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  1. Benjogami

    Best "Doomy" Doom wads?

    I think ZDBSP is still the way to go, but over 100k sidedefs is definitely approaching the limits of what compression can fix. The hard linedef limit is looming too. I think the final 1/3 of the map will have to make some compromises if it's to remain Boom compatible!
  2. Benjogami

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    The rules for how the maps are played need to be rigid for the grades to make sense. It's the only way to compare apples to apples. That's just the format of the show, and it wouldn't make sense to change it just because some wads don't shine their best within the rules. I think this "trend" of pistol starting and UV-Maxing that you're seeing is mostly happening among content creators because people see the content working for some people and want to use the same format. It's also so you can compare apples to apples, even if you aren't grading things. You still want to see it all and showcase it all. Pistol starting and 100%ing is a simple way that everyone understands to demonstrate that you saw it all, even if it doesn't work equally well for all maps. And yeah maybe content creators will get more people pistol starting and trying to 100% stuff, but there will always be people playing continuously, using mods, jumping when they shouldn't be, doing everything wrong, etc etc. It's fine, it's gonna be okay. People will still like 90s wads. I like 90s wads. RE: The Dean of Mean, I could write a whole essay about it, but meh. I'll just say that people shat all over joe-ilya's maps for years when he was a literal child just being passionate and trying to learn and create stuff. Yeah sure maybe he was (and is) annoying, but the way he was the constant butt of the joke always bothered me. I think these literal gen Xers that are legends of the community can handle hearing that a part of their 90s map was "idiotic."
  3. Benjogami

    The Dean of Doom series (companion thread)

    I accept that continuous play was the predominant way to play, maybe the way that authors expected you to play, and probably the most fun way to play, but I dunno, I just don't accept that the wad shouldn't be pistol started or that bad pistol starts shouldn't be called out. If it's expected that players will pistol start when they die (although I sure didn't play that way---I loaded a save instead), then what, are they just supposed to not die on most levels? Is a miserable pistol start the intended punishment for dying? And they surely didn't test any given map by playing every map before it. That would be absurd. No testing until the wad is compiled?? Gotta play through the whole thing to retest changes in a later map??? Of course not. Did they give themselves piles of weapons and ammo to approximate what they might have when playing continuously, or use idfa? Surely not. They knew how the pistol starts played and they chose to ship it that way, and I think it's valid to criticize that choice.
  4. Benjogami

    Ultimate Doom "In Name Only" RC2 now out

    Here're some updates for e3m2: UDINOrc2-e3m2edit.zip (not playable by itself, doesn't include the resources, etc) - Fixed the damage sectors noted by @Caleb13 (the rest of the stuff is intended, for the "despair") - Slightly enhanced some texturing and lighting - Made the 2 hard-to-find secrets a bit easier to find, hopefully
  5. Benjogami


    Delightful :) I had a fun (and meditative) time. I couldn't kill all the PEs, but I mostly blame GZDoom and its weird flyer and autoaim behaviors for that (maybe my settings aren't quite right). I would've played in dsda-doom but the resource pack said nuh-uh.
  6. Benjogami


    Hey look, here it is https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/j-l/john
  7. Benjogami

    Abandon [final]

    Looks like it's not a GZDoom thing: there's one cyber in the closet that won't wake up because it's set to ambush. I can only assume that bemused did this intentionally as a reference to the Sunder MAP10 imps that couldn't be awakened, until someone found a way to awaken them. I doubt this guy will ever wake up though. ;(
  8. Benjogami

    Abandon [final]

    Congrats! I honestly didn't need to add those... they weren't there in the beta... don't remember why I added them. ;) Thank you all for your videos and feedback! The final version has been uploaded to idgames which is still pending, but in the meantime you can get it from dropbox in the original post. It has just a couple fixes beyond RC2. That's a wrap, finally!
  9. It's hard but I tried: Autechre - Confield Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want Radiohead - OK Computer Wolves in the Throne Room - Primordial Arcana PinocchioP - Best Album 2009-2020 I used to be big into album listening, but streaming services have severely disrupted that, so a lot of the new music I like isn't really album-attached. That's why I had to cheat and pick PinocchioP's enormous greatest hits album with over 2 hours of bangers. ;) MORE!!! Cattle Decapitation - The Anthropocene Extinction Dredg - El Cielo Bola - Fyuti Plaid - Double Figure Autechre - Every other album that isn't Confield, especially Exai and Draft 7.30 and Chiastic Slide and ...
  10. Benjogami

    What would be Doom's equivalent to Arcane Dimensions?

    I've not actually played Arcane Dimensions, but I think I understand the descriptions of it and Brutal Doom seems to be the most correct answer :D 1. Omnipresent in the community 2. Adds content that people feel is missing from original Doom 3. Lots of mapsets and other mods built on it 4. Has maps that people like (but this is perhaps its weakest comparison point)
  11. Benjogami

    Internet Archive is in trouble?

    I can't believe they altered R.L. Stine's beautiful prose like that. Also, removing "African American" and "roly-poly" characters from these important cultural documents is a serious blow to diverse representation in media. Just imagine all the piles of extra money this publisher is raking in now because of these changes. smfh
  12. Benjogami

    For those who dislike Slaughter maps...

    There were plenty of people in the thread that expressed distaste for slaughter and didn't get the sort of pushback that you're getting. Why do you think that is?
  13. Benjogami

    Abandon [final]

    Yep, the latest version should hopefully be free of any coop softlocks.
  14. Benjogami

    Doom Streams

    Doing a watch party for Ancalagon's UV Max of World Orifice! https://www.twitch.tv/benjogami
  15. Benjogami

    Doom Streams

    Playing Doom1 episode 3 for some reason! Oh right it's cause I've never pistol started it before. Maybe episode 4 after. https://www.twitch.tv/benjogami