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  1. Final iteration, now I'm done. Other links won't work, so OP needs to be updated. I added the Mancubus fight like RDWPA suggested. Difficulty levels are very apparent. It's a little tougher than before and I added some switches to unbreak the level from traps. Please let this be the end of it. If you need a name, let's just go with "A Slice of BROWNPIP"
  2. I noticed a simple error in my map after tweaking it (a door gets stuck due to a trap) that I will fix and update the links for. The delayed Revenant teleporter could also be done better.
  3. Habit sometimes, when taking print screens. If this project ever gets up and running, I'd love to get involved. Either to map or contribute assets (mostly sound/music suggestions. I'm not too hot at ACS or anything else.)
  4. It's funny enough that I'm working on something along these lines, but with combat. Exploration based on small-scale levels interconnected via a hub with only a loose goal as you progress. And a snazzy soundtrack I'm shamelessly and legally-questionably adding from a semi-obscure band I like. My suggestion is that if you're going to focus on a non-combative approach, interactivity, aesthetics, and MUSIC SELECTION are pivotal. Phocas Island comes to mind long before surreal maps. Also, keep map/"area" size moderate unless you want very well explained direction in your map - as massive sprawling switch/item hunts become tedious super fast (and can also impede performance on lesser computers.) Secondly, a narrative is key in some aspect. You obviously don't need to write a Pulitzer, but there needs to be some kind of direction or notion of why you're walking around doin' the thangs you do. Even if it's vague. Ambiance, custom sound effects/environments, colored lighting, fog - are also good ideas if you're working with gzDoom.
  5. Updated the map after watching RDWPA's demo. First time I ever watched a demo, it's always fun to see how different people play. Hopefully I've adjusted it to be dick to everything you did during every encounter from the maze on. Had to add more health and ammo. No new weapons. One new, obvious, secret for certain people who like to wall run around my entire decoration rather than walking on the maze walls. Last fight got a bonus friend so it's less mano'e'mano, which I've forgotten how easy those are. I'm kinda too burnt out to add more geometry, so I'd say it's up to Doomlover now if he wants to tweak it in any way. New Link (Which was also updated in the above post.)
  6. And finished! Super deadly download hyperlink. I did a run with Complevel 9. Only difference is the zero-brightness walls show up in the ending teleport room. It's shorter than I intended, but complete. I couldn't really do anything too snazzy with the textures provided other than manipulate BROWNPIP into as many permutations as possible. As such, 12 monsters, 3 secrets, coop and DM (why) starts/item spawns. Even added difficulty levels. I kinda wanted to make a CRATINY nightmare theme'd level, but I lacked inspiration and textures. It's good as a sub-10 map max, honestly. As the monsters may be big (Rev, Knights, Caco), but the difficulty isn't that high. Weapons provided are SG and CG (questionably needed), and RL (secret). Blue armor and soulspheres are also secrets to match the blue. Blue armor might be overkill, though. Ammo provided is right about at the balance needed for completion without secrets on UV - you'll walk away with some bonus bullets or shells depending which guns you use. Midi version of Damned, by Overkill, included. Also tried your map, RDWPA. It was good fun, but if I had to give aimless opinions based on how I played it, the only issues I had were: low ammo count outside if you avoid going inside (which would likely be totally mediated by someone coming into the level with ammo/guns), the crushers coming down too late inside which made me get slapped by a wall of homing Revenant rockets without good places to lose them, and how hard it is to dislodge the archvile on the taller island if you make the mistake of running away from it. oh pfff, sorry, use to S1 due to all the W1s, fixed.
  7. Without the choice of what four textures/flats we're given, it can be a bit strenuous to make a map that doesn't overstay its' welcome. There's also the time taken for some of the still-viable, but less palatable textures that have to be nursed into looking good. Then again, I saw some really cool stuff out of 50 Shades of Graytall, but I'm relatively new to mapping. I'm already quite sick of FIRELAV2 and CRATINY
  8. There, mostly finished. I still need a title and to ensure it's actually complevel 9. A few touch-ups with texture alignment in places would be good too. Also the lighting, which was mostly done cheaply. I now know all the ins-and-outs of BROWNPIP. Difficulty might be slightly tough for people not use to slogging around without the precious SSG. Short map with under 30 monsters, SG/CG only. Ran out of steam so the red key room just became a teleport to an exit. I have to finish a 64x64 entry and this had an earlier deadline. (And other stuff.) Also, RDWPA, that zzwolf texture use was good enough that I actually thought it was a custom texture for a split second.
  9. Cruel. I don't think it would save me at this point. I could abuse a door texture to better effect too, but I think I'll keep with the four I have. One brown wall that can only be used in halves. One gray wall with vines. Fire wall. Comedy Crate Wall. Two good brown flats. Two good blue flats. Certainly not what I had hoped. Didn't even get any liquids.
  10. Oh, that's a lot less stressful. Also rad map.
  11. I already asked for 5, but I'm down for any early level really if the other guy wants it.
  12. I found it off hand, but as I had the source, I did some reverse image searching and found the source: http://noemiegoudal.com/observatoires/ Which is great for more inspiration! Glad you asked. There's websites like "Architecture of Doom" (not referring to Doom so much itself), and various blogs about Brutalism (a type of architecture with raw, imposing structures) which is what I'm basing my map loosely on. I've found those to be excellent idea generators for working on maps.
  13. One map down, 30 more (or so) to go. Learned how to do outdoors a little better in the process. The goal is to get the project done before the new DOOM, but at this rate, that's unlikely.
  14. I'll give it a shot too, even if only for a short level. I'd like 05 please.
  15. If the deadline is still as it says in the opening post, I'd like to drop an attempt. Title is Fatal if Swallowed. Going to be a nuke-plant-base with influences from The Crusher if I can manage. I'm more posting now so I force myself to finish. The map's already WiP, but it's extremely unfinished right now.