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  1. Loldoom

    Impressions from NeoGaf (possible minor spoilers)

    Wether you like Glory Kills or not doesn't change the fact it's a good and well implemented mechanic. At this point arguing that it boils down to personal preference just proves that. Nobody can find a intrinsic flaw on it.
  2. Loldoom

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    What's your suggestion, then?
  3. Loldoom

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    I don't see how someone would be able to analyze 2/3rds (multiplayer and snapmap) of the game in one day. But it isn't like if reviewers go deep into a game before writing its review.
  4. Loldoom

    No early Doom review copies for anyone

    There's no such a thing as "gaming journalism". Game "journalists" should be required to buy games like everyone else.
  5. The reviews don't match the quality of the movie.
  6. TFA isn't special either. Too many 5/5 stars reviews for an average action flick.
  7. Loldoom

    Help me understand why people compare this to COD

    What's the point of using projectiles or an inaccurate chaingain when you can instakill (or at least cause an absurd amount of damage) someone with a powerful hitscan weapon? Doom 2 multiplayer _is_ extremely superficial. It's a one weapon, one tactic mode. You can't jump, you can't even aim up or down, so bye bye to rocket jumps and bunny hopping.
  8. Loldoom

    Help me understand why people compare this to COD

    Doom 2 multiplayer is extremely superficial and requires nothing more than good reflexes to trigger the Super Shotgun first and instakill the opponent. The other weapons are barely useful and verticality in gameplay is nonexistent. Also, 2 weapon loadouts isn't a COD thing.
  9. Loldoom

    Why Doom's MP Really Isn't an Arena Shooter [IGN Article]

    I can reverse their logic and argue that Doom 2016 plays more like a arena-fps than Halo or COD by citing the lack of health regen, killstreaks and big focus on weapon customization. Therefore, Doom 2016 fails to create a proper COD experience.
  10. Loldoom

    Post-Launch Content Strategy Revealed

    Kotaku is pure clickbait "journalism". Being part of the Gawker group says it all. These articles you mentioned wouldn't have existed if not for the revenue potential. Also, they do a lot of shameless marketing as well, so no, they aren't different from most gaming outlets.
  11. Loldoom

    An overanalyzed complaint on the new Chainsaw

    Was it confirmed that all glory kills (and the chainsaw) will have i-frames? Or is this just speculation?