Plays. Join us on zdaemon as we play styx! A true deathmatch classic. Playing right now zdaemon: Doomshack: Styx As always, feel free to join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK
  5. you should probably start with map01 of shoot!.wad, it's the most popular map ever made.
  6. If you're just playing with another person you can just ask for them to wait for you to exit instead of them, since you'll be the one taking up time. Seems like a waste of time for the other player though.
  7. Speed Session: Impromptu DM

    It is in the wad. Feel free to make sure it's all good and upload away
  8. Speed Session: Impromptu DM

    With some crazy Doomshack Plays sessions, we've come across some incredibly awful dm maps that people have raved about for several years. Boxes within boxes, shoot'em up barn yards, sprawling layouts where nobody can be found, the worst possible dm layouts you can think of are all there. So, let's see what we can contribute to the heap in a weekend. Starting now until Sunday morning EST, let's make some DM maps. Sunday mid-day I will compile the wad, and sunday night we will play them. Must be compatible with Odamex, Zdaemon and Zandronum. Doom2 format, Boom format, zdoom doom in hexen format all good, i encourage the use of bridge things. Your resources are: Ancient Aliens resources and Doom2 resources, use this wad: https://www.sendspace.com/file/fkfwdc It took VGP 9 months to create this, let's see if we can do better in approx 36 hours :) Discord: https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK EDIT It's done, congrats we finally did it https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=impromptu1.wad Credits file in the wad Screenshots here:
  9. doom mods can be fun

    No I don't o wat the HELL are you talking aboot
  10. Oh man I remember when I first started mapping, it was feelings of pure excitement and endless possibilities, and that was with a very limited understanding of the game and mapping at the time. I don't know why I view it as such a dreadful chore now......
  11. Doomshack Plays

    Yes, was some fun games tonight. Worth noting we crossed off some mapsets on the basis they are literally too shitty to play. Zodiac DM - godawful map design Surge DM - 32 maps of boxes with a pillar in the middle Motornerve DM - tragic design. can't even do a figure 8 in them
  12. Doomshack Plays

    I keep forgetting to post but we have had several doomshack plays sessions over the past few weeks, and are having one tonight! Today Doomshack Plays Staph1 and Brit9! Staph1 is a dm set by the now elusive dr.sean, one of the (ex?) leading coders of odamex. It's a relatively recent set but truly oldschool in feel, and I feel like it has been underplayed in ports other than odamex, so we're giving it a spin in Zandronum for a wider audience. Brit9 needs no introduction, being from the classic Brit series. Although Brit10 and 11 seem to overshadow the other wads, we may (or may not) be in for a treat tonight. 23 maps to slam through, let's go! Zandronum: Doomshack STAPH AND BRIT deathmatch: As always, feel free to join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK
  13. What makes doom multiplayer good?

    Doomkid's post here is worth reading. Personally, for me, occasionally you meet some great people you actually want to play with on a regular basis. It's just fun jamming with them. You will always find these people, despite the fact 90% of the player base consists of horrid children, pretend-drug addicts, idiots, dipshits, assholes, jajas, huehues, and trolls. Though if you enjoy being a retard, as so many of them do, you will fit in nicely, I think more time is spent trying to out-stupid each other than actually playing the game. I enjoy mapping for multiplayer, don't know why, lord knows the players don't deserve anything made with any amount of effort. Probably only because I enjoy mapping with the same people I play with so it kinda riffs off that. tl;dr find people you enjoy playing with and the game becomes way better.
  14. ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    Normally I wouldn't hop on the anti-closed source bandwagon stuff but that's probably the stupidest argument you could muster, almost as good as the "hur no hacks being made for it" argument. "Great fixes and additions" lol well if you say so
  15. ZDaemon 1.10 Released

    is this much different than what has been hosted on servers up until now, or is this just a formality really.
  16. SURGE DM

    Complete and utter trash designs. Even for 1998 standards this is horrific.
  17. When I played a lot, I would have visions of completed maps, and I simply just make those. Usually though they never really were great for playing pvp on, being average or filler or sub-par, usually. After a while I just started thinking in themes and pieces, like trying to fit a puzzle together in terms of maintaining something unique/interesting in terms of layout, but also plays well (along with presenting a particular theme or aesthetic that I really want players to see, get the same feeling I had). There were some maps I sketched out beforehand, including one of @Doomkid's favourites, progduel map02: Fade (I went looking for it but seem to have chucked it out). Was interesting for me to see how the sketch draft was very different than the final product, with only the overall layout shape intact, but not its flow or variation.
  18. Personal Angst

    This is probably one of the most whiny, bitch-ass topics I've ever seen in my entire time on internet forums since 2005. Holy shit.
  19. I don't remember where I had heard about Doomguy666, Exwizard I got from a cop in NY. Roman6a has strange circumstances (south american), Zakken speculates even if there is truth behind the CP bit (roman6a himself said it under alias (discovered by ip match) and then tried to deny it, and then tried to say he was only memeing), it's not likely the authorities in Peru or Venezuela would lock him up for it. @Catpho you'd have to ask @Ralphis or other UD higher ups, I'm sure they have a more accurate account of him.
  20. Speed Session: Impromptu DM

    Congratulations guys we FINALLY did it. Managed to be better than VGPdm in merely a few days of work/edits, as well as several other classic wads. Actually I'm quite pleased with how this wad turned out. https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=impromptu1.wad Good testing sessions Screens
  21. Speed Session: Impromptu DM

    We are playing now! Doomshack Plays on Zandronum https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK https://allfearthesentinel.net/zandronum/download.php?file=impromptu1_rc1.wad
  22. Come on out for some good times with Doomkid, myself, et al as we play through impromptu dm's release candidate! Barring any major bugs, this is the final release (and can be renamed afterwards).




    Zandronum: Doomshack

    Imp Romped U Deathmatch!


    Join us in discord as we play too https://discord.gg/gsVSHGK

  23. This is a netcode issue with the source ports. All 3 ports right now are suffering from bad netcode, though zdaemon with ping higher than 50 is easily the worst, and has been the worst for unlagged since all 3 major ports had it implemented. Odamex for higher ping is probably leading the pack in terms of netcode right now but IMO even that's hit or miss if you're on wireless. Zandro 3.0 has been a HUGE downgrade in quality since 2.1.2 and there is no fix in sight yet. It's just something we all have to deal with (or simply not play). For ping based netcode judgement, summon @Doomkid >The players/sprites aren't that cool lol. Maybe you need something like QC:DE to be entertained?????? >Game is too fast Single player is too slow and boring. There are plenty of slow paced maps particularly for 1v1 (shotgun centric or fat maps like d5m1). Sometimes DM simply isn't for people who can't keep track of things, that's just how things go *shrugs*
  24. Speed Session: Impromptu DM

    I will do you a 1 time solid of fixing the spawns for you and including it as the new map05
  25. DoomShadow still frequents the MXU irc channel on esper.net Roman6a is behind bars for CP isn't he? Fluffles actually showed up 2 weeks ago for QC:DE! Had a chat with him, seems to be in good health LordBritish EDIT: conflicting reports on whereabouts I've seen gyrossman in some duel servers on zdaemon not long ago (playing Looper) RO_kitty, hmm I want to say I've seen this name on zd Joseph_Hicks can be reached on Steam, according to Eric not that long ago I want to say I saw Spider recently, you could probably summon SwordGrunt if you post an update to Zdoom wars As a side note, fuck a bunch of these people I'm glad they are gone!