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  1. Benjogami

    Dumb ass mods

    I saw a mod where all the weapons were made terrible in funny ways, like the shotgun sometimes jammed, rockets were sometimes duds and fell to the floor, etc. Does anyone know what that mod is? I thought it was very funny.
  2. Benjogami

    Flotsam - 12 hard boom compatible maps

    The damage seems random because damage tics happen on a fixed clock, and if the center of doomguy isn't in a pain sector when the damage tic occurs, you won't take damage. So, depending on when you start the platforming and how quickly you go, all the damage tics might occur while you're in the air between platforms, causing you no damage. You can also stand on the edge of a damaging platform without taking damage indefinitely if some part of doomguy is still on the platform but his center isn't.
  3. Benjogami

    The Egg of Human Endeavors [RC2]

    The Egg of Human Endeavors is a single map made in February 2018 for Vargskelethor's Doom Mapping Contest 2: Hellectric Boogaloo. It's complevel 9 and tested thoroughly by me in PrBoom+ and GZDoom (but mostly in PrBoom+). Hurt Me Plenty is designed to be fun for everyone, and Ultra-Violence is designed to be fun for challenge enthusiasts. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qinfznzdl0wyzvg/The Egg of Human Endeavors RC2.wad?dl=1 RC2 has just a couple of minor gameplay changes and a couple of aesthetic adjustments from the version submitted to Joel.
  4. Benjogami


    The moderators stopped verifying? Whaaaat? I know there are a lot of wads, but it's been 9 months. It shouldn't take long to check wads for bad stuff; just open them in SLADE and look at all the assets. And then run through in god mode to make sure it's functional, I guess. Anyhow, I'm just gonna release my map whenever, probably in the new year. I'm conflicted about it. I'm pretty sure it's just a polite convention that we don't publicly release the wads until Joel has streamed them (does he even care?). I don't want to be rude, but I really like this map. After 9 months, I still think it's the best map that I've made, and it'd be nice to share it with people while I still feel that way.
  5. Benjogami

    Top 25 Cacoward Snubs

    Thanks for the writeup @rdwpa :D Toilet of the Gods is in very good company, I'm humbled. Your HNTR recommendation reminds me that one of my few regrets is that there isn't easier platforming for the lower difficulties, and that I didn't spend more time implementing the lower difficulties in general. I've learned a lot since then. :D
  6. Benjogami

    Control Tower (3 map doom 1 wad)

    Fun map. I enjoyed E1M3 as well. (sorry E1M2, you're cute too)
  7. Benjogami

    Best Single Map WADs

    Oh yeah, I also wanna shoutout Shovelware Adventure! It has that old school sprawl that confuses the heck out of me, but I finished it instead of quitting when I got stuck which I think speaks for its quality. :)
  8. Benjogami

    Flotsam - 12 hard boom compatible maps

    The 3 viles will be 1 HK on the new HNTR, to give you an idea of how much easier it will be :D Right now, HNTR's only difference from UV is easier platforming, a mega for the first fight, and 1 less vile per fight. For the 3 viles, Zzul made a UV demo for beta2 (included in the zip) which shows the most reliable way: pacifist and keep the revs asleep so they block the viles in, then slowly use infighting and selective rev waking and around-corner punching. I've also had some success with waking everything up and trying to lure the viles out to get them hit by cybers. But it's pretty dangerous and RNG-filled.
  9. Benjogami

    Flotsam - 12 hard boom compatible maps

    Oh yeah, I think that spot you can vile jump into used to be a softlock (this map is pretty old, my memory is foggy :D), and I went with a gentler fix that enables some cheese, cause I like that sort of stuff. Although, I just had a look at it to refresh my memory, and you can still get softlocked on the other side. I'll fix that for the next beta. I'll also be making changes to HNTR and HMP for MAP01, to make them easier and bring them closer to my current preference for skill settings.
  10. Benjogami

    Best Single Map WADs

    Ovum Nostril Caverns
  11. Benjogami

    Flotsam - 12 hard boom compatible maps

    Yeah, the way out of that area is death, so... not softlocked ;)
  12. Benjogami

    Flotsam - 12 hard boom compatible maps

    Yeah, thanks for the demos and feedback! Sorry about that map, @NoisyVelvet. HNTR should probably be easier. :P My approach to difficulty settings in challenge maps when I made that map was just small changes, slightly more powerful resources and some tiny nerfs. But I'm not really into that anymore.
  13. Benjogami

    my heaven invasion wad has 5 maps demo

    The monsters are stuck in Boom because they're too close together. They look like this in GZDB: But they should look like this: I made a quick edit of MAP01 by stretching out the chunks where monsters were too close together and played it in PrBoom+. I think it's actually a fun map! At first, I was going to say that it quickly turns into a circlestrafe, which is true if that's what the player wants to do, but because of all the invulns and no backpack, it's kinda interesting to try to maximize your DPS. The start is a neat little puzzle too. Here's the edit and a UV Max demo for it: heaven_invasion_edit.zip The exit is probably very hard to find without looking in an editor. The teleporter should probably have an appropriate flat on the floor, and the "S1 Exit" lines look like they were meant to be "W1 Exit".
  14. Here's a tip for avoiding sketchy bullshit when downloading on Mediafire:


    When you land on the download page, even if you're being told to turn off your adblocker, do right click -> view source:




    While viewing the source, do ctrl-F and type "//down":




    Clicking the first link found in the search will download the file, without causing any pop-ups or pop-unders or new tabs or whatever other bullshit Mediafire would like you to experience today.

    1. Gothic


      Oh, they're doing that shit now, huh? Guess it's time to switch to dropbox

  15. Benjogami

    MAYhem 2018 - Purple Version!

    @Nevanos found a couple bugs in his playthrough so far: MAP13 (@AD_79's map): There's some sorta weird blockmap issue here: https://clips.twitch.tv/ObedientSmoggyEchidnaVoteNay MAP15 (hey that's my map! whoops!): If you use the teleporter in the exit room before opening any secrets, you're locked out of the secret fight and secret exit. Here's a fix for it: may18p_map15fix.zip