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  1. What's everyone's opinion on LGA2066 v AM4. 

    AMD says they'll make CPUs for it until 2020. If I buy an AMD is 3 years going to give me enough of an upgrade path to justify the purchase?

    or... Should I get on the 2066 train and hope that an i9 is more affordable in a five six years? 

    I figure my budget for CPU/MOBO is around $500.

    i5 7640x w/ Fatal1ty ($500)
    Ryzen 7 1800x w/ Fatal1ty ($500)

    It looks like the i5 does better with FPS on new release games, but I play Doom and like to make/edit videos.

    I've always went with AMD in the past, but I thought Intel was the cats pajamas.

    I'm leaning toward Ryzen now that I've done more research.

    I haven't built a PC in quite a while now, and it's always the same thing. It's a lot of money and buyers remorse is a mother fucker.

    Any insight would be appreciated.