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  1. Benjogami

    WAD recommendations for doom newbie

    Was surprised to see this recommended, but then realized it’s not the same Mark’s Maps I know about (and think is really cool, but maybe a bit obtuse).
  2. Benjogami

    Down the Drain Demos [-complevel 2]

    Map 8 UV Max in 9:43 drn08-943.zip
  3. IMO make the door so conspicuous or interesting that the player will know that it definitely opens at some point. And then all you need is a switch that gives the same vibe. Pretty much anything that makes it unlike the other doors. If it doesn't open when you press use on it and the other ones do, that's a pretty good start ;) Maybe don't put any other kind of door in the map :D
  4. Powerful bump 8) I want to change the names of my maps since I've come to think they're quite silly. I learned many moons ago that the music tracks have names, and the music inspired the maps so I wanted to rename them accordingly: the world behind your chair -> Monument to Infogaia enabler of final darkness -> Earthbye Enclave
  5. Benjogami

    Top 10 videos games of all time (your personal list)

    In no particular order. Everquest (thru Velious) Played a ton of EQ in high school. Only dipped my toes in the Kunark and Velious endgames before moving on, so can't speak for anything that came after. MMOs peaked with early EQ imo. It's sad that WoW set the standard and homogenized the genre so early on, mostly by copying and defanging EQ, and then everyone else copied WoW. I say "defanged," but I guess most people would say "refined" or "perfected," but I think instances, the quest treadmills, waypoints, and lack of any real consequences for dying remove the choice, interactions, and emergent mechanics from the game. What's an MMO if not arguing with another party about pulls and camps, or having to deal with mob trains to the zone! Unless you wanted to kite mobs in a big open area or do some dangerous junk with Charm, you needed to join parties and talk to people to accomplish things. And if you died somewhere hard to get, you risked losing your gear unless you found people to help get your corpse back. Now that's fun!! Dark Souls Elden Ring might eventually be my fave of the "series," but I haven't finished it yet, so it's still Dark Souls. Slay the Spire It's real good. Final Fantasy 7 Not sure how well it would hold up for me, but I played this at the right time in my life. The first JRPG that I played in any serious way. The music is OP. I played on PC, and the prelude midi that plays during installation was all it took to win me over. Super Mario World The best Mario imo. Dwarf Fortress Other games have tried something like it, but nothing really compares. The most deep/detailed/perplexing/surprising procedural world simulation story generator out there, and it's not even half done! Chrono Trigger Only played bits n pieces via friends and rentals in the 90s, which is why FF7 was my first proper JRPG experience. I played through Chrono Trigger as an adult, and I think it's the model JRPG, just about perfect. Getting Over It Bennett Foddy is a master. A great example of a simple idea executed perfectly. It's amazing and hilarious how offputting it is at first, but then you can feel yourself getting better. Falling from somewhere that took you hours to get to and then getting back there in a fraction of the time is very satisfying. Hatsune Miku Project DIVA MegaMix+ This one just came out, but I think it's the most comprehensive and refined of the Project DIVA games, so I'm comfortable saying it's the best. No goofy story mode, don't have to unlock songs, choice of rendering modes, and the biggest song and module collections. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past The best Zelda imo. Doom 2 I guess it's good enough to take the 11th spot. Pretty good game. EDIT: Reading through some of y'all's lists reminded me of some other games that might be in my top 10 on different days: Minecraft, Undertale, Disco Elysium, Kerbal Space Program, Morrowind, Deus Ex, Magic Carpet, Syndicate, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, Starflight. No NES or Genesis games?! The top of those is probably SMB3, Bubble Bobble, Sonic 2, Streets of Rage 2.
  6. Benjogami

    Share your keyboard ways to play DOOM

    I mostly play mouse+kb but do use kb only sometimes, for convenience (like when my laptop is actually on my lap) or fun (wheee). I use WASD + numpad like so: WASD: wasd numpad 8: shoot numpad 5: use numpad 4/6: left/right
  7. Benjogami

    Doom Streams

    Monti... Tuesday? Finishing Enceladus. https://www.twitch.tv/benjogami
  8. Benjogami

    Doom Streams

    Monti Monday! Playing Enceladus, maybe finishing it? https://www.twitch.tv/benjogami
  9. Benjogami

    Doom Streams

    It's Monti Monday! Skipping right to Enceladus cause I can't wait any longer. https://www.twitch.tv/benjogami
  10. Benjogami

    Doom Streams

    Finishing up Memento Mori, then hopping into Lost Civilization. https://www.twitch.tv/benjogami
  11. Benjogami

    MAYhem 2022 - MEMENTO MORON (Beta 1.1 is a go!)

    There are music changes in Mayhem17 and Mayhem18 as well :D
  12. Benjogami

    Doom Streams

    It's Monti Monday! Part 2 of Eviltech: Soul of Megawad. https://www.twitch.tv/benjogami
  13. Benjogami

    Doom Streams

    More MEMENTO MORI! I just think it looks nice capitalized. https://www.twitch.tv/benjogami
  14. Benjogami

    Doom Streams

    More MEMENTO MORI. MAP19+ https://www.twitch.tv/benjogami
  15. Benjogami

    Doom Streams

    Starting a new series: Monti Mondays! In which I play stuff by Nicolás Monti every Monday. Starting off with Deimos Immaculated. https://www.twitch.tv/benjogami