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  1. Map15 - “Titan Mining Complex” by Walter Confalonieri UV pistol start on pr-boom+ Deaths - 2 / Kills - 101% / Secrets - 100% This is an uneven map to me. Some rooms look good, and some look like rubbish. Some gameplay areas work (most notably the large outside area) and some areas don't (not a fan of the cyber demon placement in this map) I am also never a fan of opening up a starting door only to discover 20+ lost souls. God I hate those as an enemy! I was also able to accidentally skip a monster teleport trap that is set off (I believe) when running over the blue key. So maybe look into that if you are looking at fixing bugs. But overall I enjoyed my time spent here even If I overall consider it weaker than Walter's Map05.
  2. Map14 - “Emerald Gardens” by Breezeep UV pistol start on pr-boom+ Deaths - 0 / Kills - 100% / Secrets - NA I consider this to be rather like Map13. An inoffensive map thats looks nice enough but the game-play never seems to put me in any danger whatsoever. It was simply a matter of finding a good corner to snipe from and then rinse and repeat for the next 8 minutes or so.
  3. Holy crap! *Ring Ring Ring Ring* Uh hello? Mhhmmmmm Mmmmhhhmmmm sure, I'll just let him know! Cheers! *Hangs up* Yeah SteveD, 1996 just rang and it wants its fps control scheme back. Seriously I can't even imagine trying to play a '3d' FPS without mouse support. Doom is possible obviously although I still prefer the mouse because it lets me turn quicker. I wonder how much Mac Doom is to blame for your control scheme given how ridiculously limiting it was back in the day? Well whatever works for you I guess :) What can I say, you are basically my God of Doom. So glad you enjoyed the run! I remember following ROC through its website back in the day as it got closer and closer to completion. Blew my little mind that Mac users could create doom levels. The like 90 minutes it took to finally download it when it got released (90's net was very cruel), was more than worth while. I'm very much looking forward to Realm of Intensified Chaos and look forward to being able to play the final release! Speed Running is something I do enjoy doing, although I do rather feel like I'm a turtle at the 100M Track event at the Olympics. Sure Bolt finishes in 9.67 but damn it my 1 minute 35 second was a PB for me damn it! And yeah, I believe I saw a video or a picture or something demonstrating how he played Doom with one hand. Very clever from memory.
  4. Map13 - “Death Dungeon” by pcorf UV pistol start on pr-boom+ Deaths - 0 / Kills - 100% / Secrets - 100% So I kinda like this one. It certainly looks nice with its Hexenish theme and some nice attention to detail. It's just outside the first area with the caco's, reverents and chain gunners raining bullets from up on high the gameplay is pretty pedestrian with stupidity being your main chance at death. Found all three secrets (thankyou automap secret for letting me find the soul-sphere when it meant absolutely nothing!), but the plasma gun was VERY useful in taking out the pain elementals. I also agree with Solarn that for whatever reason this feels much smaller than 2048x. Overall I'm just not feeling this map. It was an inoffensive map but it never wowed me.
  5. How in the heck do you play with one hand?
  6. Map 12 -- Compound Invasion HMP pistol start on pr-boom+ Deaths - 0 / Kills - 100% / Secrets - 100% First map I haven't completed without saves on UV. I have completed it on UV with saves and I don't think their is anything particularly difficult about the map, I just kept getting screwed over by infinite tall monsters and/or Reverent Rockets. Given enough time I would make that level pay for all the pain its inflicted on me, I am simply tight on time at the moment. With that out of the way, I enjoyed the map even though parts of the level flow just seemed very odd to me. Those big bars separating the first two areas just seem completely pointless to me and just cause frustration as I have to go around the back way a few time for no apparent reason. The block-lines are also frustrating as they do impede progress and feel very unnatural when you can't just walk over some areas. Finally I didn't realize you had to hit some of the switches twice which is another mechanic that just seemed really weird to me and not conducive to good map flow. The map did look quite good to my eyes though with a good use of space in the 2048 limit imposed with some decent areas to fight in. The game play its self was also fun and furious with good usage of monsters to keep fights interesting during the map runtime. I just wish those damn Pain Elementals wouldn't block my path from up on high.
  7. You can make the RL jump in Map 11 with an SR-40 jump, it's just bloody hard to do. Made me wish I knew how to SR-50
  8. Map11 - “Escape” by Jaws in Space UV pistol start on pr-boom+ Deaths - 3 / Kills - 91% / Secrets - 100% This map could had been significantly improved with 1 of the following 3 things. 1) Up each sectors lighting by 64 or 2) Remove many of the Specters or 3) Add a little more health. I normally play Doom with Gamma off but had to set it too its highest level in this map and even then those damn specters were almost impossible for me to see as they blended into the gray textures particularly well. This left me more frustrated then challenged as specters I just could not see at all nipped my health away. The other frustrating thing for me in this map was the secret + all the platforms you had to leap on to get the cell ammo. It was just an exercise in frustration rather than being genuinely difficult or a puzzle to work out. Now I have the negatives out of the way lets talk about the positives of this map. Firstly this is a chasm map done right and is a relief to see that that is actually possible in the 2048 limit after Map 04's disastrous attempt at it. There is some fast and furious game play, particularly in the upper area that really scratched my itch and the map was constantly repopulating with monsters keeping things interesting right untill the end. The final trap, of the wall disapearing with an Archville/Pain Elements and Reverants hiding up there was also done well although ultimately a little bit pointless as after I expended my BFG and rocket ammo to no avail I simply ran to the exit with no resistance. The trap would had been better off if monsters spawned behind you as well IMO. Also, the whole map (while too dark imo) does a good job at actually resembling a chasm. It looks good! So overall I enjoyed this map but it could had been so much better with just a minor tweak or two in my eyes.
  9. Long Live Terminal Velocity
  10. I also really enjoyed Obsidian's map, so word to wise map makers, if you want your map to be loved by the community as a whole do NOT get me to play-test it it seems! But yeah, there is a difference between being honest in your views (a good thing, imo) and being a dick about them.
  11. Map10 - “Sligeneous” by Getsu Fune UV pistol start on pr-boom+ Deaths - Too Many / Kills - 100% / Secrets - 100% So as I said earlier, this is my favorite map of the set so far. I just loved the open-nature of this map where all paths are open to you from the start. I died many times before I finally found a route that allowed me to not only survive, but thrive as I pummeled the minions that had given me so much trouble. I really enjoy that kind of challenge. It's a puzzle in monster form. And while Map 06 often left me frustrated when I died as yet another shotgun blast hit me while I was running about in the open, here the game-play felt much more fair. The ammo was constantly tight, the battles required good use of the structures around you, but if I died, it was because I did something wrong, and not because the games RNG decided to screw me over. The architecture was pretty bizarre looking I'll grant it that, but it served its purpose in creating the game-play better. There were many different ways I could approach a room and kill the demons in the middle of it thanks to the way the rooms were set-up and the interconnectedness of it all. So not the best looking of the set so far, but certainly the most fun i've had.
  12. While I'm aware I can't give the map a full review until tomorrow, here is my preview. Best Map yet.
  13. Map09 - “Dismay” by Scypek2 UV pistol start on pr-boom+ Deaths - 0 / Kills - 97% / Secrets - 75% This level simply rubbed me the wrong way. At no stage did I enjoy myself in this map. It pissed me off right from the start having to explore those slow-ass pipes. The architecture was very uninspiring and at times visually disgusted me (such as the area inside the blue key door). And while the blue key shooting galley was probably the best part gameplay wise about this level, 2 nasty HOMS ruined even that area for me. As for the gameplay I just found it very dull with not much going on. No real height variation, no struggle for survival, no devious monster placement, nothing that interested me at all.
  14. Map08 - Sheltered Outpost by an_mutt UV pistol start on pr-boom+ Deaths - 1 / Kills - 104% / Secrets - 100% I feel like I'm the bears in the Goldilocks fairy-tale. Map06 too little health! Map08 too much health! When do we find the baby bear map? I did enjoy the map. It was well constructed, with a nice inter-connecting flow to the whole thing with some decent fights thrown in. The map itself has some deadly traps that if you are not careful will quickly end your life. But if you survive those traps, then refilling your health isn't a problem at all so overall I just found this map a little too easy. The look of the level is interesting with some novel uses of texturing. It somehow manages to work, and combined with a minimalistic, yet effective architecture creates a pleasant environment to blow monsters up in. Overall it's arguably the best map of the set so far thanks to the great fights that are sprung upon you. I just wish there was a little less health to keep things more interesting in between the traps.
  15. Hell Revealed Dear God I must be mad.