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  1. Me and a couple friends decided as a joke to play Mock 2: The Speed Of Stupid in co-op blind, and unexpectedly had a blast just experiencing the stupidity of it together, with levels that were so shitposty they somehow went back around to being kind of avant garde. But I really don't know what else to look for that's a similar type of experience. I'm not necessarily only looking for joke wads that are exactly like Mock 2, but I'm just looking for stuff with humor and really experimental, playful, or absurd level design that we can just laugh at without having to take seriously as real doom levels.
  2. ClashmanTheThird

    PRBoom+ only loads wads using Doom 2 as a base, can't play Doom 1.

    How do I get to that launcher?
  3. ClashmanTheThird

    PRBoom+ only loads wads using Doom 2 as a base, can't play Doom 1.

    I'm not using any line parameter, this happens when just dragging the wad to the EXE or using WMD with no parameter.
  4. I downloaded PRBoom+ because GZ/LZDoom on my new computer just takes 10 seconds to load any map, and I don't know how to fix it. But when I try to load DOOM.WAD on PRBoom+, it shows the title screen for Ultimate Doom, but starting the game opens to Entryway for Doom 2 instead, except over half the textures are missing and the level is a hall of mirrors mess. Loading Heretic just demolished the color palette of Doom 2 into an LSD nightmare dimension. I mentioned this to my friend and he said the exact same thing happened to him for Doom 1, and neither of us were able to find a solution to this. Is there something simple I'm missing?
  5. ClashmanTheThird

    Pure Love Thread

    Motherfucking swearing.
  6. It takes away absolutely nothing, and if it's bad enough to complain about it, then turn it off.
  7. Yeah, an Archvile campaign would add some much needed speed and mobility to the game.
  8. Is there an Imp rune?
  9. ClashmanTheThird

    Meaning behind your username

    More of a "Just in case" thing.
  10. ClashmanTheThird

    Meaning behind your username

    Clashman is the Japanese name for Crashman from Megaman 2. Clashman just sounded cool. I added The Third becase it sounded like something a royal Prince would have at the end of their name, and for websites that require a number on your username.
  11. ClashmanTheThird

    Worst movie you've ever seen?

    Does the Star Wars Holiday Special count?
  12. ClashmanTheThird

    Is there a full faithful Rise Of The Triad TC?

    Yeah, I have the actual game on the Apogee throwback pack, but there's not any good source ports.
  13. https://app.box.com/s/jlmve5lxyvdk838uomenxy7cshfl3nqk Thoughts?