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  1. 5 minutes ago, Agent6 said:

    I don't know how the alternative HUDs work in other ports, but in order to enable and see it in GZDoom you need to increase the Screen Size option under Display Settings, and then make sure the Alternative HUD is enabled.

    Thank you! Now I can see Alternative HUD. But still can't see HUD MOD. This is strange.

  2. 4 hours ago, Arctangent said:

    Daikatana has an RPG-esque experience system for both your character and the titular weapon, allowing them to grow in power as you kill more enemies with them.




    I wouldn't recommend playing Daikatana.

    Yeah I'll never touching it. It's not what I want either.


    3 hours ago, CARRiON said:

    So... you want an FPS that rewards you for killing things in general? Rewards you what? Exp. for upgrades? Superpowers? A taco salad?

    Show me what I kill and how much I kill is one of reward. If they give me a taco salad for killing 100 demons, I'm fine with that honestly. I gladly hunt them for that. :P


    2 hours ago, 40oz said:

    I made my own little Doom frontend out of a batch file that records how many monsters I killed after every level I complete, and adds it to a total. I started using it a few years ago. I have a little over a quarter million kills.

    Woah, this was I wanted all time! How did you made that? Is that possible all along? Did you have a plan to share that? :D

  3. 15 hours ago, Blastfrog said:

    What? Are you referring to that licensed Wolf 3D engine game or literal body counts?

    No, I don't know what is correct term for English but, I want to find FPS game that has reward system.

    And it's not like a borderland but more like a…I don't know. Killing itself rewards me? It's hard to explain with lack of language skill I guess.

  4. Originally, this idea came to me when I was rolling in the bed and want to playing Doom without turn on my hot desktop. I know there is a mobile port for Doom, but I don't like the idea of touchscreen FPS control.

    So, yeah, I like when you guys show me some cool stuff and share the ideas. Thanks. I love that DoomBox.

    And yes, I guess Doom is too complex to make a dedicated device. Specially when I want to make a level or download and play some PWADs. Or hard to do multiplay maybe? But it can be done with simple internet support I think. I don't know. I'm not experience Doom multiplay yet.

  5. joe-ilya said:

    So you want to expand little gimmicks into whole episodes?

    That body thing is already taken by several wads, DST-D has you inside a human being, where you explore the arms, the stomach, the guts and all that and you exit the map by getting out of his ass.
    Ksutra has you between spread lady legs shooting rockets up into a vag, Udoom E3M2 and E3M4 are entirely layed out by the human body.

    Final boss mashup is already done in Super demon.
    I say you don't look hard enough.

    This was the answer I want. I know someone already do this. Thanks. :)

    petePESTILENCE said:

    I could not think of anything more boring....the boss is literally a textured wall with a decapitated Romero on a stick....
    Sounds like an excuse to release a map without level design.

    How can I say um…I thought that's a beauty of final boss. It's a textured wall with not moving monster spawner, so make that interesting and not boring is really hard work.

  6. Sorry about my bad English if you don't understand my point. Try to make it short and clear.

    Recently I sink into Classic Doom. All day playing and make some amateurish levels.
    And I just thought two Megawad idea, maybe already there but I can not find.

    1. Final Boss mashup. I imagined some 30 levels fight of final boss and 2 hidden level with cyber demon and spider mastermind.
    2. Demon's Body theme levels. I talking about Doom E3M2 style. Foot to the head, 8 levels game will be good.

    I'm not thinking deeply, because maybe there is similar concept of wad already there. That's why I make a thread on here.

    Register to Doomworld forums for this. Thank you to read.