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  1. Why is it that the only people who play Deathmatch are the one's who can destroy you two seconds after you spawn?

    I guess the question answers itself.

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    2. elsaltaccount#9999


      I said it was an accident. -_-

    3. Doomkid


      So uhh.. Aside from the shitstorm above,


      Its a shame you don't find DM fun. I started DMing online when I was super young and I got my ass handed to me at first but after a few sessions, you start realizing how little you really knew about navigating and strategizing in Doom despite feeling like a good player. There's a shocking amoung of naunce when you get right down to it. You learn to do little things like SR40 diagonally the instant you spawn since the high speed makes your enemy less likely to hit. You learn to wait a different amount of time before respawning on each death. Depending on the server and map, you might even have certain spawns (ones facing west) be silent which adds a whole other layer to your approach. This is all strategy just for spawning, the reality is there's a whooole lot of little skills like that involved in PVP Dooming which you can hone and add up over time. Improving as a player is part of what's kept me here for so long (I say that, but I'm probably only a big better than I was when I was like 13)


      Anyway, if you ever get to the point where those some old Doom AI antics over and over and over again start to feel stale and you really want to put your skills to the test, maybe you'll consider giving DM another shot. If not, hey, that's cool too. It's hectic, fast-paced and challenging and I know some people genuinely aren't really into that kind of thing in their games, different strokes and all that.

    4. Doomkid


      Oh and getting good enough to do reasonably well in DM does NOT require playing every single day, rofl. Not even close. Maybe an hour here and and hour there throughout the week.