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  1. So, i was bored (as usual) and decided to make some sort of graph of my posts per day, starting with Feb 17 when i registered and up to today (this post is not included). It includes all post-helled posts and blogs posts. It may not be accurate, because it was hard to count all my 500+ posts, especially in PH and blogs, where they're not indexed.

    Also, red crosses indicate times when i was moderated after i posted something that mods didn't like..

    Well, what can i see from here is that before March 20 i was quite shy to post too much, which is quite understandable. The main problem, however, is that recently the amount of posts i make has decreased somewhat and i don't like that! I think from now on i'll be making more useless posts to increase my posting frequency!! I must show you that i'm an extremely active forum member!! ...

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    2. ClumsyDoomer


      Damn, that's a cool idea. Enjoy mine, lol.

      EDIT: I was bored again and remade all this crap from scratch. Now introducing the almighty Posts Per Day Chart (average for each period). 1 column = 60 days this time.

    3. Tracer


      darknation said:

      Rest assured he did.

      Oh no.

    4. Voros


      ChekaAgent said:

      Ohhh, i suck at explaining people how to do things.. Try googling it..

      Let's see

      "how to count the number of posts a user does per day on Doomworld and fix it on a graph with a number of posts as the y-axis and the day as the x-axis, and as efficiently as possible"

      *presses search*