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  1. xblade

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    the music doesn't fit with any other track in any other trailer... it's not his work...
  2. xblade

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    to be honest the music of the trailer doesn't really fit with anything that music we've heard so far... that was a trailer by some 3rd party that probably didn't like that it was scrapped or something... we might get a similar trailer, but with mick's music. either way, that trailer got some serious hype going on...
  3. xblade

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    excuse my ignorance, i don't know the lore very well, but who is this Samuel?
  4. xblade

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    you guys should stop posting pictures... they'll get removed either way :P
  5. xblade

    Possibly new trailer? (GONE NOW, SPOILERS AHEAD)

    this is not from bethesda's yt channel... wtf is going on here?
  6. wow, glad to see tech savies here. stuff got complicated fast... giving everything that was said earlier, i guess 4 was indeed a safe bet. still, i think they can host the logic on their dedicated server. they already have a hub that hosts the `manifest`. maybe if the game sells well, maybe they can tap into this cloud thing everyone's using. titanfall uses Windows Azure as far as I know. good chat folks :) i've learnt something from this...
  7. xblade

    Early Access SnapMap Gameplay

    i think that might be the case...
  8. xblade

    Early Access SnapMap Gameplay

    You know what this means don't you? On Thursday, they'll be a bunch of YouTubers playing that SP mission. Seeing that some these guys, did a better job explaining SnapMap than Bethesda did in their live event, this is gonna be awesome!
  9. I'm not sure how many technical people are on this forum, but here's how I think can SnapMap support more than 4 players. Since SnapMap works by you hosting a game, I'm guessing that 4 players is the limit for one machine to host, since it's using P2P. What if there are multiple hosts? What if they spread the computational logic to 2 hosts? Maybe one host can handle bullet detection, while another can handle the map triggers and what not. Basically like multi-threaded work, but over the network. Yes this might add latency, but I think it might be done. If someone has a better understanding on how MP games work, maybe they then chip in their ideas. I myself am a Software Engineer, but I've never worked with games and really have no idea how net-code works in games. Any thoughts?
  10. xblade

    I can't wait for the Beta to end

  11. I've played, I suck at it, but I like it. Personally I want it to end so that we can get more info about the single player. https://twitter.com/idSoftware/status/721145118061961216 Hopefully they'll keep their word...
  12. xblade

    New Video: Player Progression and Customization

    Am i the only one who saw this? Hellshot weapon? http://imgur.com/i103DGe
  13. Did anyone of you guys got a code? I didn't, so I'm guessing it didn't work :( https://www.google.de/search?q=time+in+berlin
  14. xblade

    Doom Welcome To Hell E3 music

    I didn't look well enough, sorry about it.