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  1. <a href="http://keyhero.com/profile/leedavis/?ba" title="leedavis's typing test profile"><img src="https://www.keyhero.com/static//badges/824/typing-test-247226.png" alt="leedavis's typing test WPM" style="vertical-align:middle"></a>

    1. everennui


      I wanted to see if this would work. Nope.

      It's a badge for WPM.

    2. Ichor


      leedavis's typing test WPM


      Try hitting the 'Source' button (top left of the posting window) and type the code in there.

    3. Albertoni


      @Ichor Maybe that's an admin-only thing? I certainly don't see it, top left is and has always been the bold button for me.


      Though I imagine I can submit some weird HTML by editing the data before I POST it, but it'll probably have some tags filtered out.