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  1. (oh look, it's another one of those threads)

    I recently came to conclusion that there're quite a few people who seem to dislike me.
    One of them even expects me to be banned
    . This isn't good.

    So, i want you to tell me if there's something wrong with me, so that maybe i could improve myself. Personally, i always considered myself Lawful Good and never expected that somebody would dislike me, but turns out i was wrong.. I guess to better see myself i need to hear opinions about me from other people.

    So basically just tell everything you think about me and i'll see what i can do to improve myself.

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    2. roadworx


      i dunno, i've always seen you as being pretty coolio. you just post some stupid stuff sometimes.

      then again my standards are pretty low

    3. Clonehunter


      Why are the kids so edgy these days?

    4. Cupboard


      There there dear. We might have to consult renowned child developmental psychologist Dr. Lipschitz