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  1. I'm almost positive that if that were the issue, running at 320x240 would drastically improve things in OP's case. The others are right that having a very low-end CPU will bottleneck things. I experience problems by just running the CPU on low power settings and I know for sure it's using my NVidia graphics because I see the OpenGL init readouts on startup. In many common cases though, you would be 100% right and that would be a thing a person would have to check.
  2. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    The world is changing. Traditional jobs that so many people worship and would like to worship as being "the only way to do things" are gradually but increasingly becoming a relic of the past. People are increasingly finding ways to employ themselves, and for many people it actually is the only means by which they can survive. Many people can't do the 9-5's like you think everyone "should" be doing. Say what you will about Sgt Mark, but 9-5's are a cancer in our society that we would be better off without. For all the shit Sgt Mark does wrong, for all the people he's hurt over the years, he's got the "getting myself food" part right - sorry but 9-5's are awful and should be avoided in any way possible if a person can do so.
  3. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Call out any random mod and stick to your guns enough and it'll stick. It's a standard the community holds itself to, and while many things do get through the cracks, it's only the most popular ones that receive the most scrutiny because more people are playing it and more people care. (And original artists have more to lose with someone else taking credit for their work) Even as someone who is calling out the community on its hyperbole, you yourself should understand how hyperbolic they can be when you raise enough stink.
  4. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    In my experience, Windows kills tasks automatically before such a thing ever happens. Especially when it's only a single process responsible for this, in this case, GZDoom. You underestimate the safeguards that are already in place precisely for this kind of thing. (Admittedly, virtual memory thrashing will likely be more of a problem before this occurs, but the safeguards will still kick in before a blue screen of death does) However I will partially agree here. There should be some sort of spawn limit to keep things sane. Some maps are utterly disastrous with how they abuse spawn effects and those are actually legitimate. However in a very complex hobby project such as this, it is extremely difficult to account for every single case of this, especially considering the fact that most safety regulations inside the engine can easily hurt performance, which such complex mods depend on very heavily to work properly.
  5. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    Hell you know what? I realized after I typed this - GZDoom is going to have more issues with NUTS.wad than Mark's petty shenanigan here - because that mod all by itself caps the CPU when all the monsters become activated. GG CPU. And yet, you don't hear of anyone having to put a fire extinguisher to their precious rig just because they dared to try that.
  6. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    There are many external factors influencing this discussion that have absolutely nothing at all to do with it by themselves. We aren't exactly living in an ideal world right now and it is certainly less ideal than it was even 4 years ago. People, whether they realize it or not, bring their life stresses here, and it all comes out in shitstorms like this. That's just the way things are right now, and probably will be for another few years at least if not more.
  7. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    I will agree that what Mark did was fairly petty and I already called him out for it. It's not cool, but that's as far as my condemnation goes with him, at least as far as this incident is concerned. However, I think your argument is really hyperbolic. Back in the 80's and 90's machines were literally designed to run at 100% CPU speed constantly. In fact, "Energy Star" really did not become a thing until well after the original IBM PC-XT came out. Before that, we didn't even rely on the HALT CPU instructions, we just put things in idle loops. (*shivers!*) Even so, removing the frame rate cap and vsync on GZDoom will send either your GPU or CPU to 100% anyway - whichever bottlenecks first (depending on the system). And people run this way constantly all the time with no issue. While you can make a serious case that for example, even someone like me, refuses to run GZDoom this way (I like quiet systems without the fans kicking up to max), that's not to say the system can't handle it - and even so, GZDoom is in an unresposive state well before any serious overheating issues kick in, and Windows is already asking you by that time if you want to kill the process before any even theoretical damage can be done. Even if heating becomes a serious issue, both processor sets are designed to lower their voltage and power consumption when heat creep kicks in in order to stem damage - in fact, shutting themselves down is really a worst-case scenario that almost never occurs except in the most poorly designed or poorly maintained systems. To be quite honest, I think you're going to have far more serious issues with heat problems on your system running Fallout 4 than you ever will running Mark's shenanigan here, especially since it can only consume one core anyway. (For the record though, Mark, I still haven't changed my stance that it was extremely petty of you to do that)
  8. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    I say the Doomworld moderators can do whatever they feel is best in this situation, and what they do reflects on them, and only them, and not on the community as a whole. Just because they let Sgt Mark "get away with it" doesn't mean the community is letting him do that, and I think it's important to recognize that separation. Doomworld staff is not the whole community, and the whole community is not Doomworld staff. In fact, Doomworld staff really are only a small part of it. So let them bear the consequences of acting, if they so choose, or choosing not to act in this case. And there will be consequences either way - fun to be in a position to make tough decisions, isn't it? But that's their problem, not your's. EDIT: To be clear, I was not trying to imply that I would hold the Doomworld staff in moral contempt. What I meant by that was, they'd have to deal with people being upset on one side or the other, depending on who felt "wronged" by it.
  9. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    You want to know the best thing to do in that case, Mark, when you can't find who made something? Don't use it. It's rough. As a mod author myself, I know it is. But if you want to be the better person, you have to make that call. And sometimes, maybe not always, but sometimes you might just find that when you do - you find something better to use in its place, anyway. I'm going to be culling assets from my community project here soon, and trust me I am *NOT* looking forward to it - but I know it has to be done, because I value my own integrity more than I value my own pride.
  10. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    And yet, you completely ignored this point - @ Sgt Mark: It's not up to people like wildweasel to furnish a list for you. The onus is on you, and always was. You can solicit help if you need it (and hell, I'll be honest with you - I do solicit such help, myself), but it's still your responsibility and you can't make others do the work for you.
  11. Brutal Doom wins mod of the year on Mod DB

    To be fair, no one would blow things out of proportion if you didn't give them things to blow them out of proportion with in the first place. And yeah, that was really petty of you. You darn well know it was a mistake and that's why you're fixing it right now. But you won't be a real adult and own up to it and say "yeah guys, I'm sorry I did it" - instead you're still trying to pretend like it's not a big deal and that no harm was done. But hey, I am not the one who has to defend my reputation after inserting an intentional crash/freeze bug into something. ;) So carry on! Just know that not everyone is as stupid as you think they are to believe bullshit like this.
  12. Project: Kate

    I played this - it's obvious there is a lot of time and energy and investment into this. I cried while playing it, even not knowing Kate as well as I wish I did. It's a tragic thing what happened to Kate and it shouldn't have happened. It's a beautiful tribute to her and I am sure she would be happy about it were she still around. <3
  13. Haiku OS support

    I've done a little bit more work on GZDoom today to get it Haiku-compatible. I've decided to branch my work since the changes I'm starting to make could be seen as a bit disruptive and I want to minimize that as much as possible. The issue I am running into right now is thread-local storage not being supported. There was an issue with that regarding OpenBSD, too, and unfortunately I can't find what the OpenBSD guy did to get it to compile on his system (or if he even did). It's a bit daunting to encounter a system that has this issue. For now, I am keeping development in the Haiku-develop branch. However, unless the BSD's and Haiku decide to pick up thread-local storage, we may have to deprecate all of them preemptively, because this is something that's going to be counted on in future development for GZDoom.
  14. Why not just create a copyright free source port?

    I never really liked the idea of source ports competing with each other. Everyone will simply say their favorite one, or the one they are a primary developer on, is the best. I am biased - I am well aware of this and cannot escape this, myself. But that doesn't mean I don't appreciate others' work, or the things that GZDoom has incorporated over the years from others. I would agree it was more a cultural thing than anything. As much as it is natural to want to be better than others, none of it was helped by source port debates which wholly discarded the fact that each one has its own goals, ideas, strengths, and weaknesses, which itself means that it's not inherently better than another for any of those reasons. There's also a lot of people who take pride in being the "first" to do something. Sometimes to a destructive level.
  15. Why not just create a copyright free source port?

    This has kind of been bugging me since the original question was asked, even though the topic has steered in an entirely different direction. OP asking if it would be possible to remake the game code and put whatever license we want on it - yes, that is possible, although people have been happy enough with the GPL that there never really was a need to write a new game from scratch. Also, I am not sure what the license technicalities will be if you reverse engineer the code, versus writing your own back-ends and building a game engine entirely from scratch (without quite as much regard to Doom specifications, although it could be written for Doom compatibility) and going that route. GZDoom, for example, has almost no resemblance to the original DSC, due to how much the code has been refactored over the years, but in all that time it was always still based on original Doom code. And one thing - no one wants to put all that work into a new game engine just to release it under the public domain and without restrictions. The GPL is, as previously mentioned, commercially exploitable, and it also actually protects all the users who use it. As many restrictions as there are in the GPL, they're put in place to prevent abuse, which you can definitely bet will happen in one form or another as long as someone stands to gain something from it.