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  1. Like all new releases, the game will become better optimised with patches etc, so that will change.
  2. Ginsu

    Is anyone else annoyed by lack of official news?

    I think they have covered enough for the single player. I want to see more about online.
  3. Ginsu

    What has been confirmed for snapmap so far?

    So does this mean I could snap together a map with UAC troops and players fighting through demons to get from point A to point B? That would be really cool!
  4. Ginsu

    Doom 3 OR Quake 4?

    I love Quake 4, fighting with the various Marines and the missions all gave the feeling of trying to invade a hostile world and overcoming the odds. Great experience. D00M 3 just drains my soul after awhile.
  5. Ginsu

    Pinky Demon

    I prefer the penis looking mechanical legs one from D00M 3.
  6. LOlL "ball site" what the hell??!? LOL
  7. Ginsu

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I will take this opportunity to confess my sins. I apologise for the following blasphemy. 1: Final D00M on the Sony Playstation was my first experience with D00M. I did not complete the game. 2: Years later, I played D00M on PC. I did not complete the game. 3: I also tried D00M 2 on PC. I did not complete the game. 4: I purhcased D00M 2 on the Xbox Live Arcade. I did not complete the game.
  8. LOL this whole topic is fantastic. <(^______^)>
  9. Ginsu

    Should Doomguy speak?

    I think the Marine is still 100% human. By super-soldier program I just refer to the tech stuff, the psychiatric treatments/conditioning just to prepare him for his role thats all. His humanity is important for D00M given the whole Man overcoming Hell thing.
  10. Ginsu

    What would make a better DOOM cover?

    Haha I really like this one! I don't mind, I think the new cover is fine, maybe some more battle damage on him? His face looks creepy lol, stone cold killer. LOL!
  11. When I was a kid, I figured that in the future, DOOM wouldn't have levels. It would be an entire base all loaded on the machine and people would play together on the internet, however everyone would spend the majority of the game in isolation from each other, trying to regroup would be the main goal and players would help activate things to help players navigate their individual sections, failing that, players would have to travel longer and more difficult routes. I didn't think about gameplay because that can evolve and change, the setting and themes of isolation and trying to manage your ammo and fighting hordes of enemies was the point. I think D00M 2016 looks great, but it's nothing compared to what my mind thought games 20 years in the future would be like, and in that regard it is disappointing.
  12. Ginsu

    Doom UAC Edition

    It's just a business decsion they made because of the statues. Bethesda had to pay X amount for those things and want to make sure they dispatch all of them. Perhaps they have enough market data to suggest people are more likely to buy either the Collector's or UAC edditions, rather than just a larger Collector's edition because people don't want to pay over $180 dollars for a demonic statue that rotates. I would rather the UAC edition, artwork books and posters are more traditional and fits my expectations, don't have to pay out my ass for them either.
  13. Ginsu

    Should Doomguy speak?

    I don't think he will speak, but I know his origins have changed and we will learn more about him. Things I noticed: Doomguy was a Marine, and sole survivor thoughout the previous games. In D00M 2016, the Doomguy is still a Marine, however this time he is 'activated' and deployed to the UAC facility to destroy all of the demonic forces. He is not a part of an existing Marine element like Doom 3 or the sole survivor of one (doom & doom 2) I think the Doomguy is part of a UAC Super-soldier program, in an exosuit that is a hyrbid of UAC technology and satanic 'advancements', and that he has been through a great deal of psychiatric treatments rending him in to this cold silent type that isn't afraid and non-susceptible to demonic possessions. Just a theory though.
  14. Ginsu

    DOOM Space Marine Images (Lithograph)

    Thanks for that, I am pleased!
  15. Ginsu

    DOOM Space Marine Images (Lithograph)

    Aw no reloading huh? Damn. Fair enough then, no pouches.