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  1. Can anyone help me set up my bluetooth controller to D-Touch? I'm pulling my hair out. Maybe it's not compatible?

    I have a SteelSeries Stratus XL.

    1. Fonze


      I would if I could; I actually need to look into it with my new Galaxy 8, but on my previous phone, the LG G5, many controllers were simply not compatible. My best advice is to hit up the interwebs and see if the brand of controller you have has reported problems with the phone you have.


      Best of luck :)

    2. everennui


      In the first menu (setup/wad loading menu) select the box that says GZDoom. A drop down will appear. Select gamepad. Set up the controls in here - not GZDoom. G8 shouldn't have an issue.

    3. everennui


      I have a wal-mart phone. LG SomethingOrOther. I can't believe it actually works. I played Doom on the Beach yesterday.