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  1. I think so :D There's definitely not enough when texture filtering is on though ;)
  2. Heh, I also reported that as a bug when I first played it, but that door is intentionally broken. The way past it is a teleporter in the lava to the left of the door. Regarding coop stuff and MAP29: since we'll definitely be making whatever fixes necessary to get coop working in a second wad, @Spectre01 please see if you can find some lines to remove so that it can be built in ZenNode, and also add ways to get back in to whatever lock-ins there are. I think your map is the only one I wouldn't really be comfortable working on myself, since the changes will require some artistic decision-making. No demos will be necessary for the coop version. Please try to keep the gameplay the same as possible, though. ;) If anyone else whose map needs coop changes has been following along and would like to implement their own fixes, just let me know ASAP, because I plan to gather the feedback and implement fixes myself, as simply as I can, and I wouldn't want to do that work for nothing. If I run into anything that seems to require artistic decision-making, I'll reach out to the respective authors. Anyone who is making changes to their map: please make changes to the version of your map that is in the RC1 wad, rather than the original version that you have.
  3. Thank you! This will be very helpful. It was fun joining in for a bit, even though it's terribly broken. Awesome, thanks :D Oh yes, next one will be muuuuch different.
  4. Well, since there's clearly a demand for it, it will be done. Quoting myself: Instead of being released separately, it can be done and included in the initial idgames release. Surely an extra 10MB of disk space isn't too much of a sacrifice?
  5. Good catch! I see it too. I must've messed something up while implementing the difficulty settings, and then didn't watch far enough into the demo. It'll get fixed for RC2, one way or another. :D
  6. Thanks, I hope you enjoy! My goal for the map order was kinda vague. I wanted a greater proportion of "accessible" maps (whatever my gut told me about that) in the front of the wad while still having variety throughout. I didn't want two maps by the same author in a row, but I did want small clusters of kinda-similar maps. Map 1 and 29 were the hardest choices. The Eclipse of Betelgeuse and Skindustrial Sector 04 were the obvious choices for 29 for their epicness, but I had to go with Skindustrial because it's longer and more difficult, basically. :P And it also fits more with Bugger This, thematically. I originally had Velvet as MAP15 because it's a secret-y map, and I made a demo-safe secret exit for it that was nifty, but too hard/arbitrary to find and too obnoxious to execute, so I just put a quick and lazy one in my own map. I did pay a bit of attention to the episode breaks as well, and because The Mouth of Madness has a death exit, I put The Outhouse after it. :P
  7. Compiling the set didn't desync the demos. The "demo thingy" is important to the project.
  8. RC1 is available to download: Notes about RC1: - Winning graphics are included. Congrats and thank yous to DanielAlexander for the TITLEPIC and antares01 for the rest :D - If HMP or HNTR weren't implemented as specified, I did it lazily. Changes can be made to them before final release if we like, so these are the best places to test. - Most of the maps are not coop-compatible, and making them compatible would desync the max demos. If there's interest in a coop compatible version, I think the best solution will be to have a separate wad containing any changes necessary, and it can be released separately. - I'd like to add some short autoplay demos of people dying in like <1 minute on HNTR, if anyone would like to perform them :D - If you would like to write some comments about your map or max which will be included in the credits text file, feel free to post them in the thread (it's not required). See OP for credits.
  9. I’ll call it “Burning Fistula”
  10. While I do think Sunder should probably be on the bench (or, if we're using baseball as a reference point, it should be playing in the NPB as a once-exciting but now old and retiring MLB player), it still has a wild flavor that I think is important to slaughter and is often neglected in more polished slaughter wads. It's sometimes grindy, sometimes not very threatening, sometimes cheesable, sometimes straight up broken, and it's very inconsistent, but I think all that stuff contributes to the aesthetic and the player's experience. Slaughter maps should seem unreasonable and unpredictable and wild, even if they actually are reasonable and well-tested. Grind is something that seems universally frowned upon, but I think it's an important ingredient to mix in. Grind can serve as a buffer between fast and slow strats, or can be a relaxing denouement after an intense battle, or a test of focus and consistency. Fights with cheese strats are also frowned upon, but cheese can be rewarding for a player to discover, especially when it lets them pass a seemingly unreasonable and broken fight. It's cool when there are easy and slow strats as well as fast, flashy, and dangerous strats. So I guess what I'm trying to say is... Sunder.
  11. The SS soldier would make for the best dinner conversation. He could tell you where he works and about his existential angst.
  12. Team caco is absolutely correct. Hopefully I would live in a wide open map so I could fly away and hide somewhere inaccessible.
  13. Delightful. FDA: