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  1. SpammerMike

    PLEASE, No more floating weaponry......

    I agree. I also disliked UTs system where weapons would mysteriously float "on display" smack dab on top of the dead body. Falling and clattering would be great. I second Ling's statement. I'll see his hat and raise in a sombrero. With catsup.
  2. SpammerMike

    Another poll -- it's good for you!

    ------------------------------------------ Myk said: "Heh. Look at his username now." ------------------------------------------ Yes, and I've changed my quote accordingly.
  3. SpammerMike

    Spider Mastermind Question

    You know, that's a damn good idea. I didn't think of it...but yeah, it should have some pretty powerful psionic attacks consider it's the spidermasterMIND. And yes, it should pulsate and the gatling gun should look more intimidating.
  4. SpammerMike

    Another poll -- it's good for you!

    When you say rocket launcher, it kinda reminds me of the Nemesis from REIII. Even though the game was average, the Nemesis kicked _ss because of that rocket launcher he carried. One scary SOB.
  5. SpammerMike

    Spider Mastermind Question

    Of course it's a retelling. You're right. It doesn't mean id can't retell it slightly differently than the first time they did. ;)
  6. SpammerMike

    Another poll -- it's good for you!

    We now know that there are chainsaw zombies in Doom 3. What are your feelings about making possessed marines that carry weapons other than a pistol, shotgun and chaingun?
  7. SpammerMike

    Spider Mastermind Question

    On a side note, the Baphomet should be incarnated in all it's full-sized glory.
  8. SpammerMike

    Starcraft Marines

    Well dammnit anyway...that sucks.
  9. SpammerMike

    "DOOM SUCKS!" ....Said my friends.

    I generally say, "Yeah, well your precious Tribes II might not have existed if Doom hadn't come first. I don't care about it's technical aspects, it's still revolutionary. Cease your stupidity."
  10. SpammerMike

    Am I the only one that plays Doom in the dark?

    It is utterly necessary to play in a dark room where there is only Doom on the PSX or N64. This equals a good, scary time to be had by all. And all that jazz.
  11. SpammerMike

    Making the ultimate Doom 3 PC

    Ah jest have ma brother piecmeal me one'a dem der 'puter thangs! ...I'll let him do the thinking. 0_o
  12. SpammerMike

    Spider Mastermind Question

    I liked the arachnotrons personally...I loved strafing circles around 'em and blasting them with a shotgun. But yeah -- it'd be neat if the mastermind had a plasma chaingun, no?
  13. SpammerMike

    Starcraft Marines

    This is kind of a commentary, but add anything you like to it. When I played Starcraft and the add-on, I was treated to several FMV sequences as the Terrans (humans, to those who haven't played the game). They portrayed the space marines as drunkard hillbillies that got their jollies off slamming beers and crushing the cans against their heads. That really pissed me off...it mocked the noble lineage of the "Doomguy" (I repeat...I will NOT use "Flynn Taggart"...the name is like feces in my mouth). I thought that was bunk.
  14. SpammerMike

    Spider Mastermind Question

    Makes good sense to me, I'll buy that for a dollar. I just thought that even when I first met it, the mastermind in Doom 1 was an absolute pushover. *yawn* But when I played Cybie in Tower of Babel, I nearly shit myself. That's what really got me wondering what the deal is.
  15. SpammerMike

    Spider Mastermind Question

    If this has already been asked recently, feel free to remove this, mods or supermods(I think it's relevant because Doom 3 is a remake of Doom 1 and, therefore, there'll probably be a spidermastermind or some equivalent thereof). I was just wondering a simple question. Why is the spidermastermind the mastermind and not necessarily the most powerful Doom creature? It has a super chaingun, yes, but it's not that spectacular. I know that making a childishly powerful boss would've been dumb, but really -- why should the cyberdemon be more powerful health-wise and have a more devastating attack (provided you're no good at dodging rockets)? It just seems a bit unbalanced -- of course there might be some really tricky reasoning that proves me to be largely silly. Any takers on that proposition? ;)