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  1. SatanaInArte

    *HELP* How to make the player talk like DUKE NUKEM?

    I'll see what I can do. Thank you and @sluggard for the tips.
  2. SatanaInArte

    *HELP* How to make the player talk like DUKE NUKEM?

    @LUISDooM @sluggard Hi, it's me again. I was thinking about this post and I realized that I forgot to mention more things such as: 1) How to make your character speak when the map starts OR while entering certain area of the map. 2) How to make him make a certain sounds when he receives a certain amount of damage like Duke Nukem. For instance: 5-10 hp -> "Ouch" 20 -> "Aaaugh" 30-99-> *screams in extreme pain* 3) How to make him give a comment after killing a specific enemy. Example: *Kills a Lost Soul*----> "Die, you flying bastard!" 4)How to make him say something unique when picking up a certain weapon or object (medkits, soulspheres,etc...) AND how to make him say something unique when killing with a specific weapon. Example: *launches a rocket to an enemy that explodes into gibs*---> "You're in pieces" Or *kills an enemy with a nailgun*---> "Have some nails" I know. It's a bit complicated, but I was thinking about every possible way to make a player/character talk and I wanted to see what can be done and what not. I hope I didn't bother you. Please take your time to answer ^^"
  3. SatanaInArte

    *HELP* Doomguy face editing problem

    Alright then. I dunno when I'm gonna start working on it. If I will encounter some problems, I'll leave a reply here to let you know. Thanks again
  4. SatanaInArte

    *HELP* Doomguy face editing problem

    Thanks a lot! To be fair, I want to retain the pixelated look. Basically a Doomguy face but just a bit larger enough to show long hair without being cut. So, maybe resizing it should not be a problem, don't you think?
  5. SatanaInArte

    *HELP* Doomguy face editing problem

    Whoops. Yeah, you're right. I totally forgot to specify a source port. Ok, let's say: "What should I do to overcome this limitation in a sourceport like GZDoom?" My bad.
  6. SatanaInArte

    *HELP* Doomguy face editing problem

    Problem: I want to edit Doomguy face sprites to have long hair, but I read that the game doesn't accept sprites larger than the original size (not even a bit). What should I do in order to overcome this limitazion and put larger face sprites in my wad? Thank you in advance.
  7. SatanaInArte

    *HELP* How to make the player talk like DUKE NUKEM?

    The problem is that the player will talk everytime after killing a monster, so he'll never stop talking. Also, if a monster kills another while infighting, they'll talk like the player too. Thanks to you two. I will try your methods when I have some time and let you know. Maybe not soon, but I'll definetly let ya know.
  8. SatanaInArte

    *HELP* How to make the player talk like DUKE NUKEM?

    "On pick up"? So you mean that the sound doesn't play immediatly after the enemy is dead but after you take the custom invisible item? Sorry for this stupid question, I'm still a beginner at editing.
  9. Hello guys, I want to make a wad where the protagonist has a speech system similar to DUKE NUKEM 3D. So he speaks everytime you kill enemies or specific enemies and bosses. How do I do that? Thank you in advance.
  10. I will. For now, I'll focus on something else. Still, I have 3 more Gwar midi covers in progress.
  11. Thanks pal! I started it between februarymarch of 2020 but I dropped it for a while since I got sick of that song (I listened it too much). This happens when you have to make a midi cover, by listening the original song so many times. Fortunately, I started composing the midi again in July circa and then I made the video.
  12. Here's a new cover I made. Please let me know what you think. (DOWNLOAD IN DESCRIPTION) Ps: Youtube claimed that I used the original song here. WTF? What should I do?
  13. Thanks for your advices! Glad you appreciated it despite not being perfect.
  14. Do you remember when a B&B episode was ending a kick ass heavy metal music would play? Well, I created a midi version of it: https://youtu.be/DBrM_tHzMFI Download in description. Let me knoe what you think and feel free to use it as long as you credit me. (The gameplay featured in the video was made by DoomKid)
  15. SatanaInArte

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    When you play a wad and the author didin't specifice how is meant to be played.For example,you find deep water segments and platforms not reachable.So,you have to switch mouselook on and allow jump.