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  1. Getting a 404 on this link at the moment.
  2. Sorry, no custom monsters or dehacked or anything :P
  3. You guys are weird. Anyhow, here's the way that I like to do it. You don't need Filezilla or any of that nonsense. Just do this in Windows: - In Windows Explorer, copy the full path to the folder where your wad lives (ex. "C:\Users\goof\Desktop\doom\mapping\finished\") - Hit dat Start Button and type "cmd" and press enter - Type "cd", press ctrl-v, and press enter - Type all these lines, pressing enter after each: ftp anonymous <type your email address here> cd /pub/idgames/incoming/ bin put put mysickasswad.txt quit All done. I actually have a bat file with just "ftp" in my "C:\Users\goof\Desktop\doom\mapping\finished\" folder, so I can just double-click that and start at the "anonymous" step.
  4. I tried it out, and looks like even just that change will desync a demo, if you added it to the Hard skill. I've been working on some changes to Last Light HNTR, and even deleting things that are only in Easy can desync a Hard demo. My workaround is to remove all the skill flags instead of deleting them. :P
  5. Fixed, though it looks like another version will arrive shortly. :P Also updated the link to antares's wad. @antares031, your Beta 2 demo isn't in sync with your Beta 2b wad, in case you didn't know.
  6. I thought it would take longer, but I did it, so I guess I'll post it! Last Light v4 UV-Max in 13:46
  7. Yep, lots of room left. Slots don't need to be reserved.
  8. lol, probably. I read most of these sorts of threads. It's a guilty pleasure. There are a few problems with your position. The definition of slaughter is not agreed upon. Even if we accept this poor definition where "slaughter" means "high monster count," and we accept that people sometimes say "slaughter maps are too hard for you," and even if we accept that "high monster count maps are too hard for you" means "all high monster count maps are hard," it still does not imply that "only high monster count maps are hard." But that is how you represented what other people were saying to you. And it's wrong. To me, what you said seems like a weak attempt to snipe some gotchas into the thread, and I felt it was necessary to let you know how poor your aim is.
  9. No. That's not how implying works.
  10. Here are FDAs for maps 01 through 09: Cool stuff. Bonnie's is my fav so far. A2Rob's is also very good but I'm still too mad about the end to give a fair assessment. ;) MAP08 bugs: in software there was a sector leak on the cross on the coffin lid at the end, and a HOM on one of the steps that goes down.
  11. I've never felt that way, but that's interesting. Perhaps it's the same phenomenon that makes high fps movies look cheap or more fake to us. I imagine it's because we're used to high-budget serious movies being 24 fps, whereas higher fps video is associated with cheap stuff like soap operas and public television. I predict that the standard for movies will be 60 fps sometime soon. Modern TVs interpolate lower fps video to 60 fps, and I hate it, but since these TVs do it by default, I think people will get used to it and will start preferring real 60 fps content. HD video recording can be done by any newish smartphone, so it makes sense that everyone's garbage videos are HD now. It will become the new normal.
  12. Wow, you should write greeting cards or something.
  13. Yeah, all of the above I think.
  14. It will still need a complevel 9 demo to qualify. Nice :D