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  1. I know two: - Security City (from someone who generated a wad in Oblige and tried to release as their own work; the name was auto-generated as well) - Crucified Factory (from 1monster, also auto-generated). I know some wads have very ridiculous map names, but I don't remember any, so post any that you find funny! PS: there's a high chance someone made similar topic not long ago, as usual, but I searched and found nothing, so if there's, blame the search.
  2. Li'l devil

    What would groups of specific Demons be called?

    ... Or you could just go with "mancubuses" and not bother with all these specifics!!
  3. Li'l devil

    What would groups of specific Demons be called?

    Well, most of us here aren't hunters, so I don't think we need to know these specific group names, some of which, again, sound ridiculous to me.
  4. Too many to list, but here's one example: Olaric from RtCW. Speaking of SS2, the one monster that made me feel uneasy is actually... those eggs, because they make such a creepy unnerving constant "buzzing". They didn't make me quit, but creeped me out a lot. Another, lesser example, are hell knights in Doom 3 when I was a kid.
  5. Li'l devil

    What would groups of specific Demons be called?

    They're simply called "A group of <monster type>". There's no need to get into this stupid English "flock", "murder", "gaggle", etc. nonsense that doesn't make any sense.
  6. Li'l devil

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    Doom Remake 4 was so underrated. Should've been awarded a cacoward for the best-looking mod. Instead most people trashed it because they have bad taste. And now thanks to Bethesda and their BS this mod is gone now...
  7. Li'l devil

    STRAIN 1.0 (repackaged edition)

    I liked this one a lot. It has lots of really neat ideas, especially for 1997. The music is very good as well.
  8. Li'l devil

    Enjay's Marine Assault

    Excellent single level for ZDoom with lots of custom content. I think this is a must play.
  9. Li'l devil

    1 Monster Megawad

    Absolutely love this wad. I like it's gimmick and I like the levels even more. They're very varied and fit the type of the monster used perfectly. I only didn't like two maps: Zumma and Cacophony, they're too long and get boring, tbh. But other than that, it's really good and I think it's underrated. Also, this is a perfect wad to test custom monsters.
  10. Li'l devil


    True art is incomprehensible!!!!
  11. Li'l devil

    Post Your Controversial Opinions About Doom

    TNT > Plutonia. I haven't played Plutonia past map 03, but my opinion still stands.
  12. POSTAL 2. When I first played it, I really enjoyed it for its humor and craziness. But a year or two ago I replayed it and realized that its gameplay is actually pretty bad. The worst is that the enemies are bullet sponges and shooting just doesn't feel fun at all. As for the humor, it doesn't feel nearly as fun when replaying it the second time. Right now I think that when it comes to FPS gameplay POSTAL 2 is the worst game I've played.
  13. Li'l devil

    Demon.WAD A WAD with a lot of Demons

    But can I switch weapons?
  14. Yeah, I think I get the idea, thanks. I've never really done outside detailing before, for me it was always rooms and corridors. I'll see what I can do. I'll probably update when I'm finished with this room and see if it'll need even more improvements. Also damn, I've searched for "detalization" on this forum and there were no results. I should've searched for "detailing" instead... -_-
  15. There's no need to quote post right above you, especially if it's OP. :) Alright, what will you say about this courtyard? The only thing that comes to my mind is to make it look less square. I'm not sure if I want to put any obstacles all over this place, because it can make combat in this area more inconvenient, but idk. And I'm not sure what to do about this "temple".