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  1. I was about to comment on E2M3's "meat thingy" (I genuinely have no fucking clue what it is), I wonder if you could fix it by redrawing the lines again My only guess is that it has something to do with the raytracing engine bouncing light off of faces and those faces not rendering correctly due to the light not properly displaying it
  2. Tuaam

    What was the first Doom source port you have used?

    ZDoom when it was still supported (This was around 2012), I remember being blown away at how smooth it was over the DOS version. Then I tried doomsday, which I loved even more because of how nice it looked.
  3. Tuaam

    Which sourceport do you use the most and why?

    I use GZDoom for alot of modding-related doom playthroughs, but recently I've been using Chocolate/Crispy Doom for more vanilla-esque playthroughs. Over the years I developed a philosophy that the original 320x200 and 640x400 resolutions were suited for the pixelated, blocky levels of the original, and so I've decided to embrace this with the vanilla source-ports. When you deviate to a higher resolution then everything looks ugly, and because these games were designed with lower resolutions in mind they play best with those resolutions. Besides this I've been digging the recent raytraced-port at 200p, which looks amazing.
  4. I think what I meant was that there's some sort of mipmapping going on where it smooths things in the distance when in classic doom there wasn't. I'm not sure if it's specifically something in PRboom's settings which enables/disables mipmapping (I tried disabling texture filtering to none), but I guess that's my purist feel on the matter. I do love how when you go into maps like Deimos Lab or Spawning Vats and enter the computer rooms you get an aesthetic which is very cool to look at - raytraced reflections on techbase walls and colored screens is what the engine is best at. I think regardless the 320x200 mode is good.
  5. Also, the CRT filter mode seems to upscale the resolution then downscale it, and there's a hack which reverts this and removes the filter entirely but it ends up looking unauthentic to a real 300x200 resolution mode (i.e, like with chocolate doom). Not sure how this could be fixed, but it's one of my main problems with the 300x200 fork which people have made. When I see pixels in the distance there appears to be some sort of interpolation going on. I believe the dev is working on a version with no CRT filter, so that's a plus
  6. FYI, for those who would rather want the 300x200 pixelated feel, here it is: https://github.com/FluffyQuack/prboom-plus-rt/releases/tag/v1.0.2-320x200 A fork of PRBoom which does just that. It looks ridiculously good imo, and removes the bad CRT filter seen with the stock branch of the RT engine. For clarification on "what card runs this", any card which has the Turing Microarchitecture will be able to run the raytracing engine, but some cards run it better than others. Anything which is of the 16 series and higher will run it, but will do so worse than the 20 series (and so on). My 1660 Ti runs very well with this 300x200 branch, which encapsulates the aesthetic better, but struggles with an average 20-30 fps on 480p. All in all, you win some, you loose some. I am unsure if this works with cards below, but my assumption is that cards below (the 10 series, for instance) do so with software rendering.
  7. Tuaam

    Random Image Thread

    Egypt Egypt
  8. I have played this port on 480p with a 1660 Ti, and I can say it looks fine. It has moments where it genuinely looks really nice, and then moments where you go "Meh, Darkdoom runs better". Otherwise, I'd recommend if it you have the computer. I will say the really funny thing is that now we're come full circle, there's a version of doom which can't run on anything but the best computers - just like it's 1994 again. Doesn't seem so, unless PRBOOM can work with multiplayer (I have never used it)
  9. Recently, a programmer on github put together a raytracing engine bundled with PRBOOM which allows you to play the Ultimate Doom with fully dynamic raytraced lighting. The results are fascinating, to say the least. You can download the source port here and try it out with an Ultimate Doom WAD. I will caution, this requires an extremely good computer. https://github.com/sultim-t/prboom-plus-rt/releases On my GTX 1660 Ti I can get around 30-40 FPS at 480p, bear in mind you crank the resolution down to get a more "retro" feel, up until you reach a CRT-shader esque 240p setting. I was not able to try anything past 720p due to it being too laggy, but you're not missing out much. I will recommend this for anyone with a graphics card higher than that, and for anything below a 1080 - forget it. Might as well play DOOM on a 386 and that will probably be better. As for the actual raytraced rendering itself, I think it's interesting in some places but doesn't really work in others: For one thing, that nice sector lighting which can allow you to telegraph shapes (i.e, the ground shadow on E1M3) is mostly gone, but the sectors are reworked to work as light sources themselves as a good side. Every texture has material properties programmed in, meaning that everything has normalmaps (Which can lead to impressive visuals when paired with the aforementioned raytracing). This can make the game extremely different at times, giving the game a more hellish atmosphere. My only gripes with this is that at times, the lighting doesn't quite fit the game well - And it's not a problem with raytraced lighting in itself, but it's more that the raytracing renderer doesn't really match the low-resolution aesthetic of doom itself. There is no pixel-dithering or anything similar to make it feel like it fits in. Additionally, some sections of the game are broken visually due to having little lights (often leading to pitch darkness), which is mediated with the flashlight. Still, it doesn't feel quite right. All in all, it certainly puts to sleep the entire "Can it run Doom" argument, because this source port will most certainly not run on many computers. In fact, it feels like it's the 90s again, playing an extremely choppy game.
  10. Tuaam

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I was going to comment but I am put off by the picture linguica put I like Doom 2 more than Doom 1 but Doom 1's episodic structure is much better with overall better level design
  11. Tuaam

    Why is Doom more fun than Heretic?

    I think Heretic's issue was with the monsters. You had alot of very cheesy ones which were like lost souls on crack, and half of them would just tank up damage and use up precious ammo (which was hard to come by because for whatever reason, many of the levels had so few of it). Not to mention, they were all pretty generic ripoffs of Doom enemies, alot of them even being horrible to fight up against. Like, who even wants to fight against 4 undead warriors in the same cramped room? What I did like was it's style, which is something I rarely saw in a video game. Heretic (and Hexen) had a dark-fantasy setting which imo compared to other games of the time wasn't really explored. For instance, in lieu of guns the motif was instead laser-scepters which were powered by crystals. In fact, most other games which were ostensibly medieval-themed only focused on swords and maces, which tends to become very generic. I figure it had to do with being creative with making what were essentially IWADs of a completely different game, honestly.
  12. Tuaam

    Today is the 5th anniversary of DOOM 2016

    I remember buying doom 2016 a good month or two after it came out. One of the very few games I bought full price. I still genuinely can't believe that it's been 6 years honestly, it feels like just a year passed; I was still in high school at the time and mostly played Brutal Doom mixed with some older megawads (which nowadays I don't really like BD but that's another can of worms on it's own lol) It really does feel like a Doom 1/2 type shooter, with a real emphasis on semi-exploration, key collection, and fast-paced arena combat. I remember alot of disdain/worry at the time was that it was going to be a call-of-duty type shooter with little relation to the IP, and many were turned off by the very first gameplay demo they showed off at E3 due to it's slow-paced nature. Nowadays though, Doom 2016 and Eternal has brought a whole new fanbase to enjoy, which I think is a good thing overall. But yeah, 6 years since it released. Damn...
  13. Tuaam

    SnapMap update

    Doom has office textures? As in, office cubicle?
  14. Honestly there should be an option to restart the level to the original state of what it was (As in, all weapons and enemies reset).
  15. Tuaam

    E1M1 Hell - Hell Themed Remake N3NUC8BR

    I don't currently have doom installed, but I will try it eventually. It looks very good! It feels a little like a campaign map.