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  1. Champskiez103

    is ultra nightmare any good?

    I like the idea, and when I played the original Doom, I would give myself a challenge like, "if Idie on E3M3, I will try to beat the level with no weapons" (since you don't start with all your weapons). I wish they made it so you just go back to the start of the level with no upgrades and just the shotgun. The other thing that really detures me from beating it that way is that there's no achievement no prize, nothing. So why put myself through the torture and hours? I already got the secrets in my original play through
  2. Champskiez103

    So where does it rank on your list of DOOM ?

    Shareware DOOM (What got me into FPS) Ultimate DOOM DOOM 2 Final DOOM DOOM 2016 DOOM 3 DOOM 64 I hope a lot of people don't get mad about 64 being at the bottom; but it was an awful game when it came out. I specifically remember my friend bringing over his 64 for my birthday party and we all got pumped about Golden Eye cause it had just come out. At one point someone said "Let's play Doom 64!" which he rented and we all sat there; disappointed. I think my childhood experience soured me on that game. LOL. I might go back and play it again now that there's a cool port for the PC.
  3. Champskiez103

    Prowler demon sucks

    I wouldn't call him useless. I've played against people who dominate with him. He's just harder to master than the Revenant. Honestly I think for the open beta, they should have used non ranged demons, to make them feel more balanced, because the Rev is the easiest demon to use IMO.
  4. Champskiez103

    They're not fucking around the Ultra Violence

    I'm not upgrading any weapons or suit or anything on UV. Now that's fun. Really makes me sweat it out and make my shots count. Anyone else try that yet? Really makes the game fun for me!
  5. Champskiez103

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    That's strange. I've played the classic levels alot and haven't seen any glitches like that. Do you see it more on a specific level? I think they give you all those weapons by default to make the levels easier to beat. Some levels on the classic list are far along in the episode so you might have had those weapons by then.
  6. Champskiez103

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    So excited they put in "Halls of the Damned" the pinkys in that level on UV are so goddamn difficult. The hallways are so narrow there's no escaping them. Really fun to be challenged on levels I've beat a million times before.
  7. Champskiez103

    it is NOT Old School?! did you all forget?

    BioShock, Doom 3. New Vegas. That is all. Lol. I kid I kid..but still those games rule!
  8. Champskiez103

    Monster infighting

    Yup I'm noticing that as well. There's s barely any. I try alot to get fights to happen and fire no shots and nothing. Like the soldiers with the pink laser pistols against imps. Sometimes they damage the imp enough to get him into the stagger state, and then he comes out of it and doesn't attack back. Just keeps going for me. I'm playing it on UV so I wonder if there aggression is set towards player more sonthan demons. In my 5 hours of play I've seen itaybe twice. And I tried making a snap map room for that purpose and still can't make it happen with the same consistency in the original games.
  9. Champskiez103

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    I love those easter eggs, but I agree with some people in here saying they should have added lighting. I also wished they added in the classic enemy sprites and sounds. Just for a good bit of fun. Or to give new players incentive to play the classic maps from the main menu; they should have hidden one of the doomguy toy's in one of the classic maps secret areas.
  10. Champskiez103

    DOOM easter eggs / references / injokes

    Why is the doom guy smiling if he's dead? Why wouldn't they give you the bloody death face? My mind is beyond boggled. Nice little nod to the classic there; but I'm still lost. Or is he not dead there?
  11. Champskiez103

    Bugs and other issues so far

    Sigh; that's what I was worried about. The original Doom certainly wasn't impossible on UV; but playing Final Doom in UV usually gave you a run for your money. I assumed since games have evolved and most old school Doom players have gone through Final Doom; they'd want something challenging!
  12. Champskiez103

    Why does everyone hate DOOM?

    But you're complaining about the complainers. Also, I've seen a lot of "I don't like X, I hope it's fixed" "I hate the footage of Y, wish it was like this" etc.. who cares if someone says that? That's what they'd like to see change. That's the point of fourms. It would be boring if we all said, "Doom is perfect! Have a good day!" there'd be no point.
  13. Champskiez103

    Impressions from NeoGaf (possible minor spoilers)

    I think what they should have made is a charge meter for glory kills. Over time with more kills it fills up, and once fully charged you can do a rad glory kill! And they should have given you the chainsaw with the same use as the original, as a last resort weapon to conserve ammo. I don't really mind glory kills; I just didn't want to get health from using them. But someone already responded and pointed out you don't really need them.
  14. Champskiez103

    Impressions from NeoGaf (possible minor spoilers)

    Well to be fair, you don't know if what you're saying is true either. But every SP video shows glory kills. I haven't seen one without it; so I'd say my logic that it's necessary makes the most sense. And if they were truly just there for fluffery, then there'd be an option to turn them off completely.
  15. Champskiez103

    Impressions from NeoGaf (possible minor spoilers)

    It looks like the enemies drop bits of health upon death. And I was saying there is no rooms with health packs, and vials just everywhere like in the original. Probably some, in-between battles; but isn't the norm in this game. So if you DO want to survive in he harder difficulties you are forced to rely on the finishers for the most health.
  16. Champskiez103

    Impressions from NeoGaf (possible minor spoilers)

    Then where would you get more ammo and health? It's not laying around everywhere like in the original Doom. So you're essentially forced to use them. Unless theres little rooms of health packs, and vials. I'm assuming you have to rely on your finishers for 70% of your ammo and health.
  17. Champskiez103

    Lost Souls attack = kamikaze

    They were cooler in the original. A group of like 10 lost souls going nuts on you would ruin you! Plus they were ammo killers, so they were challenging. If they blow up like that.. They don't seem too much of a threat. Especially if you can side step them and have them explode on a wall. Sigh..
  18. Champskiez103

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    Hmm No because you will be able to play the entire e1m2 in classic Doom style once you discover the Easter egg. So if that wall has upside textures then the entire secret level you unlock will have the same issue. At the end of the day I'm not losing sleep over a tiny texture, but I'm just justifying some people's over reaction. I was 9 when the original Doom came out and I still have my shareware copy and other versions to keep me happy. :)
  19. Champskiez103

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    So the fact that there's a mistake is more important.. if it was truly a tiny little room with nothing more than textures and an artifact (Like the easter eggs in rage) it would be more excusable.
  20. Champskiez103

    They Messed Up the "Classic Doom" Levels

    Yup! Exactly. He has deep passion for something he put his all into. It's like a proud papa who taught his son everything; only to be left out of the thank you speeches. I'd also like to point out; it's sort of more; than an easter egg, because when you do find these levels you get to play them in their entirety from the menu select screen.
  21. Champskiez103

    Doom Trophies Now Live

    It might be; because in the beta they wanted you to unlock a lot fairly quickly. I"m just thinking back to an FPS with a leveling system and getting to level 5 wasn't hard; but you'd have to invest maybe an hour.
  22. I agree. It's so strange that a title like this isn't lighting it up. I think the Doom IP is mostly loved by old gamers. All my friends are in their mid 30's or have families; and although they love Doom, they mostly look bad at the original with fondness; the remake isn't even hitting their radars. Or they don't wanna bother getting into an FPS cause they claim "Oh im too old, and my twitch reflexes are shot" I notice they get excited for games like Dark Souls, or Fallout. Maybe FPS are a young man's game; and most of them have been brought up on CoD or Halo. (Thus all the comparisons with the beta). That's just my theory though from what I'm seeing.
  23. Champskiez103

    Doom Hard Difficulty gameplay

    Those weren't exactly meant to be arenas though; they were mostly traps. Hoping you'd go in there; not notice a bunch of pinkys coming at you and killing you. It happened a lot in Doom. I was playing Doom 2 last night, and level 28 has a few rooms with a health powerup in the middle of the room; and as soon as you get it doors open up with guys. Again; hoping you'll go in there unprepared; with your guard down and get killed.I love those! If that's all doom was; it would lose it's appeal pretty quick.
  24. Champskiez103

    15 minutes of SP hell footage and bad sound mixing

    I'm still waiting for the classic Doom guy grunt, and scream when you die. Didn't hear pain noises in the stream.
  25. Champskiez103

    DOOM - Exclusive SnapMap and Singleplayer Streams

    "The BFG projectile by itself has a chance to kill most enemies in one hit, it also has a chance to do very little damage that all but the weakest of enemies can survive. In fact, a direct hit from a rocket deals 148-288 damage to most enemies (the Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemon are immune to splash damage from rockets), so sometimes the BFG's plasma ball will deal less damage than a rocket!" Not a panic button.