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Everything posted by thedeadgmr

  1. thedeadgmr

    Other great sites for Doom discussion

    /vr/ on 4chan reintroduced me to the world of Doom mods
  2. thedeadgmr

    Favorite YouTube gamers?

    LGR AVGN cr1tical somecallmejohnny
  3. thedeadgmr

    Classic Doom Doom 4 monster spirtes

    I'd like to see a dlc or something that gives enemies doom 1/2 style sprites
  4. thedeadgmr

    Doom 1, registered retail box plus manual

    You should put this on Archive.org, always nice to see people archiving this stuff
  5. thedeadgmr

    The columbine massacre 17 years after

    I remember one time me and my friends were talking about doom (This being around 2009, so I was in highschool), The teachers heard us and sent us all into detention for talking about "That horrid game"
  6. thedeadgmr

    So Leonardo DiCaprio won that Oscar at last, eh?

    This is why I have faith in the new DOOM, the devs know that people playing doom A. Are either just going to spend time making some bloody demon killing carnage B. Going to Edit the game so much that it becomes something completely different
  7. thedeadgmr

    Great Games no one ever heard of!

    I remember thinking that that was the greatest game idea ever 10 year old me was easily impressed
  8. thedeadgmr

    Wolf3d emulators

    Something thats wierd is there is a port of Doom and Quake on my calculator, but not wolf3d
  9. thedeadgmr

    A question about gibs

    I forgot there was a time when GIFs were nice and small images, now they're mostly 10mb+ animated videos that take a minute to load
  10. thedeadgmr

    A question about gibs

    I googled it, apparently the Oxford Dictionary accpets both
  11. thedeadgmr

    A question about gibs

    Is there any reason why "GIF" if pronounced "JIF", what was the reasoning behind that
  12. thedeadgmr

    History of Doomworld, Comprehensive Version

    I think doomworld should make a religion 😂
  13. thedeadgmr

    What actually was GamerGate

    I know that it was a big deal and changed the political aspects of most major websites about discussion, but I have no idea what this is all about and all the websites I can find contradict eachother
  14. This site is nearly 20 years old, but at the time of me posting it has about ~300 users onlines. It's old school and weeks of early internet, but still kinda cool
  15. thedeadgmr

    How has Doomworld survived nearly 20 years

    It's a mazing a game can be disscussed and modded for so long. Even the modding giants Hl1+2 have dead modding communitys, with gmod being the only thing keeping it relevant
  16. thedeadgmr

    Odd looking frontpage

    I'm pretty sure that this site was made with 4:3 screens in mind (think back to the 90s), so it would look more like
  17. thedeadgmr

    Great Games no one ever heard of!

    I thought they explained that the "humans" were just robots that look like humans. Thats why they didn't care how many they lost
  18. thedeadgmr

    How has Doomworld survived nearly 20 years

    Never said it wasn't, just saying the programs now do a lot of the tedious little things that you'd otherwise have to do by hand
  19. thedeadgmr

    What resolution do you play Doom at?

    Why do so many laptops have this weird resolution
  20. thedeadgmr

    What you guys think of Overwatch?

    So basically halo
  21. thedeadgmr

    What's your favorite original Xbox games?

    Halo 2 on pc was pretty bad. Halo 1 was pretty good though. Doesn't Xbox one have a function on it that lets you play games on your pc with it, you could cheat and do that with the master chief collection
  22. thedeadgmr

    What is the overall worth of your steam library?

    is there even a way to measure GOG libraries?
  23. thedeadgmr

    How has Doomworld survived nearly 20 years

    To be fair Doom modding tools theses days now do 90% of it for you, and work more like unreal or hammer than anything else
  24. thedeadgmr

    How has Doomworld survived nearly 20 years

    Looked him up, hes so important to doom that he even has a page on the wiki. Saw that he posted only just the other day, it's wierd to see accounts from the 90s still active on forums
  25. thedeadgmr

    What resolution do you play Doom at?

    I play doom at 1440*900 I only started playing recently but I think it looks kinda cool supersmooth at high resolution. Might be getting a 5k monitor soon and will try it at that resolution, want to see how freaky it looks.