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  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Don't you dare! I'll just override it! :P
  2. If they have a launcher, then yes. Some don't... though that goes back to education. Besides that, your override can, of course, be easily overridden by other mods by loading them after a mod implementing similar measures to what you did. I said before, that's not gonna do much. If there were a way to implement such a change regardless of what order these mods were loaded, then that'd be counterintuitive and harmful (thank God that's not even possible... yet).
  3. No, I get the point. I'm just saying it's a dumb way of going around this. Think about it... if there were a way to override all players' CheckCrouch/CheckJump virtuals after the fact... then that could spell doom for you (and not the good kind :P ). I'm developing a mod called "Embers Of Armageddon", which attempt to faithfully recreate the weapons, items, combat mechanics, and upgrade systems of DOOM (2016) to OG Doom/Doom II via GZDoom. As it does so, one of the things players can do in the mod is perform a double jump. The way my player pawn handles that is via a CheckJump override. Now, if (God forbid...) there were some way to override all players' corresponding Check[Action] virtuals after the fact (like I listed above), what would then happen to the players' ability to double jump? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Guncaster also utilized CheckJump to handle jumping now... since you can jump multiple times in the mod. The point I'm trying to make is... the changes that such a concept would introduce cannot ever hope to take everything that could be listed in a CheckJump/CheckCrouch/CheckWhateverHaveYou override into account. It'd break so many mods that can and will utilize this sort of stuff. To take this sort of power away from players would be irresponsible and could potentially cause much more harm than good. There will always be people who will play your mod and/or change it in ways you yourself may not like. But what are you to do about it? It's a mod, released for free, for all to play and enjoy and mod themselves as they please. But your mod in all its "vanilla" glory will still be available to download in its unaltered form. For me, personally, I love playing with jumping and crouching. It adds another dimension for evasion in combat. I am fully aware that the vast majority of maps made for Doom can be completed without using such mechanics and that several of them can be broken easily from using them. This is why I'm typically afraid to use them until I know how to complete the map as was originally intended (though I still find it dumb when certain mappers put a keycard on a ledge that can't be stepped on, but can be jumped on... but to each his own). Also, once I know how to approach a map as it's originally intended... I can use jumping/crouching as shortcuts when moving back and forth through the map if I don't want to spend as much time backtracking.
  4. To throw in my two cents, this approach really won't work unless players are going totally vanilla (plus this .wad). For one thing, this can easily, EASILY, be overridden just by people loading up a new mod with their own player pawn, especially by overriding calls to CheckCrouch and CheckJump. Even if there were a way to have it override the jump after whatever overrides PlayerPawn classes possessed (which would be counterintuitive and absolutely, utterly stupid, by the way), people will always be able to disable those options by themselves once they get the mod. I'm certain that this will be the case the moment people realized that you've attempted to force-disable jumping. Regardless of what you do, people will always find ways to work around it, or at least disable this stuff... and if for whatever reason they can't, and aren't content with the inability to jump or crouch, then they may refuse to play your mod altogether. If this happens, at least don't be surprised when it happens.
  5. DoomKrakken

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    Please elaborate.
  6. DoomKrakken

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    Speaking up again... One aspect I don't like about Doom is the modding community's confusion over what these concepts really are. I said before that at its very worst, Doom is very misleading, and attempts to redefine the concepts of Hell, the Devil, and the demons and the damned. We have "half-demon" hybrids, the Unwilling (those "possessed" against their will), H-Doom (sexual intercourse with "demons"), and the ever overly overt and simplistic "goal" of Hell to just kill as many people as possible, for some reason. We have the damned and the doomed able to escape from Hell, somehow. We have fan concepts for demons being able to have a conscience and decide to "switch" over to the other side and we have people "becoming" demons in order to kill their enemies (which really begs the question... "How can Satan drive out Satan?" - Matthew 12:26). All of this is false and cannot happen. This is why, in my eyes, if such a world exists, then that world is not Hell, and those monsters that reside in that world are not Demons. At the very worst, those creatures could really be better described as "Satanist Extraterrestrials". A lot of people on both sides of this discussion seem to miss the fact that Doom is more of a great metaphor for life in general. They focus more on the corruption and the occult... the demonic and the unholy. Some even cheapen the idea of Heaven, saying that it's possible for the Devil to invade Heaven and possibly destroy it. They redefine what "good" and "bad" mean. One side is against Doom because of these things, and the other side very much enjoys furthering and intensifying such concepts (typically for some cheap form of shock value in the guise of a decent story). So many people like the idea of one man being able to destroy Satan once and for all, as people just want the conflict to end... but they forget, or do not know, or even wish to deny, that Satan is the second-most powerful being in all of existence, though nowhere close to God in his power.
  7. DoomKrakken

    Why do Christians hate DOOM?

    [Disclaimer] I am Roman Catholic... ... and Doom is my all-time, every-time, hands-down, favorite game! It's actually the only game I play right now. XD [/Disclaimer] Here's why many Christians hate the game, besides the violence and imagery: At its very worst, it's very misleading. It appears to redefine just about everything pertaining to Hell, demons, and the Devil. They turn demons from intelligent calculating malevolent supernatural forces into mindless brutish brutal physical entities that want nothing more than to kill, kill, and kill. For Satan, there is actually no direct mention of the Devil in Doom either (though it could possibly be implied that the Icon Of Sin is in fact the Devil himself). And then Hell is merely a physical dimension people can go to and come from, where these strange eldritch horrors reside... a mindless wasteland of gore, carnage, death, and decay... a gruesome world of blood, bone, flesh, and fire... as opposed to what's essentially a "prison cell" for those who actively rejected God in their actions in life and chose to separate themselves from Him. Interesting tidbits: - Hellfire is actually the fire of God's love and glory. It's proof of His presence which can be sensed even in Hell, because He is omnipresent. That's why the inhabitants of Hell feel extreme pain from this fire... because it's the love and glory of God cast down upon these unfortunate souls who have decided to forever hate and despise their Creator. It's proof that God loves all of his Creation, even if they've descended into Hell, and has not stopped loving them. He loves them so much He's willing to give people what they so choose instead of forcing them to go the right way. - Lucifer (also known as Satan) is a Seraph (plural - Seraphim; literally meaning "Burning Ones"). An angel of the highest order. Their most notable features are their six wings (two of which they use to fly, two to cover their faces, and two to cover their feet, all while they sing praise) and flame enveloping their bodies. They are the keepers of God's Throne. Even more than that, Lucifer was the leader of the Seraphim (making him second only to God). Seraphim are so close to God that they literally burn with His glory (hence the name, and the flames). When Lucifer and one third of the angels of Heaven rebelled against God, God created Hell and cast them down into it. There, Lucifer burns forevermore. His Seraphic flame serves as a constant reminder of God and His infinite love, and it burns him the worst because he was the closest to God. This is why Lucifer is the most evil entity in all of creation... for only the very best can become the very worst. Again, he was second to God. This means that only God was higher than him. Satan is basically the second-most powerful being in all of existence. - If fire is a manifestation of God's glory, and Hell is the furthest place from God, and the Seraphim are literally on fire because they were so close to God, then imagine how much hotter the flames in Heaven are. The fires of Hell would be freezing cold compared to these flames. Of course the fire of God's love and glory isn't gonna harm whoever's in Heaven, because all who reside there are now one with God, and will forever partake in his love and glory. If you read the Bible, you will clearly see that the Devil's plan was and is to divide and conquer. His ultimate goal is to defile God's most precious creation, mankind, and turn them against God. Human sacrifice, worship of foreign gods (who wound up being demons or other inferior creatures), occult practice, the desecration and abuse of anything sacred and holy, etc. You name it. He'll try anything. People cannot ever hope to fight an enemy whom they do not know or believe in. The reason why Doom's version of Hell is inconsistent with what we actually know about Hell is because the Devil doesn't have that kind of power. God never allows anything bad to happen unless it's to allow a greater good to follow (whether or not we can foresee it). Demons are weak, evil spirits that are the creation of the Devil or any other angels who reside in Hell with him, who cower at the mention of Christ or any of the saints (those who have made it to Heaven). They are spiritual, and not physical. They can only possess those who have opened themselves up to bad spiritual influence (via very grave sin). And even from there, they can be exorcised. For the Devil to merely kill people will not work as then those who still were obedient to God will go with God, and those who sided with the Devil will go with the Devil. It's pointless. It's not enough. Humanity must willingly relinquish its rights to the kingdom of God in order for the Devil's plan to work. Satan's plan plays out like a chess game, rather than a video game. Chess is purely a game of strategy, and as such it requires much time and patience. Although, if you really think about it, the Devil would probably have it no other way. Only exciting things get noticed easily. Lucifer relishes in his subtlety. So, if people don't notice what's happening... well... people cannot ever hope to fight an enemy whom they do not know or believe in. Wow. That's a lot to take in, huh? I'm just halfway done. Let me now explain why I love Doom so much: At its very best, Doom is a very well-crafted metaphor about life and struggle. Doom is, essentially, a game about a man who faces seemingly impossible odds with limited resources and yet manages to overcome said odds in the end. It doesn't come without its challenges... knowing what each weapon does and its purpose in the game, knowing where to find supplies, knowing the best ways to handle the demons you face (of which there are more than plenty), and then figuring out how to progress from there, when the task at hand is done. You learn your limits (and sometimes you break them), find your way, surpass your expectations, and survive and even thrive through it all. You unlock secrets. Doom is a complex mix of many complex factors which melds together in a way that is challenging, and yet satisfying. Some people play the easy way. Others will work to make sure they get everything out of the game that they possibly can. No two games are ever exactly the same. Each experience is unique. Such is the way of life. For through great suffering comes great reward. What makes life worth living is, oddly enough... conflict. This is what makes movies and stories and games so great... because of conflict. Dealing with conflict is what makes us grow... mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You learn about yourself, about the world, about others, and the purpose of it all. You figure out the best ways to solve problems (of which there are more than plenty) and then figure out how to progress from there, when the task at hand is done. You learn about your limits (sometimes even break them), navigate through life, exceed your expectations, and survive and even thrive through it all. You discover things about yourself you didn't think were even possible. Life is a complex mix of even more complex factors, which makes it both challenging and yet satisfying. Some people decide to play it safe. Others will work to make sure they get everything out of life that they possibly can. No two lives are ever exactly the same. Each experience is unique. Anybody else got deja vu? This is actually one of the best lessons God can teach us about life... suffering never has to be in vain. It is one of the greatest sacrifices that can be offered up to God. You will be able to work it out. Anything from the smallest inconvenience to the largest of blows, you will always have the potential to overcome it and come out on top, because you were made to persevere. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. You'll smile through adversity and you will become one of the strongest people ever to walk the Earth. Death will not conquer you. You will be incorruptible and unyielding. Just like Doomguy. Experience will build and expand on experience. You can learn from others and mix it with what you already know. And, of course, God will always be there to help. The way you weave it all together and use what you have learned will help you later on in life... whether it comes to navigation, facing demons, dealing with being knocked down, or anything else that'll come your way. It is up to you to decide how you'll conquer your demons and move the ball forward. So what will you do when you face your demons?
  8. DoomKrakken

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    Looks awesome! Can't wait to play! :D
  9. DoomKrakken

    Doom Slayer Chronicles

    The appeal of Dusk is that it was supposed to look like it came from the mid-to-late 90's. Not only play like a 90's shooter, but to look like one too. The aesthetic invokes a sense of nostalgia, to further enhance the experience... to make you feel more like you're playing something purely oldschool. There's a bit of psychology involved too... with newer technology, and newer graphics, there came newer games with worse maps and a much larger focus on world-building and storytelling. Not that there's anything wrong with those things... so long as it's done right. Most (if not all) of the time, it significantly slows down gameplay. Some gamers just want the action, no questions asked. I assume that people also associate newer graphics with the newer playstyles introduced around those times as well. So, there's a double-whammy here... with the old-fashioned run-n-gun mechanics with a basic and effective arsenal and the "lovably ugly" graphics that were present in fast-paced action games such as Quake. There are plenty of other games that provide better-looking graphics and the 90's style run-n-gun playstyle, such as Toxikk. The newer iterations of Doom and Quake also are a nice hybrid of old and new. And, of course, you mentioned various Doom mods with awesome graphics. The point is this... there's a market for everybody. People have different tastes. Some people like totally oldschool stuff with oldschool graphics. Some like totally newschool stuff with newschool graphics. Some like the newschool stuff with oldschool graphics, or oldschool stuff with newschool graphics. Personally, the only reason why I stick with Doom is because it's highly versatile. It's easy to run, easy to mod, easy to play, and dare I say it... easy to quit. It doesn't attempt to keep me sucked in, because I can save and quit whenever I want. It takes up much less processing than many newer games, so I can easily play it on less powerful machines. It has a very small file-size... just a few megabytes. Easily transportable. Easy to plug 'n play. Easy to back that up, and the engine, and whatever other mods I choose. Like I said... there's something for everyone. Getting back on topic... it was said that these recent screenshots were from the last map. How close to completion is the mod, exactly?
  10. DoomKrakken

    Reskined Randomizer for smoothdW.11

    Well, look at that... I inspired someone! :D I honestly gotta try this out... I'm curious to see what you did here!
  11. DoomKrakken

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    It's starting to look like that Unreal Engine 4 version of Doom. XD
  12. DoomKrakken

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    For now, they do. I wonder what'll happen when someone applies this stuff to the HD Texture Packs...
  13. DoomKrakken

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    Long time? NO PROBLEM. :D I just needed to know that it could be done. So how would I go about doing this?
  14. DoomKrakken

    PBR for Original Doom Textures

    I WANT THIS. :D Can this technique be applied to HUD and actor sprites too?
  15. DoomKrakken

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I wish Doom didn't even have those references. I wish that it was just a you-vs-them thing, with all the things done right about its gameplay. Just no conceived supernatural stuff. They could've just been from some eldritch dimension for all I care. That would've been nice, and that would probably explain things better, rather than making it about some errant aspect of the afterlife.
  16. DoomKrakken

    Solace Dreams - (Version 1.6.4)

    Dude, your YouTube account is terminated... how am I gonna re-watch the videos now???
  17. DoomKrakken

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    Sweet! So I'm not the only one! :D This reminds me of one of my oldest confessions... I have Doom 3, and have had it for several years now... but I still haven't even touched it. Before, I was too scared to play it. I wanted it so badly, and then someone gave it to me, and then I was all like... "Well, now what?" I did watch gameplay for Doom 3 before. Much of the technology there was awesome. But I was disenchanted with the fact that there were a lot of dark places where you needed to use a flashlight. Oh, and jumpscares. :| Also, I was introduced to Doom via ScrewAttack's totally rigged Death Battle between Doomguy and Master Chief. I had never even heard of Doom at all until then. I was brought into the Doom modding community through Brutal Doom, and for a while I was quite the Brutal Doom junkie. I had studied Doom for quite a bit, and then I see an entry for Brutal Doom... and that was the final straw, I just had to get a copy of Doom at that point. Also also, I still find Brutal Doom to be one of the best mods out there, though I've lurked around long enough to know that it isn't by far the best mod out there. But the level of detail present there - despite all the shortfalls, controversies, and hacky code - is something like I've never seen... something I haven't yet seen in any other mod. The mod and the author will still hold my respect in that regard... as well as for the fact that it was because of Brutal Doom that I even joined in the first place.
  18. DoomKrakken

    The Doom Confessional Booth

    I've never completed a full run of The Ultimate Doom or Doom II with vanilla weapons. My least favorite maps are I hate Deimos Labs, House Of Pain, Limbo, The Factory, Downtown, Also, I find it impossible to believe that the monsters one fights in Doom are actually demons. At the very most, they'd merely be Satanist extraterrestrials. XD And I liked the Doom Novels and Movie.
  19. DoomKrakken

    Solace Dreams - (Version 1.6.4)

    Hi, there... this is Sigfried Maro. I got your message, and sent you a PM. :) By the way, this video isn't available for me to watch... it's saying that it contains content from Victor Entertainment, and isn't available in my country...
  20. DoomKrakken

    The DWmegawad Club plays: Back to Saturn X E3 (Surprise!)

    From what I've seen so far (which was that gameplay vid of MAP20 on the 1st page), it looks like crap. But I'd still tap play it. :) That's to be expected, considering this is an April Fool's joke. :D Probably one of the best I've seen ever. :D
  21. DoomKrakken

    Brutalist Doom

    This mod is freakin' hilarious in that in makes Doom so bland and boring. That's how it got a Cacoward... because it was a "Mockaward". The palette itself is quite pretty... I saw someone use the palette itself from here and it looks amazing on many maps...
  22. DoomKrakken


    I wish there were more maps like S9DM03 (Shogouki)... and for singleplayer, too!!!
  23. DoomKrakken

    Doom ReBooted (First Project)

    Guncaster uses ACS to grant the user additional jumps. Refer yourself to "Source/Guncaster.acs" (directory for the file) to find the code. Since the Skulltag Minigun is a more powerful version of the Vanilla Chaingun, I would think the DOOM Chaingun should replace the Skulltag Minigun, and the Heavy Assault Rifle should replace the Vanilla Chaingun. Voxels seem fairly unnecessary. I'd say to put that as one of the lowest priorities on the list. What is this "EMP Blast" you are referring to for the Plasma Gun? If you're referring to the "Stun Bomb" or "Heat Blast" weapon mods, the Stun Bomb should run off of plasma as it usually does, and plasma heat should be generated by the Plasma Gun automatically. If you're referring to neither of those, then what is it you're referring to? Once I get the game (which will not be for a long time), I will try to do some rips. Is it okay if I submit MD3 models of the weapons? I never thought the community hated Brutal Doom... I thought it was just Sergeant Mark IV that they hated...
  24. DoomKrakken

    (ZDoom) The Ultimate Icon of Sin

    This was something I was thinking of for a third stage of the Icon. I imagined that when you first face off against it, you'd be fighting the classic skull-in-the-wall. After it loses a third of its health, the map shifts and morphs, showing the boss pulling away from the wall, and you see its entire body, like what we see here in the mod. This would be its second stage. Once you lower the abomination to its final third of health, its uppermost two arms are engulfed with flames, as it transforms them into two humongous wings. They'd be like that edit there, but I imagined the wings would be about three times larger than this edit. Anyway, he and you are then transported to a city with lots of sky scrapers currently being invaded by monsters. He walks through the city, while you try to shoot at him and fend off against monsters. What do you guys think?
  25. DoomKrakken

    [WIP] Vela Pax - Beta 2.1 out, now with .1 more stuff.

    Dude... this is one of the most epic mapsets ever. Very hard, but very awesome. :D And... dat music for Apollyon... I've a question... if I'm playing it Vanilla, the game lags a little. Understandable, since they're pretty big maps... but then I try to play the game with mods like Guncaster or Trailblazer... then things start lagging like hell. As in, to the point of unplayability. And finally, there's Project MSX... which seems to have absolutely no problem whatsoever with running with the mapset (and man, was that beautiful... :D ). There was almost no lag whatsoever, although something strange I found was that firing small (not large) plasma bolts from the Chimera Pulse Rifle would cause the game to lag super hard... but that was it. Can anyone make any sense of this?