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  1. Tuaam

    SnapMap update

    Doom has office textures? As in, office cubicle?
  2. Honestly there should be an option to restart the level to the original state of what it was (As in, all weapons and enemies reset).
  3. Tuaam

    E1M1 Hell - Hell Themed Remake N3NUC8BR

    I don't currently have doom installed, but I will try it eventually. It looks very good! It feels a little like a campaign map.
  4. Tuaam

    E1M1 Hell - Hell Themed Remake N3NUC8BR

    Does AI work?
  5. Tuaam

    SnapMap update

    How much memory / objects / network did this take up? does it take up alot?
  6. Tuaam

    SnapMap update

    Really what the blocking volumes and props do is make the rooms look different to stop monotony. You can even set them to static to prevent them from using up alot of memory up. Honestly once we get stuff like user defined rooms and malleable objects (Which shouldn't be impossible, unless the engine prevents is), then it's a real level editor in my eyes. Can you remake a map from the campaign? Probably not, but you can make classic - style levels that are custom in their own right; but use piece rooms and objects to make them look different. I think the next step would be to remove the limits, and maybe have a 100 room limit instead. Or completely remove the percentages and provide optimization brushes and tools that can help make the map easier to make, and if the map does exceed limits then provide a warning for lower - end computers / platforms.
  7. Tuaam

    Are player defined rooms possible?

    Later in 2017... SNAPMAP UPDATE 5.0! Player defined rooms!
  8. As in, the ability to make a "basic" room where you define the width, length, and height, and choose from a selection of classic and hotspot textures. Is this possible with doom's current engine?
  9. Tuaam

    SnapMap update

    I really wish they had the mouse enabled for manipulating objects, instead of using the keys and slightly nudging them. As in, have a grid and allow the user to make the grid smaller / larger, and also allow the user to move objects along grid. Also could somebody explain hotspots?
  10. Tuaam

    SnapMap update

    I won't fuck you outside, but I will agree that it's quite amazing.
  11. Tuaam

    Hello, old friend

    Now all we need is a snappable grid like Hammer's and the ability to use a mouse / easier interface for computers and bam, we're done.
  12. Tuaam

    Tower of Glass - Classic-style map - QKPAAUC9

    I played through your map, and the large amount of windows makes it feel less claustrophobic, which is good. I like how instead of using player - blocking volumes for the walls, you settled for the backsides of the reinforced walls, which also effectively block enemies and projectiles. In other words, your map is an amazing showcase for the potential of windows, and using large props as walls. Not so much on gameplay, I was hoping for the less linear approach of Classic Doom's maps. 8/10
  13. Whenever I reach a certain point in the level, the pathways I have accessed / seen are closed down. Example in places like the Lazarus Lab and the Titans Realm. Any way to get back to those?
  14. Tuaam

    Modding for Doom 2016?

    Will this game even be as popular as the original Doom?
  15. Tuaam

    Modding for Doom 2016?

    I wonder if it's possible to have a mod where all of the Possessed demons wield a pistol, to make the game more harder. And maybe make it so that the pistol uses the same ammo as the chaingun / heavy assault rifle.