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  1. Has anyone here used a Udoo? I'm really impressed by what I've seen, but I've never used a Raspberry Pi or anything like that.

    1. Manuel-K


      At first I thought that you misspelled the drum (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Udu), but then the second sentence does not make any sense. ;-)


      I've got an old Raspberry Pi hooked up to the TV. I'm thinking about upgrading to the newest version.


      I would be interested in opinions about similar computers.

    2. everennui


      The Udoo x86 looks really awesome. Looks like something that would compete with my old PC. I'm looking for something for my mom, for basic web browsing, Skype and solitaire.

    3. Manuel-K


      My mother uses a MSI Cubi. Obviously more expensive, but they have an SSD and are very quiet (most of the time).