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  1. Li'l devil

    I finally finished TNT: Evilution

    I like TNT Evilution because it's kind of weird and interesting. Sometimes its level design is just strange (mostly gameplay-wise) and I admire that. It also feels so unpolished, and again, I'm a fan of that in some way too. So basically, it requires specific taste to like it. What I don't like is people comparing Evilution to Plutonia. I think they shouldn't be compared. They have very different appeals.
  2. Li'l devil

    Move camera to doomguy's head from chest?

    Wow, I didn't even know the camera is at the chest level in Doom. Why is it though? Is Doomguy amogus or something? lol
  3. Li'l devil

    I wonder a world without Doom...

    If Doom weren't made, something else would've been made in its place, and all things Doom invented and popularized would've been invented and popularized by other games. Of course, the gaming world would've been different now, but I doubt it'd be too much different.
  4. Li'l devil

    Creepy Videogame music thread

    Good picks. I'm not gonna post any, instead I'll post a thread on the same topic I started years ago (and it has some of my own picks of course). :) https://www.doomworld.com/forum/topic/86998-creepy-videogame-music/ Edit: lol, realized one of my picks in there is the same as roadworx's.
  5. I fell into an inescapable toxic pit on E1M3 and died.
  6. Both Half-Life 2 and STALKER were going to be much darker, atmospheric and with 2-3 times more content each than what we got. It's no wonder that they both have entire modding communities centered around just restoring the unreleased content. Personally I can't appreciate final versions of these games anymore because I keep thinking about their early designs.
  7. Li'l devil

    i will truly say that DOOM as a whole is Endless

    My post wasn't serious either. I just thought the thread devolved into seemingly pointless praise of the game, so I did this sarcastic jab of sorts.
  8. Li'l devil

    i will truly say that DOOM as a whole is Endless

    What's with all this mindless Doom praise? That's elitism, yikes. Why do so many people on this forum think that Doom is an exceptionally good game? I can't believe you all share the exact same opinion, to the point of this being an echo chamber... To have a proper forum discussion we need more people who think that Doom is a bad or mediocre game.
  9. Li'l devil

    Joke Question: Doom AI or COD AI

    We need more threads like these. Preferably one every hour.
  10. Li'l devil

    i will truly say that DOOM as a whole is Endless

    I don't think Doom is unique in this regard, it's just has an advantage of being older and being easier to make custom content for. Besides, for every good wad there are probably 100 mediocre or bad ones. And despite the variety many people will get tired of Doom regardless if they play it for very long. Of course, there are some regulars here that play hundreds of wads per year, but I think in the community as a whole they're exceptional. There were a lot of times when I had a grand plan of playing every classic wad out there... and I always finished one at best. Usually not even one. For me, even one 30 map megawad can become a chore by the end, due to Doom's mostly repetitive gameplay, so I often gave up and played something else, only to never return to the wad.
  11. Li'l devil

    Joke Question: Doom AI or COD AI

    Why would you even compare CoD to Doom? They have completely different gameplay. And if you're trying to make fun of CoD, it's not trendy anymore (and I don't think it was ever funny to begin with). Anyway, stupid question! (not even a question technically, since there's no question mark)
  12. Li'l devil

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    Yeah, I think SMMs and arachnotrons just don't fit well in Doom in terms of design. Other than that, imo both in Doom I and II there's some dissonance in tone when it comes to enemy design. For example, zombies, imps, barons look "serious", but revenants look kind of comical and cacodemons looks a bit cartoony. It has a good side tho in that the player can distinguish between enemies better. Heh, Doom 3 does the opposite, the theme is 100% consistent, but damn they all look grey, lol. Not that it matters because you can't see anything in Doom 3! From the gameplay side of things, in Doom II some Doom I enemies feel very underpowered, and I think the devs missed an opportunity to improve them for Doom II. Especially, the pinky demons (their attack is too avoidable when you're not cornered) and the barons (need to have some unique ability compared to hell knights). Well, pinkies kinda have a purpose of being a "swarm" kind of enemy, but I don't think the devs intended that, and they were meant to be more dangerous than imps according to the hierarchy, but in practice they aren't. Re: KDiZD... KDiZD... well, I liked it's overdetailed design, but some maps were too confusing, new weapons were out of place and looked straight up bad (SSG), some new enemies were also out of place (lion enemies with shield), so... 2/5 :)
  13. Li'l devil

    Post Your Opinions About Doom (Whether Controversial or Not)

    I know how to solve the "too many contenders for Cacowards" problem. People should just stop making as many good wads per year as they do now. It's literally that simple.
  14. Oh yes, now I'm on it! Just wait, I'm gonna tag everyone on the forum now. Time to put a nail into this joke!
  15. Heh, I wonder if you can make coherent sentences that make sense using only nickname tags. (Better to not actually try that tho!)
  16. Li'l devil

    Porting Disasters Thread

    Console ports of Team Fortress 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive got no updates whatsoever since release, and both TF2 and CSGO are so popular in part because they're still updated to this day on PC, so console players got completely screwed with these. Not that I complain, since console players got what they deserved. PC master race! But at least the console versions of these games are kind of like time capsules as they represent the most vanilla experience you can get. Another examples I know are Wii ports of earlier CoD games because Wii was more like a handheld in terms of power compared to other consoles, as well as last gen ports of CoD: Black Ops 3 (these in particular are infamously bad for their quality). What does make me upset about bad ports is... why do them when you don't care about the platform you port them onto in the first place? I guess because the publishers want to get a cash grab from these platforms in addition to the main platforms, which is shitty, but what else can you expect from a big publisher? :)
  17. Li'l devil

    Dead Space Remake Confirmed---Currently in Production

    Dead Space is just a rip off of Doom 3.
  18. Li'l devil

    Why monsters won't attack the Arch-Vile?

    Arch-viles can be targeted by monsters. People who say the arch-vile has a "hardcoded exception" are spreading lies and misinformation! Damn, there are so many urban legends about Doom recently... What's next, you're gonna tell us that the berserk lasts for the entire level?
  19. Li'l devil

    Incredibly undoubtedly amazingly trve Metal facts

    Many of the metal subgenres are actually different names for the same thing. Black metal, doom metal, death metal... all are exactly the same. Now that you know this, I suggest you to go and educate some hardcore metal fans with this knowledge. ;)
  20. Li'l devil

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    I stare at the empty status and I feel like it stares back at me.
  21. Li'l devil

    Recommend me some Mods/Maps for my stream!

    Check these recent wads:
  22. Li'l devil

    Favorite Half-Life game

    lol, I'm joking. I thought pretty much everyone knows it's a bugged garbage. I also never heard anyone saying anything good about Decay.
  23. Li'l devil

    Favorite Half-Life game

    Where's Half-Life: Source!? One of the most well done ports of all time, IMO. And I know that it's technically the same game as the original, but I dislike the original Half-Life, I only like Half-Life: Source, as the original doesn't have a ton of cool new features Source version has.