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  1. vn3dvAu.jpgJust waiting on the PSU.

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    2. everennui


      Me too!!!

      Honestly, I think it was just the RAM last time, but it's very discouraging for someone who isn't skilled in building PCs.

    3. 42PercentHealth


      Good luck with the build, man! (On the video card box... is that partially covered digit an 8 or a 6?)


      I've ordered almost everything to build my PC, but all I have so far is an HDD. :-)

    4. everennui


      It's an 8 with a Ti after that.

    5. everennui


      What did you decide on?

    6. 42PercentHealth


      I think I'm going to end up settling for an Asus GTX 1060. It's a mite less powerful and feature-rich than the 1080, but it's also $300 cheaper. Also going with an Intel i5 7600 processor and Asus MB.

    7. everennui


      Nice choice on brand. Asus has tons of glowing reviews. I ultimately decided to go with Aorus/Gigabyte because I wanted to keep the MB matched with the video card. I don't know why. I'm sure it would have been fine. ...and the Crosshair 6 was stupid expensive. Turns out the RGB on the card will work in tandem with the MB. So that's an added plus. I'm kind of bummed that my 1700x will create a bottleneck for the GPU, but when the next Ryzen chip comes out, it should - hopefully - be fine.

    8. 42PercentHealth


      I also had the same thought -- if the brands match then there's just less chance of goofing up. You are right, it probably doesn't really matter, but I'm such a noob at this that I'd rather not take any chances.


      I don't know if you really have to worry about your CPU bottlenecking your GPU. From what I can tell, the CPU is relatively hands-off during most games, and a mediocre processor will not perform inferior to a high-end one. However, if you use your PC for calculation-heavy applications, then it can become an issue.

    9. everennui


      There are a few different profiles that I can use for it, so I figure that I'll just underclock it using Game Mode in the GPU (bios?).

      I'm very used to running a bottleneck, so I'm not too worried about it in the short term, but I don't really update very often and I want to get every minute out of this as I can. A bottleneck will make your video card work harder, and that's never optimal. The harm is probably negligble, but I'm going to try and optimize it as much as I can and mitigate any heat problems as much as I can.

    10. 42PercentHealth


      Speaking of graphics cards...




    11. everennui


      Just nine more posts to go!