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  1. MrDope

    What would you want added from an expansion?

    A prequel/origin story set in Argent D'Nur with the Night Sentinels
  2. MrDope

    Cut Material in game files?

    Yeah, I remember mining those, that's sad (the Derek/Revenant story was creepy as fuck).
  3. MrDope

    What are YOU going to make in SnapMap

    Q3DM17 (The Longest Yard).
  4. MrDope

    Any info about mastermind?

    Looks like a chicken or some kind of bird.
  5. MrDope

    Doom stream

  6. MrDope

    Doom stream

    Looks like an HD version of the intro from Quake 2:
  7. MrDope

    Doom stream

    Cringeworthy gaming skills, but the game looks promising.
  8. MrDope

    Doom stream

  9. MrDope

    Does "Argent D'Nur" mean something?

  10. MrDope

    Does "Argent D'Nur" mean something?

    Oh you...
  11. MrDope

    Theory for new DOOM Story

    But he looks human, which means that the people from Argent D'Nur are related to us in some way. And according to the leaks, The Unwilling/Zombies from Hell are human in origin but they come from an ancient place (Argent D’Nur I guess).
  12. MrDope

    Does "Argent D'Nur" mean something?

    According to the leaks and the lore it seems to be some kind of ancient place, maybe one of the levels?
  13. MrDope

    Doom stream

    So, is there a video or something?
  14. MrDope

    Doom resource explorer?

    Crap, that means that I need to find the beta files somewhere.
  15. MrDope

    Doom resource explorer?

    It doesn't work with the alpha's files.