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  1. DoomKrakken

    Embers Of Armageddon

    Absolutely. However, I'd be making a whole separate mod to apply the same EOA treatment to DOOM Eternal, instead of slapping such changes on top of EOA itself.
  2. DoomKrakken

    Embers Of Armageddon

    Critical hotfix inbound: Changelog:
  3. DoomKrakken

    Embers Of Armageddon

    EOA v1.9 is now here! Comes with some HUGE changes (coding-wise). Changelog:
  4. DoomKrakken

    Embers Of Armageddon

    Hello guys, sorry for not reporting here for the longest time. Mod's not dead, but I got plenty of stuff happening behind the scenes. Updates are gonna take a while to handle even after I get them released because I need to restructure my file hosting infrastructure to better streamline download availability. Just letting you guys know there's more to come in the near future. I hope I can deploy it soon! Stay tuned, Slayers! :D
  5. DoomKrakken

    DOS Doom Code Execution

    Just discovered this thread through the 2020 Cacowards, congrats on the uber-notable mention! :D Quick question... if being able to execute (just about) any sort of code through these means can happen with DOS Doom... would it be possible to do this sort of thing for certain sourceport engines (like, say, Zandronum)? Would be cool to add ZScript/DECORATE parsers to other engines that have better networking capabilities...
  6. DoomKrakken

    Making a sprite with Blender and Krita for newcomers

    But it still includes utilizing models, (spoiler alert).
  7. DoomKrakken

    Favourite sound effect?

    One of my favorites: "I thought you would appreciate the sentry I chose. The great Aggadon hunters from the Telos Realm, though long thought to be extinct, created to hunt only the Slayer and his Night Sentinels during the Unholy Crusades. Some improvements on their design have been made. Enjoy what is undoubtedly my finest work." - Deag Ranak (Emphasis added by me.)
  8. DoomKrakken

    Austerity | Remaster | v3.0 released

    Sure thing.
  9. DoomKrakken

    Austerity | Remaster | v3.0 released

    By the way, @Tormentor667, mixins classes cannot support Default blocks. I had to edit them myself in order to actually get to playing Sapphire and Austerity.
  10. DoomKrakken

    Austerity | Remaster | v3.0 released

    Actually rediscovered Austerity thanks to a friend, who played my weapon mod on the mapset. Once I saw effects were present that weren't previously there, I knew Torm was back in action. :D
  11. DoomKrakken

    Austerity | Remaster | v3.0 released

    Oh man, your maps were some of the most inspiring maps I've ever played. Glad to see they're being revisited... I just wish there were more of 'em, though. Any chance you'll make more maps in the same vein as Austerity, Sapphire, Ultimate Torment 'N Torture, etc.? Those are the kinds of maps/mapsets I've come to associate with the heart of Doom mapping. :D
  12. DoomKrakken

    Embers Of Armageddon

    Non-critical hotfix issued: Changelog:
  13. DoomKrakken

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Very much agreed! Can't wait to try out your map too! :D
  14. DoomKrakken

    Embers Of Armageddon