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  1. MarchWhelp

    D! Zone

    Anyone remember the anime level from DZone? It had a lot of Bubblegum Crisis sprite replacements and even the status bar was different...that was a fun wad.
  2. MarchWhelp

    What is your favorite D3 creature?

    The manucubus is such a great enemy. Everything from his kick-ass intro to the pounding noise that is made as he walks. Not to mention that the area you see them in the first time is perfect (in a fighting arena, creepy sense).
  3. MarchWhelp

    I am scared shitless lol

    The entire delta labs section is pretty nerve-racking.
  4. MarchWhelp

    Scary parts you liked so far

    Hahah, that is exactly the same thing I was going to mention. Jeez that part scared me. I'm crawling through the duct and i see a skeleton in front of me. Normal site ya know. Then when i get closer to it, it suddenly flies away and you hear laughing. Scared me good because I wasn't expecting it whatsoever.
  5. MarchWhelp

    I *LOVE* the new beserk mode!

    I actually don't know when you go into berserk mode. Is it when your character sighs and his heart starts thumping very loudly!? If not, when is it and what does it do? (Fisting time?)
  6. MarchWhelp

    Former Marines

    I have to say, the former marines are awesome enemies. Everything from their physical appearance to their AI. I love how their red eye slits can be seen in darkness and how they zombie talk into their mics (I wonder what they actually say?). Not to mention that the AI for the machine gun weilding former marines is really good. Anyone else agree, or have a monster they think kicks teh ass?
  7. Even at close ranges, the former marines and imps survive a shotgun blast. You're right though, you have to be right at point blank to disable them in one hit. Interestingly enough, I noticed that those horrible little spider creatures can be killed with two pistol bullets. And to think I used to waste shotgun blasts on them.
  8. MarchWhelp

    New Interview About Doom... Board Game

    HeroQuest was a great game! I liked being the dungeon master guy, but when I was a player it would be the elf guy. Decent magic and attacks. Hopefully this board game will allow the monster player flexibility in how the environment will interact with the players.
  9. MarchWhelp

    Recruiting: Deatchmatch Megawad

    Yeah we were thinking about doing that. The new weapons would make single/coop a lot of fun. It'd be like some crazy 'blast-fest' or something to that ultra-extreme.
  10. MarchWhelp

    Recruiting: Deatchmatch Megawad

    Bastard... :) Those shots intent was simply to show off the weapons. Some of you guys may have played this on the Zdaemon servers anyways. It came out as an alpha beta version: pwrab1dm.wad. During the testing process it received a ton of praise. Decided to continue it, and now we are refining the current maps to player's tastes. As always, still recruiting for all positions.
  11. MarchWhelp

    Recruiting: Deatchmatch Megawad

    Zdoom and/or Zdaemon. The new weapons, textures, graphics, blah blah make it unvanillaly....
  12. MarchWhelp

    Recruiting: Deatchmatch Megawad

    We have 6 people on the team so far. That's not a bad start. Forgot to mention! The description/text file above is outta date. We got 14 levels complete so far with a whole new weapon's system. Here's a list of our weapons so the map designer's have an idea of how to make the map and place weapons: (Thank you Cory Whittle in the cooperation of the weapon integration and tweaking in this megawad) ================= Distortion Gun Replaces: Chainsaw As the player approaches closer, the distortion gun will deal greater damage. If you can 'catch' the player with the gun, it'll be an almost instant kill. ================= Machine Gun Replaces: Pistol Fires at a fast rate, with high accuracy. The spread on each shot is very tight. ================ Shotgun Replaces: Shotgun (duh?) Fires slugs (like the ssg) with a faster reload rate. Closer distance to enemy means higher damage. ================= Sniper Replaces: Super Shotgun High damage rifle with long reload. Uses 10 bullets per shot, so aim carefully. ================ Plasma Gun Replaces: Plasma.... The delay between each plasma is longer, but the plasma bullets are much stronger. Cool sound too. ================ Quantum Destabilizer Replaces: BFG Powerful gun, a bit too strong (easy to kill yourself). Still tweaking. ================ The chaingun and rocket launcher are similar to their counterparts except with a higher fire rate and more damage.
  13. MarchWhelp

    Recruiting: Deatchmatch Megawad

    The website will be up tomorrow. It will provide the screenshots + downloads for the project.
  14. MarchWhelp

    Recruiting: Deatchmatch Megawad

    Created by: Marcin Szot (MarchWhelp) Date: June 14, 2004 Version: 1.0 Revision History: None yet =================================================== This deathmatch megawad's goal is to bring in the efforts of the doom community to produce highly addictive and playable deathmatch levels. The project will be worked on by various level designers, play testers, tweakers, artists, and managers. Once the wad has been released, it will: consist of 32 levels, been play tested for maxiumum bug control, sound replacements, and advertised to various servers for availability. Table of Contents 1.0 - Recruitment 1.1 - Roles 1.2 - Why? 1.3 - How do I join? 2.0 - Megawad Levels 2.1 - The Map List 2.2 - Themes 3.0 - Deliverables 3.1 - Map Designer 3.2 - Map Perfectionist 3.3 - Map Tester *** 1.0) Recruitment The doom community is responsible for addicting and providing refreshment to this fossil pseudo 3-D game. This section will consist of several job titles availble to the community along with role analysis and expectations. If you wish to sign up, see the section below. *** 1.1) Roles (((Map Designer))) Job Analysis: The designer is allowed to sign up for as many maps as he/she pleases. The designer will make the actual deathmatch maps for this megawad. Using good architecture, deathmatch principles, and placement, the designer is the most important element to this wad. The designer can select from the list in the section below to see which theme they will be constructing the wad too. Along the lines of speed mapping, the designer must adhere to the theme that overshadows their map level. Expectations: The map must be bug free, visually pleasing, abide by deathmatch principles, flow well, and be compatible with Zdaemon and Zdoom. Skill Level: Average to Master (((Lead Map Designer))) Job Analysis: See Map Designers description. To become a lead map designer, the candidate must commit and complete at least 3 levels of the deathmatch. These levels by the lead designers should play very well and look professional. Expectations: The map must be bug free, visually pleasing, abide by deathmatch principles, flow well, and be compatible with Zdaemon and Zdoom. Skill Level: Above average to Master (((Map Perfectionists))) Job Analysis: Instead of creating the world, the perfectionist perfects it. When a map designer has completed the map, and the map has gone through play testing: the perfectionist will tweak and edit it. The perfectionist will tweak and edit everything from bugs to aesthetics. In addition, the perfectionist should be able to play test maps and communicate effectively with map testers. Expectations: Attention to detail, artistic appreciation of the doom world, and communication. Skill Level: Exceptional to Master (((Map Tester))) Job Analysis: The map tester will receive beta versions of maps and play in them. Attention to the flow of the level, weapon placement, deathmatch starts, and visual appearance must be considered while play testing. Brief must be filled out for each map and sent to me, and the perfectionists/designers. The process is explained below. Expectations: Attention to detail, firm grasp of good deathmatch design, and appreciation of the doom worlds. Constructive criticism will be expected, not primitive jargon (LOLZORZ, this map sux kthxbye). Skill Level: Beginner to Master (((Lead Map Tester))) Job Analysis: In charge of the map tester in addition to testing maps. Will provide leadership in the arena and in discussions about the map. The lead tester is required to test at least 20 of the maps, preferably all maps. This position will have a big say in the final outcome of the megawad. Expectations: Attention to detail, firm grasp of good deathmatch design, and appreciation of the doom worlds. Constructive criticism will be expected, not primitive jargon (LOLZORZ, this map sux kthxbye). Leadership, patience, and communication are key. Skill Level: Average to Master (((Graphic Artist))) Job Analysis: There will be little required of the artist. A title screen, intermission screen, and a say in the aethestetics of level design are the only requirements. There is a slight chance the artist will redo the hud screen. Expectations: Expeirence in computer graphics and design, communication, and play testing the levels. Skill Level: Average to Master *** 1.2) Why? Partaking in the construction of a megawad is a great feeling. Once the map is done and it's being played on zdaemon servers, seeing people enjoy your map should alone be worth it. Aside from that, working on a megawad is a good way to gain recongnition and respect from your peers. It is worthy to put on a resume or bring up in a job interview (trust me) -- companies love team players. Lastly, your name will be entered in the text file, the title screen, and on the project website. *** 1.3) How do I join? Simple, reply to this thread or email me at: blueoasisco@yahoo.com. Answer these questions in the format specified: Name: Doom Screen Name: Role: Expirence: Map Level Desired (If applicable): Contact (How can I and others reach you): *** 1.4) Commitment You commit yourself as much as you'd like. There is little pressure to produce the map, playtest, or design graphics. If you can and only want to create one map, then go ahead. You can do three maps? Great! Once you start making that level for the megawad, hopefully you'll end up on a roll. If you get stuck, there is a ton of able designers and players who can solve/advise your problems. *** 2.0) MegaWad Levels The megawad is a 32 level deathmatch wad that will be created through the efforts of the doom community. To keep the wad from going in every direction, there are themes allocated for each map. The designer should stay within the theme (like speed mapping). *** 2.1) The Map List Map01) Tech Base Map02) Tech Base Map03) Tech Base Map04) Tech Base Map05) Outside Based Map06) Outside Based Map07) Outside Based Map08) Outside Based Map09) Castle Theme Map10) Castle Theme Map11) Castle Theme Map12) Castle Theme Map13) Caverns Map14) Caverns Map15) Town Theme Map16) Town Theme Map17) Town Theme Map18) Town Theme Map19) Space Port Map20) Space Station Theme Map21) Space Station Theme Map22) Space Station Theme Map23) Alien Planet Theme Map24) Alien Planet Theme Map25) Hell Theme Map26) Hell Theme Map27) Hell Theme Map28) Hell Theme Map29) Dreamworld Map30) Dreamworld Map31) Freestyle Map32) Freestyle *** 2.2) Themes When designing the map, the theme is a general style for the map designer to follow. So in a tech base theme, the designer can make a base with an outside and some elements of demon influence (small usage of skin, snake, hanging bodies). Or a town theme can be a standard ghost town (dwango5), or dueling skyscrapers, or a specific building with buildings visible through the window. Don't feel clinched by the theme, instead use it as a starting point and build onto it. *** 3.0) Deliverables These what must be delivered once your job is done. The section is ordered by roles with each role showing what must be delivered to me. *** 3.1) Map Designer In a zip file, submit to me your level and a text file. The text file must answer these basic questions: ============================= Name: Doom SN: Map Level: Theme: New Music?: New Graphics?: ============================= If new music or graphics are included in the level, please tell me the name of the midi/texture files. Do not override existing doom textures, make sure to create new ones with unique names. If possible, do without the new graphics. *** 3.2) Map Perfectionist Once the level you have receieved has been play tested by you, the play testers, and you have edited/tweaked it: provide a zip file with the level and a text file. The text file must answer these basic questions: ============================= Original Map Designer: Original Map Designer's Doom SN: Perfectionist's Name: Perfectionist's Doom SN: Map Level: Theme: New Music?: New Graphics?: Editing Comments: ============================= *** 3.3) Map Tester Once you are done playing the map, send me a text file with this information: ============================= Map Tester: Map Tester's Doom SN: Original Map Designer: Original Map Designer's Doom SN: Map Level: Theme: Rate the level overall 1-10(Fantastic): Rate the visual aspects 1-10(Fantastic): Rate the playability 1-10(Fantastic): Rate the weapon placement 1-10(Fantastic): Rate the theme consistency 1-10(Fantastic): Play Tester Comments: ============================= Please fill in as many comments as are needed to convery the good, the bad, and the ugly to the designer/perfectionist. And as mentioned in the thread topic we are recruiting for all positions listed. Please follow the guidelines if you wish to contribute to this project. Here are links associated with the megawad: http://web.syr.edu/~mtszot/project/index.html Project website http://web.syr.edu/~mtszot/project/text/DM-megawad.txt Text file format
  15. MarchWhelp

    ZDaemon demos?

    dont bother watching badfish: He's a giant bastard. But if you don't care about attitude, then go for it.