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  1. Mobius

    user Malinku was murdered

    That's pretty dangerous then
  2. Mobius

    user Malinku was murdered

    St Paul Minnesota is a horrible place to live in. I got the news when I got on teamspeak and it took a little memory association to fully remember who this is. I'm shock and a little sadden that Malinku is dead. I wasn't a friend with him but I have fought against him in scrimmage and in our clanwar and give my condolences.
  3. Type spectate in console. Most people do that for Zandronum.
  4. Mobius

    32in24-16: DOOT CTF

    I wonder if anyone is aware there's more shapes than squares when they map.
  5. Mobius

    Odamex "Team" wad help

    Good luck getting players for your wad now with that attitude.
  6. Mobius

    Odamex "Team" wad help

    WRONG AGAIN You are factually wrong. Zandronum supports software 3D floors in fact I even made a video to demonstrate how factually wrong you are. Unless you are asserting some discernible difference between GZdoom and Zandronum's 3D floors (last I checked, it's the same flag and tags baby) and then in which case you'd be doubly wrong. I can't even stress how wrong you are. I think you're a Doom port troll at this point. When was the last time you even made a map? Correction: Any map beyond Boom compatibility supports that which is any port beyond 2002 such as Zandronum, Zdoom, and GZDoom. Odamex doesn't even fully support Boom. No. It isn't. It is absolutely the worst thing you can do. There is no inherent reason to limit yourself to Odamex. Mappers should, at most, cater to Zdaemon if they want multiplayer capabilities but most mods now can't be backported that far. It ends at Zandronum from Zdoom. There's no reason for anyone to make maps for ports that do not keep up with the current standard. Limiting your map to features that are archaic and inconvenience is what will hurt multiplayer Doom, but not that it matters because people mod for new stuff all the time. I quoted these two on purpose back to back to address the mental discrepancy and cognitive dishonesty behind your premise. Essentially you're saying that on Zandronum, which have users upload content on servers they can host off this server supported by a server cluster financed by one of the head admins, does not have mods with players in them because they'd have to push for people to play them but you don't mind if players push people on irc for Odamex? Zandronum's IRC is BIGGER than Odamex with a huge player base in channels like #Zandronum and #TSPG-Painkiller, the latter providing the server hosting service for free is somehow less viable to Odamex because the person will have to advertise their wad either way? Think about it. It isn't already bad enough wads and mods are made in Zandronum all the time which dwarfs Odamex's non-existent player base, but now you're saying no one plays these wads at all because there's more players? ROFL You are telling the guy to come to OFTC or whatever odamex is on to bug people on irc about it, but it's bad if he did the same thing on Zandronum where there's hosting services he can use to literally get people interested in his product? SHILL Doomkid's channel who is in UD who is the sole sponsor and player base of Odamex. KevvyLava do yourself a favor and fact-check for yourself what is more likely to happen based on statistics and just save yourself the trouble. You are openly being lied to. NO ONE gives a shit about Odamex.
  7. Your best bet is using exes unless you know how to get your right click menu to have "Open with Zdoom" or something. -- Zdoom Launcher -- http://zdoom.org/wiki/ZDL -- Doom Explorer -- http://doomutils.ucoz.com/ -- Zdoom Executor -- http://zdexe.sourceforge.net/ -- Zdaemon has a launcher -- http://www.zdaemon.org/?CMD=downloads For Vanilla only -- Chocolate Doom -- https://www.chocolate-doom.org/wiki/index.php/Chocolate_Doom -- Eternity Engine -- http://eternity.youfailit.net/wiki/Main_Page I personally use IDE (old version of Doom explorer) for singleplayer/multiplayer needs.
  8. The problem is you're dealing with a concerned troll or a radical. You've been stressing points for pages for no reason other than to demonstrate your platform. I even linked http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/nov/27/white-teen-gilbert-collar-killed-by-black-cop-trev/ and he didn't reply because he's not going to. He won't reply with legitimacy because his points aren't legitimate, because that's an illegitimate user.
  9. Is this systemic racism? How about now Maybe if I keep looking for it I might find something Not like any of the identity politics are being funded I mean it can't be an astroturf campaign right? I mean who wants civil unrest anyway?
  10. Sweet Scrub vs Salty Scrub?
  11. Mobius

    mapping for the Multiplayer source ports.

    I see the statistics for Odamex has gotten up just recently. There's a reason why we call them odamex shills.
  12. Mobius

    mapping for the Multiplayer source ports.

    Well it's a good thing you're the one asking people what to map for while the rest of us, who actually know what they are doing, know better than to actually ask. Stop pretending you're civilized to conflate your ego and let people with knowledge speak on your behalf.
  13. Mobius

    mapping for the Multiplayer source ports.

    If you understood then you wouldn't be protesting about our attitudes which is much tamer than what is usually said about odamex. Who is that? Sean? No. Fonze? Nope. Dragonfly? Voros? Irrelevant either way. The criticism of Odamex will be no different. Facts have been stated. Stop sucking dick. You mean Saturday Night Survival running that shitty meme Odamex simulator wad a lot of people don't really care for or like? You do know there are other weeks in SNS that are more successful in terms of turn out that isn't running that troll wad, but you did fall for it so I suppose its creator got exactly what he wanted. I don't deny that at all, but frankly the success of DBAB is NOT Zdaemon or Odamex but Zandronum itself. Zdaemon players play FFA for exp grinding moreso than to enjoy doom. Zdaemon hardly makes up that much. Why would you be disingenuous about Odamex having a player base? UniDoom circle jerk time? You have an incorrect view point considering you were taking pointer from Decay on how to actually map for DM. You know, from a guy that makes maps for a port actual players play with good mapping techniques that actually help deathmatch flow. Scratch that. Zandronum players make up a majority of CTF players by large. All the clans are there. All the duels are there. All the activity in Deathmatch is there. When was the last time Odamex Nitro had a turn over of 32 players for deathmatch? DBAB alone has done that and that's a deathmatch wad, shit even not hosted on FNF it has averaged at last 15+ without mass highlighting on irc. Wanna know the standard for deathmatch? Good luck, because there's no committee that decides on who they should listen to for deathmatch material and I'm pretty sure listening to players on a port no one plays is tantamount to suicide (no one playing your wad). It's why Velocity CTF sucks dick compared to Ragectf. Guess which one had Odamex in mind? Here's a hint: not Ragectf. Velocity got a huge amount because of Zdaemon, but that's it. Also Odamex outsources its activity from a majority of Zdaemon veterans and Zandronum. It has no native players. No one loses out on mapping for Zandronum multiplayer Deathmatch. I am confident Zdoom players lose nothing for making maps with all the nifty features Odamex/Zdaemon can't run if they decided to drop Boom. Odamex/Zdaemon can't even run Boom 100 percent. Deathmatch aside! Let's talk about coop. Odamex doesn't have survival.
  14. Mobius

    mapping for the Multiplayer source ports.

    I wanna be devil's advocate and say that there's more to Odamex than that, but not a whole lot to make the port even feasible let alone remotely playable. Odamex has one of the best demo compatibility I've seen yet. It is bar none the best multiplayer demo feature currently available and I believe the fast-forward and rewinde functions, how it's handled, and what it does will make Zandronum 100 percent ready for competition let alone movie making. Shit even Megaman players wish demo support was a lot more expansive and comprehensive. Demo_skipsucksdick is by far the shittiest thing anyone has to do to get a demo moving and missing a crucial second in a demo requires you to PLAY THE WHOLE THING BACK AGAIN. In ODamex you can just slide a bar back and forth real easy. I think Zdaemon may have this too. The next feature is wad switching online. A server can switch between wads while people are in the server. I can see this being utilize to its absolute potential and limitations on an active port. I don't know if Zandronum can ever feature something like that because of how complex its architecture is to catch-up with Zdoom and be online at the same time but shit if it can be done in a not hacky way (like demo_skip) then I can imagine how awesome it would be to no longer crash maplist together in strange configs to just get a mesh of different maps together for wads with conflicting map names. My imagination is limited to what you can do with this. The next one is netcode.. which Zandronum has: Ping and Tic based are both unlag options a player can select that feels right with them but I heard the former may be phased out entirely. It's a sad truth demo support of that caliber is wasted on a port like this, and that Zandronum misses out on a would be true competitive league like WDL because of dinosaurs not willingly to nut up and admit that Kilgore won years ago.
  15. Mobius

    mapping for the Multiplayer source ports.

    Agreed. Zandronum has THAT and more. Zdoom's questionable MP capabilities is more attractive if you wanna map for both ports than those fossil fodder ports only south americans play because they can't afford new machines. It isn't the other way around: those old ports have to keep up with the standard and model of today's modding capabilities. I wouldn't be so sure about that considering 45 percent of the entirety of Doom is zandronum multiplayer alone if not more Odamex doesn't even have 45 people. I doubt it justifies even 45 players and it has a 255 player limit that never has 45 players on it in 45 days let alone probably 45 years from now it'd only average 45 unique users. I mean I guess Hex or Ralphis can pay 45 dollars to a cheap advertising company for the 45 hits the website gets of them same guys downloading Odamex 45 times to uninstall it. Also most of the people who play DM are in Zandronum. I am confident /vr/ players use zandronum for their multiplayer needs if not everyone in doom entirely. Zdaemon comes close with only 20 unique players per year where Odamex gets 1 or 2 for DM. CSDoom has been dead for years now. Oh yeah help me find the Donate Button