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  1. Li'l devil

    Is it wrong to play Doom 3 without a mouse?

    Well, TBH, if you're playing Doom 3 on Recruit then it will be so easy you will be able to beat it without a mouse. Well, maybe with the exception of bosses.
  2. Li'l devil

    DOOM Retro v2.8.1 (updated February 17, 2019)

    So, I decided to play Doom Retro using Wine. It works fine, but the sound device doesn't play all the parties of the music tracks (for example, the synth party in MAP01's music); I don't know if it's a bug in the port's sound device or in the default soundfont. Is there a way to change the soundfont or the sound device? Hmm, if I'm right, the sound device used is GUS, in which case, IIRC, it never worked well for me and always missed some music parties when I used it with other ports.
  3. Li'l devil

    What is the most interesting way you died in Doom?

    Well, here's one I rememeber: running around the map with 5% health and no visible threat, then suddenly flat out dying without any cause... then realizing that I got hitscaned by a chaingunner who was so far away I could see him only as a few pixels (on high resolution), nor could I hear him at all.
  4. Eh, there still seems to be an empty slot for map 05, and I have a map I've started making, but I've noticed this project too late I'm not sure if I can make a decent map by March, 8... Should I try? Edit: ah, nevermind. Just noticed someone already took the slot. Oh well...
  5. Li'l devil

    How many maps have you created and released?

    Well, since no-one will be interested to play any of my maps, I won't bother listing them detailed way. Basically, it's 2 mediocre maps for DW community projects (one of which somehow got a wiki page, heh), 2 mediocre maps for ZDF community projects, 1 boring bland map, 1 trash map, 2 no-effort troll maps I made because I was edgy... That's it. Edit: ok, not counting the no-effort maps, that'd be 6 maps in total so far.
  6. Li'l devil


    I kinda liked the one in E2M6 more. It impressed me more, probably because it was the first one.
  7. Li'l devil

    DOOM Retro v2.8.1 (updated February 17, 2019)

    Oh, I just never seen this mentioned on the site... Edit: the site says it's for Windows, but the github does say it can be compiled on Linux, so yeah, sorry, now I know.
  8. Li'l devil

    Tantum Mortuus Est - Dead simple Community project.

    I'd recommend the OP to make at least a few good maps for this project themself to prove that this idea is interesting, otherwise, I'm afraid, this will remain "empty empty empty empty..." And remember that people here don't usually look forward to community projects made by the new members because there's just no confidence that these will go well.
  9. Li'l devil

    DOOM Retro v2.8.1 (updated February 17, 2019)

    bradharding, are you planning to do a Linux version? I remember liking Doom Retro a lot when I played it some years ago on Windows, but I've switched to Ubuntu since then... Or does it work with Wine at least?
  10. Li'l devil

    [Mod] Doom 3 Subtle improvements.

    Wow, it's tied to a certain level? Now that's unique. I should check it out sometime...
  11. Li'l devil

    [Mod] Doom 3 Subtle improvements.

    Wow, I didn't know arch-vile has two attacks, I've only seen the firewall one.
  12. Li'l devil

    Tantum Mortuus Est - Dead simple Community project.

    No, but I think it's a pretty weak map... Actually, I don't know what other people think of it, I just assumed. :)
  13. Li'l devil

    Tantum Mortuus Est - Dead simple Community project.

    Tantum Mortuus Est - Dead Community project. (sorry, I had to :)) My two cents, though: Dead Simple is one of the least liked D2 maps, imo, so doing a CP based around it is just not a great idea. Even if done well, it'd just be 30 similar arena maps, and thus not a very enjoyable mapset at its core.
  14. Li'l devil

    if you could only play one type of mod would you play only

    Mapsets, of course. I wouldn't want to play the same 30 maps over and over again...