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  1. twinspectre


    I didn't supported the game, because I knew it will be a dumbed down game which is common nowadays sadly, when DO people realize we need to be respected? If I want to fight a BadAss Boss, I expect him to kick my butt this crap is insulting our inteligence, people let's demand more challenging games even on Normal mode, without being handholded, without tutorial, without AutoRegenHealth, without checkpoints every 5 sec, without dumbed down gameplay, give us a challenge FFS, let me feel the sense of reward
  2. twinspectre

    Gunplay is fucking amazing

    the game suffers for a common sickness called CASUALIZATION and Hand Holding which is bad for an Fast Paced Arena Shooter, I wonder who the heck came with the Idea of the Hack Module? these things are really BAD, Devs Nowadays don't know how to make a good job. they promise you for a Pizza and instead they give a Hotdog
  3. twinspectre

    Why do people keep comparing this game to Halo?

    well PC gamers always complain when the game is close to release. They will keep their mouth shut throught the entire year and when the game is close to release they start with "it's console generic shooter etc." You had 3-4 Months to let they know, I think in 3-4 Month we could see some changes in the gameplay, but NOPE! the game is 1 Month away from Release and now we realised is a console in mind game. I'm a console player, and to be honest I also love PC Arena Shooters, when I tried the closed alpha I did an amazing thing I report every flaws in Doom's Forum and maybe I was the only one with a few people who agreed with me, but the rest of the Forum Posts was all about HOW GREAT THIS GAME IS etc. and to be honest THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT PC players. I was attacked from Doom's Forum to Steam forums.
  4. twinspectre

    Will Doom become an annual series?

    I hope they'll not follow the annual release
  5. twinspectre

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    Can you show us all the settings? not only graphics
  6. twinspectre

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    @mrDope I know people here will insult me, but who cares right? can you check if we can disable the compass in the Single Player? not via console command but via the settings, because I have a PS4 and you know on console there's no command :).
  7. twinspectre

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    no, what I mean is I want to search a way all by myself :)
  8. twinspectre

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    I really hope objective markers can be disabled, because I want to explore all by myself
  9. twinspectre

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    I tried to be respectful towards others opinion and they started calling me names because I was worried
  10. twinspectre

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    no, I'm seeing some Pc players are not better than some Console players
  11. twinspectre

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    I'm seeing some PC players are childish like some console players and the best part is PC players keep saying they are Mature, but of course this was a lie
  12. twinspectre

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    I didn't called you Faggot, but If you feel a Faggot you have the right to be a Faggot and btw, did you know fat mens have titties too?, I'm not saying you're fat because I don't know you
  13. twinspectre

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    first of all I didn't offend nobody, I was worried about the game so, If somebody is worried all of sudden you call him Retard? and I thought PC players were more mature than Console players, but I'm seeing both are childish
  14. twinspectre

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    of course time will tell
  15. twinspectre

    DOOM ALPHA CODE/Strings (New Info) **SPOILERS**

    Publisher has power in a game and not developers If a publisher say make the game easier, the developers must listen to them