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  1. Anyone use GZDB on a 21:9 screen? How's that?

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    2. leodoom85
    3. Remilia Scarlet

      Remilia Scarlet

      I'm trying to imagine using it on a 21:9 screen and I can't see anything that's too much of an improvement past just having more screen space.  When I went from 2048x1152 down to 1920x1080 not long ago due to a monitory dying, I didn't really feel a difference in GZDB.  It was just business as usual.


      Going from 1920x1080 to 1366x768 for Quake editing feels a bit different in that everything feels a lot more cramped in both Trenchrboom and JACK.  So maybe 16:9 -> 21:9 would make a larger difference there.


      Now a 21:9 screen for music production is a whole different matter, and I would kill to have a screen like that XD

    4. everennui


      I think I've decided against it. I know that it would be great for various different content creation and just real estate in general (slade and gzdb on one screen), but I can't find anything reasonably priced over 60hz (75hz OC'd). I might consider getting one in the future, but for now I feel like having 1ms, 144hz 1440p is more important than the badassness of the 21:9. I need to replace this 20 year old vga/crt monitor with something a little nicer. I wish nvidia and AMD could just get along because this whole free sync, g sync, vsync crap is ridiculous. Anything nvidia related has a bullshit tax attached to it.