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  1. Is there possibly a way to set up Hold to aim instead of the standard click?
  2. Sleazypengun

    View all your posts

    Just a quick question, how can I view all the posts I've made?
  3. Sleazypengun

    GZDoom configuration not saved

    Does anybody know how to fix this? https://gyazo.com/f57104a4279dfc3ba1e6d090abda9456
  4. Sleazypengun

    Fixed prob, Gzdoom 2.2, BD v20b error

    If you try to load BD v20b with Gzdoom 2.2 you get some sort of error with "got "" but instead got I" (SLADE) On line 610 and 633 of BLOOD.txt you will find line 610| BPDL AAAAAAAAA 1 A_FadeOut(0.I) <-- SLADE text, looks like 1 on SLADE BPDL AAAAAAAAA 1 A_FadeOut(0.1) <-- fixed text Line 633| BPDL AAAAAAAAA 1 A_FadeOut(0.I) <-- SLADE text BPDL AAAAAAAAA 1 A_FadeOut(0.1) <-- Fixed text Hopefully this helps some people and if it doesn't work, DONT ASK ME FOR QUESTIONS cuz I prob don't have a fucking clue xD Want to make a quick shout out to "Graf Zahl" who told me about the first problem on line 610 while by myself I actually figured out the prob on line 633 which was the same deal, lol xD
  5. Sleazypengun

    Gzdoom 2.2 with BD v20

    Holy shit I just found it, both of them looked like 1 in SLADE but once I pasted the text on the google search I found the difference XD XD XD XD BPDL AAAAAAAAA 1 A_FadeOut(0.l) <---- Original line of code or whatever FadeOut (0.1) is actually FadeOut (0.I) SLADE for real need to change there fonts man :| I ALSO FOUND ANOTHER PROBLEM On line 633 of the same text there was the same problem with wanting 1 instead of I SPREAD THE GOOD NEWS LADYS AND GENTS!!! BPDL AAAAAAAAA 1 A_FadeOut(0.I) <----- orginal text BPDL AAAAAAAAA 1 A_FadeOut(0.1) <----- fixed
  6. Sleazypengun

    Gzdoom 2.2 with BD v20

    Could anyone tell me or take a screenshot of where to find this problem in SLADE? I've looked through the decorates and couldn't find anything
  7. Sleazypengun

    Gzdoom 2.2 with BD v20

    And how would I exactly be able to change that?
  8. Sleazypengun

    Gzdoom 2.2 with BD v20

    Whenever I try to launch the game this error comes up Script error, "brutalv20b.pk3:blood.txt" line 610: Expected ',', got 'l'. Anybody know how to fix this?
  9. Sleazypengun


    How do you make a sound though? suggestions?
  10. Sleazypengun


  11. Sleazypengun


    Well, is there a way i can make a new sound file that doesn't have sound that which can replace the sound file im trying to abort?
  12. Sleazypengun


    How can you make a sound and give it no sound to wear its not in Brutal Doom? Im making a wad where certain sounds are not in BD but when I put a sound files volume to zero and play the file with BD it's still there, if that makes sence
  13. Sleazypengun


    Does anyone know the original resolution for quake 1?
  14. Sleazypengun


    It requires a dehacked engine
  15. Sleazypengun


    Its says the program cant run on this pc, could someone send me a version that would work? ask questions if needed