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  1. Benjogami

    Bored, and what something new

    Check out Mark's Maps https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/m-o/mm1_6
  2. A brand new editor that isn't tied to Windows and other old stuff is pretty exciting, and indeed seems like a good reason to hold back on new features for DBX. I'll stay tuned.
  3. I'd like to use DBX more, but there are some features in GZDB that are missing in DBX that I really don't want to go without: Showing thing sprites on their icons Multiple test programs (can choose between PrBoom+, ChocoRenderlimits, or Chocolate Doom when testing, for example) In the dialog where you choose a line action, you can start typing something like "w1 floor l" to see all the options that match There were a few more that I'm not remembering at the moment, but I'll dig in and try to rediscover them if you're interested in making changes like these. :)
  4. Benjogami

    Doom 64 coming to PC and modern consoles?

    I'm guessing they just didn't want to show gore in the Direct, but that the game will have all the traditional gore, even on Switch. :D
  5. Benjogami


    It's looking like we'll have 15 maps.
  6. Benjogami

    DyingCamel's Demons demos

    DyingCamel's Demons #1 MAP10 UV Max in 9:58 DYINCAM110-958.zip
  7. Benjogami

    Experiencing Nirvana demos [-complevel 9]

    btnx_e1 MAP11 Pacifist in 2:37 btnx11p237.zip
  8. Benjogami


    Abandon is a Boom-compatible wad composed of large, difficult slaughter maps. Maps by: Bemused Benjogami Scotty with custom graphics by Insane_Gazebo. Thanks to Ribbiks for technical and nodebuilding expertise, and to our many playtesters over these few years. Mapping started in 2016, and a beta is coming soon. The target port is glboom+, because performance in other ports will be quite choppy at times.
  9. Benjogami

    The Pits - Single-Level Wad for Doom II

    I recorded a blind playthrough and then a max playthrough with PrBoom+: The_Pits_demos.zip Though you tested in GZDoom, I suspected it might work in PrBoom+, and it does. I'm guessing it would work in vanilla and chocolate as well, but I didn't try. Watching the demos should be as easy as dragging and dropping the .lmp files onto prboom-plus.exe. Some notes: The hardest part was finding the red key :D I suggest making the pit a bit shallower, so that the key can be seen without freelook. The teleporter in that pit is kinda awkward too, with only 2 of its lines actually teleporting stuff. It looks like the destination pad was meant to teleport somewhere as well, but there's no sector with tag 2. There are a ton of resources, especially with the secrets. In a lot of the fights you can just tank damage with no worries. I recommend reducing the resources on UV. I feel like the spectre hallway is meant to be damaging, but it all has the secret effect rather than a damage effect. You could just have a small effect 9 sector on the other side of the door (or the door itself), so that the rest of the hall can be damaging. The steps down to the blue key are damaging, which seems unintentional. Thanks for sharing and welcome to Doomworld :)
  10. Benjogami

    PrBoom+ name bikeshedding

    I think DemoDoom is pretty good, or whatever shorter version (DemDoom, DeDoom, DDoom). clDoom? I think retaining "Boom" in the name is undesirable, since Boom is just one of the complevels and "Doom" should probably be in the name somewhere.
  11. The nukage vile fight that I died twice to is the only part that could be nerfed, I think, and even then it felt like it was my fault, especially the second time :D Perhaps you could simply add some cover up above where the mancs were so the player can avoid the distant vile snipe, and also some cover down in the nukage, or perhaps reshape the platforms next to the manc area to be more friendly for fighting among and behind, like I eventually did in my successful attempt. The impassible gaps between the platforms make it kinda awkward to hide among them (but also potentially powerful for the prepared player, if they shoot the monsters through those gaps). I thought the ammo balance was good. I did guess that the passable grate was a bug, but I kinda like it. It adds some non-linearity, a different way to approach that area.
  12. I recorded on v0.1. The midi in v0.11 is much better. :)
  13. I recorded some complevel 2 FDAs: PotatoProject_fdas.zip There's lots of shooting stuff from/through doorways, but there's enough other sorts of fighting that it wasn't too bad. I had a good time, and was shocked that I survived MAP02 with all the damage I took from some nasty traps. I punched at a misaligned crate texture at one point. I like the nukage area behind the red door in MAP03, how that big wall opens up, and the vile stuff. Could use less rad suits on UV probably. I agree that the music for MAP03 is pretty odd. ;)
  14. Benjogami

    Protocalls For Up-Loading? - Info needed -

    Welcome! This thread has instructions for uploading to the idgames archive: It's pretty complex compared to more modern ways of sharing, but the archive is a nice safe place for maps to live forever, so it's well worth the effort imo. Always fun to see old maps dug up, especially ones with interesting backstories like these. Good luck. :D
  15. Benjogami

    MAYhem 2019 - WE HAVE A PUBLIC BETA!

    Thanks for the feedback! Hmm, I'm guessing since you had the flamethrower but the ammo wasn't lowered in the last room, that you didn't lower the resources on top of the pillars in the room just before the last room? Did you find the rocketlauncher in the caves? The 2 keys let you access those additional resources for the final fight (or for whatever else you might want to use them for). The idea was to have the final fight be seemingly impossible with no keys, very hard with just one of the keys, and reasonably hard with both keys. I'm wondering how I can make that more clear; perhaps I could lower the resources as soon as the player picks up the keys, or add some switches. Nicely done getting through it on UV without all of the resources. :)