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  1. I have an experimental branch where users can configure any sourceport they wish - and i started to make designs and a new architecture for SSGL V2 since i got some feature requests i cant do with the current Architecture of the App (Controller Support for Example) The next SSGL V1 Release (the experimental branch i mentioned) will have: - Completely Custom SourcePort loader What means: you can configure the binary (gzdoom, zdoom, etc) - and the parameters of the sourceport (savedir, dex, file, iwad, etc) needed so SSGL is still able to do all the automatic stuff like savegame management, automatic oblige map generating and starting and so on. - Crosshair Acceleration Fix for Mac Users What means: Mac users have a hard time since Macos globally uses mouseacceleration which isnt configureable anywhere in the OS. SSGL V1 will disable that when a sourceport starts - and set it back when the sourceport crashes or the user exits. I still have some Problems on Windows machines with this features - when this ones are fixed i will release.
  2. FreaKzero

    CLI Parameter -save not working ?

    is there any chance this will get fixed ?
  3. FreaKzero

    CLI Parameter -save not working ?

    Hi guys, I want to specify my savedirectory - as i saw in the wiki it should work with -save (http://eternity.youfailit.net/index.php?title=List_of_command_line_parameters) tried it with -save and the more common cli parameter -savedir (would be really nice if that alias could be in the next version) but they dont seem to work ? Or do they work only on the nonrelease git versions ? Anyone knows in which "official release version" -save came to eternity engine ? EDIT: As it seems - not even in the newest devbuild -save works. (Bifröst 430 - Windows 32 binary)
  4. @Gustav I really see no "general benefit" for such a feature - i started to develop that thing (mostly for myself) because i just wanted a UI which isnt in my way when i just want "to start a game with a load of WADs" without hassle - and isnt meant as an "general entrypoint" like hobomasters. Examples: My favourite WADmix is a mix of 7 WADs I really love by now DoomRPG with RLArsenal playing on Obligemaps With my featuresets - im able to start my games really fast - thats the "idea" of this thing.
  5. Thats why there are 2 seperate Paths for WAD and iWADs ... I dont want to restrict the iWADs through their names since i really have no idea how many are out there. And yup the launcher is made towards "Micromanagement" in combination with oblige - thanks. @Toxicdoomer as written before - i will implement relative paths in the next update - i had to release this weekend because of critical bugfixes. Will take some more investigation because when i implement it i want that it works on every system (mac, linux, win) @gustavo - what do you mean by "analysis and inspection of the mod's contents" - there is in fact a screenshot lookup implemented which works with the wad-archive api or with screenshots locally on your harddrive - just click on the DEX, BEH, PK3 or WAD icon
  6. Released yesterday v1.1.1 with major bugfixes. Tested with Oblige 7.50 - Works totally fine. @Edward - will look into it - longterm plan is anyways to customize your source port list.
  7. @Toxicdoomer I can look into that after the release (i will release this weekend) - so maybe v.1.2.0 or 1.3.0 Also i would need to know what OS you are using. "Also, it is possible to change the background image (that with the Imp)" I think you are using a different fork ... a guy forked my original launcher a while back with a different skin and i think also featureset. https://github.com/scar45/ssgl-doom-launcher When you want to use the original - and want core updates/features - i suggest that you are using my original or talk with scar45 about your wishes. My Original: https://github.com/FreaKzero/ssgl-doom-launcher And you can there follow the Development process - what im doing right now, whats planned - and so on: https://github.com/FreaKzero/ssgl-doom-launcher/projects/1 I would suggest to wait after the weekend since i will release a version with major bugfixes @andrewj @glaice When you save your config lists like i described with the oblige GUI - there should be no problems at all with the random map generation. I will test it on the weekend before i release.
  8. @Toxicdoomer => Do you mean something like an config import ? This will come in v1.1.1 - also with configureable (WAD)Listdirectory, its already done in the development branch you can try to use relative paths - just dont click on the file or folder button - just write your paths on the lines. I just dont know if it will work right now. @glaice => i tested that stuff with Oblige 6.20 (better said ... using it everyday) Workflow: 1. Make a folder where you want to save your Oblige Configs 2. Start Oblige - 2.1 Make your Mapconfig as you want - 2.2 Go under Menu > Manage Config > Save - 2.3 Save the config in the folder (see 1) 3. Start SSGL - 3.1 Activate Oblige in the Settings menu (scroll to the very bottom) - 3.2 Fill in the path of Oblige.exe - 3.3 MapConfig Path => Your created folder with the configs (see 1) - 3.4 Random Map => the random mao which gets generated each time (and overwritten) 4. After pressing the play button in SSGL - check the use Oblige checkbox in the right lower corner before clicking on the iWAD - 4.1 Click your wanted iWAD - 4.2 Select your config - press build and play - 4.3 Profit Did the CLI Commands (Batch) change for Oblige in this new versions ? Because im using the batch options from oblige to generate the maps (--batch --load) I want to write a user documentation in the future for exact that stuff - just dont have the time right now for that all.
  9. This will come in the next release, its already in the dev branch - tested it with zdoom / gzdoom with BATMAN.DEH since ive read that this one is one of the more "undiplomatic" deh files out there. (runs even on zDoom/gzDoom mac versions) The bad thing is that many sourceports dont use the same loading arguments so SSGL will only support sourceports which are using the argumentflag -deh for loading BEX and DEH Files. Oh yeah ... i will ship OSX 64bit Versions aswell with the next release Thank you for that Featurerequest!
  10. I dont know anything about DEH files ? Seems like this is a sourceport proprietary format ?
  11. Update on the Screenshot and Filter UI things - im pretty happy with it now and want to know what you guys think. Click on the PK3 or WAD icon will lookup Screenshots. Only thing before i release that is a kindof "fallback" so you can store your own screenshots on your HDD. Im looking up the Screenshots via http://www.wad-archive.com/api
  12. Little update on the Screenshot/Info thing Played a little bit around the last hour and did a little prototype (just if and how i can fetch info/data/screens from the internet) so yeah - dunno yet how i will integrate that in the UI yet but will come in the next versions.
  13. - Although I will say, logos for some of the community-made games like the Adventures of Square, Blasphemer, Harmony, Chex 3, or Action Doom 2 would be a nice addition. Yup as i said ... will look if i can find any API out there where i can Scrape or get the Information/Screenshots so it can be automated. Have to investigate that.
  14. - Why Skulltag ? Request of a good Friend, since he only uses Skulltag (dont ask me why) same goes for the DOOM64EX Port better said there is the soundfile problems most noobs have. (Hope hard the Oblige people will integrate someday DOOM64EX capabilities :/ ) Other Integrations: I right now only integrated Engines with similar Console Commands and abilities to run Mods like Brutaldoom, Trailblazer, SOWP, BDJ20, etc - since the launcher is optimized to run random generated Maps from Oblige (the reason why i wrote this for myself initially) with Gameplay WADs. Tried to run Gameplay WADs with Chocodoom, 3DGE and a few others (on Windows) - and on many of that sourceports this WADs didnt run and so i didnt integrate them by now (!) - but will come in future versions. What i can say is that 3DGE or Hyper3DGE wont come - simply because of the immensively stupid 8 Char restriction on the Windows Version Didnt know PRBOOM and DoomRetro - will look into them. ODAMEX is also on my radar by now (know it since yesterday, shame on me).
  15. Many thanks for your requests guys. And thanks to your posts here ive got some ideas. I will investigate some DOOMWAD Apis out there if i can grab actual info from the Internet with just the wadname and integrate something like a "info" button on the general wadlist - if clicked the view will split into 3 columns (i dont want to "loose" the instaclick feature on the item directly) Next thing will be Icons for PK3 and WADs so its better seeable - also writing the full paths out instead of just the last folder PK3/WAD Dropdown for the Filter function. What the folderthing belongs - i basically want to implement a directorywatcher, so the application updates itself when something in the wad folder gets changed, sorry but due to this i wont add a "multiple wad folder" Feature in it with hindsight on stability (deep filetrees) and complexity (setting up) - the filewatcher feature was now asked from alot of people and you are the only one who asked for that multiple folder thing. If you guys want ill keep you updated and write again when im releasing Version 1 with that Features (will take a while - just started in a new company and dont have the time right now to develop this thing under the week)