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  1. I've been thinking about it. I could probably be convinced if there's interest, since it's a pretty easy project to run. Next time there will be new textures allowed (maybe a specific pack), and maybe a new gimmick. A rough draft for a new a gimmick is SlaughterVAN, where all maps must be vanilla compatible, and any tester who finds a reproducible vanilla-related bug in a map can fix it themselves, make any other changes they want, and will get a credit added. :D Also I just really like SlaughterVAN as a name, and the TITLEPIC makes itself.
  2. This is why I like to pick a midi ASAP, but that can be hard if I don't have a clear vision of the map's theme/feeling. In that case, I turn off the music.
  3. RIP fun
  4. I like the idea of never permabanning and instead banning for a year initially. If they come back and do something bannable again, make it 2 years. Just keep adding a year to new bans. I think most people will move on with their lives during the 1 year ban. If not, maybe 2 is what they needed. Worst case scenario is that you get 4 obnoxious posts per banned user during the first 10 years of their respective sagas. ;) And then less and less after. But it's easy for me to say, cause I don't have to do any of the work.
  5. I mostly consume threads like this to observe how the unwoke masses think, to help me understand how I can best defy them. B)
  6. I never finished RAGE. I got bored or disillusioned at some point. I will tell the one story that I like to tell about my experience with it. At some point a few hours into the game, I was sent to do a quest in some generic dungeon/bunker/ruin, and I couldn't figure out how to progress through the area to do the thing that I needed to do. I wandered around like I often do in Doom, looking for an obvious switch that I missed or something. There actually was something special about this generic area though: it's where the game started, and where the basic control tutorial takes place. Here's something you have to jump over, here's something you have to crouch under, etc. I was stuck because I forgot that jumping existed in the game, and the thing that you jump over in the tutorial looks a lot like all the other waist-high barriers that can't actually be jumped over, because they're serving as the visual cue to mark where playable space ends. The game briefly taught me to jump over this one thing, then spent the next few hours without ever incentivizing me to jump, and in fact dissuaded me from trying to jump over things. So in the one place that I was expected to jump, I forgot that I needed to, or that I even could. I will give id software the same advice that I give ZDoom mappers: if you're allowing me to jump, please give me more than one reason to jump. And if that one reason to jump is only in the tutorial area... I will lose all confidence in your ability to make stuff that is worth my time. That's just one example that contributed to my feeling that RAGE was an amalgamation of a bunch of features that games were expected to have at the time (open world! quests! crafting! vehicles!), without any competent or interesting gameplay design. The engine is the only thing that saved it from being generic to the bone.
  7. Since the graphics race is heating up, I added a section to the original post to track them.
  8. Alright, it's included. Now, no one beat @The Green Herring's time, okay? Because it's just too novel. ;) you of course can beat it if you want, but it better be good >:(
  9. Very interesting :D I don't see why it couldn't be included in the MAP30 slot, since if we got 29 maps I would've wanted something to be made for MAP30 anyhow. The link for The Green Herring's demo is broken though; do you have a mirror?
  10. It seemed like Memfis was expecting some feedback, but I will take Archi's demo as meaning that he approves of the map as is. :D
  11. Sure! I look forward to checking it out.
  12. I only tell people about it if they ask, and then I keep it as short as possible, unless they keep asking. Usually it goes something like "I'm into Doom... not the new one, but the old one from the 90s." And then if they inquire further I tell them that I make maps and that there's actually a very active modding scene, etc. That's usually the end of it. I recently gave my parents a tour through some of my maps when they visited, because they were interested to see what I've spent all my free time on. :P Not that I literally spend all my free time on it, but it's often the only interesting thing to mention when we're talking about what we've done lately, since the rest is just working and watching Twitch and being lazy.
  13. I was watching @42PercentHealth stream and some spontaneous glitch art happened:
  14. @Suitepee with a pretty good David Attenborough impression :D
  15. True. It seemed like there was some new blood after Vinesauce Joel's mapping contest. But you need to already have a large audience of people who are likely to appreciate Doom for this to work, I think. Joel happens to have that sort of audience.