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  1. ChekaAgent

    Things about Doom you just found out

    I've just realised that BIGDOOR6's size is 128x112, not 128x128 like most other big doors (not counting the one with UAC logo, which is 128x96). That's pretty cool.
  2. What nodebuilder should i use for making Vanilla/limit-removing maps? I'm asking this because GZDoom Builder's default nodebuilder (ZenNode) for some reason stopped working for me. I now use BSP-W32, it works alright, but i'm not sure if it's the correct one for Vanilla maps.
  3. ChekaAgent

    Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    I'm also working on a DMP16 map, but unfortunately it pales in comparison to everyone else's maps, so i think i'll refrain from posting screenshots...
  4. ChekaAgent

    Let's talk about the flaws of old shooters.

    Oh yeah, i remember that. One of those gargoyles is a first episode boss and i remember how long it took me to finally get rid of it. In fact, aside from the pitchfork tactic you described, the only effective way of killing it for me was finding the guns akimbo secret and stunlock and kill it with continuous sawed-off akimbo fire. Shooting it with non-akimbo weapons simply didn't do enough damage and explosives did no damage to it at all. And i'm talking about medium difficulty, because on the hardest difficulty there're 2 of those things accompanied by a horde of regular gargoyles and according to the Blood wiki, on the hardest difficulty stone gargoyles have almost 10000 health which is insane. That's why i've never attempted playing Blood on hardest skill level - all enemies are just too beafy for me.
  5. ChekaAgent

    Create new revenant variants.

    Spectrevenant - partially invisible revenant that shoots partially invisible rockets.
  6. ChekaAgent

    Let's talk about the flaws of old shooters.

    I've been thinking now and i've realised i can't really find any significant flaws in old school shooters i've played. I just really like them the way they are. The only thing that bothers me is the lack of score system in most of those games. It existed in Wolf 3D and why it doesn't exist in subsequent games is unknown to me. It was also going to be in Doom and i don't see the reason why it was removed. I'd prefer the score system over kill/item/secret count in shooters. To me it seems like a better way to show how good the player is at the game.
  7. ChekaAgent

    A bit of help please?

    I have no idea.
  8. ChekaAgent

    WADs Based on Real Locations?

    I've heard that Eric Harris made a map based on his school, but i don't know if it's available on the internet.
  9. ChekaAgent

    Lost Soul health

    I think lost souls with 100 health are ok. They're meant to be annoying, that's the whole point. Even their look is annoying.
  10. ChekaAgent

    Create new revenant variants.

    Fatenant looks ridiculous, hahahah. Well, my variant would be: Roflnant - revenant that constantly laughs.
  11. ChekaAgent

    Old discs

    This screen you posted is SNES version, isn't it? And afaik it doesn't use discs, it uses cartridges instead. Did you somehow make SNES read discs?
  12. ChekaAgent

    Any cool map ideas?

    I have no idea
  13. ChekaAgent

    At what resolution do you play/build Doom?

    The resulution i play Doom on depends proportionally on my mood. The more depressed i am, the lower the resolution is.
  14. ChekaAgent

    Are there any joke mods for Quake?

    I know Jolly Wanker and i like his videos, but i wouldn't consider him famous at all. And to answer OP's question: i have no idea.
  15. ChekaAgent

    Doomworld Mega Project 2016 (v2 is on /idgames)

    I've already started making a map, might as well release it in this project. Sign me up!