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  1. My RAM is defective (I think.) Sending it back. ASRock told me to send back the mobo, too. I'm still kind of mad about everything, but overall they were really helpful over the phone.


    On top of everything, NVidia just raised prices on their cards 10% because of a GDDR5 shortage.

    1. geo


      Is it in even symmetrical amounts like 2 GB & 2 GB? That used to be an issue back in the day people would have 256 MB & 768 MB.

    2. everennui


      I'm not sure what you're asking. It came in a pack of 2. Each are 8Gb.

    3. geo


      Alright. At some point they came in packs of 1. So people would add something that was uneven such as you have two 8 GB, but if you had a 4 GB and an 8 GB that would cause crashes or id did a decade ago. Working IT I learned each time I hear "bad RAM after upgrade" I always fall back on a RAM mismatch.