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  1. Hey just figured out everyone is going through the same problem man, not to worry hopefully we will get a patch soon🤙
  2. Anyone else all of a sudden having these issues? Created some really cool content only to have snapmap crash everytime it starts now. Using a PS4 and everythings updated.. Really hoping Bethesda issues a patch..
  3. Made with good old Microsoft 3dmm 😎, hope some of you enjoy.. however be warned the fps isn't great 👍
  4. Well, this certainly looks cool. I know for a fact however we we're almost all awaiting SP or atleast snapmap updated content. Further researching the VFR Doom on Bethesda s forums they noted multiple ways to move, with teleporting fitting into the Doom universe, it only made sense to include it I suppose. Upon further trailer analysis it seems to be some sort of stand alone expansion so to speak, different locations and prop interactions for one that wasn't in Doom 2016. Well see what else pops up when fans get inside the action. I'll keep my hopes for future content this year.. For more info, plot details
  5. So, we know judging by the recent news and a photo that doom will be present at e3 this year.. what are your hopes and predication's? It would be great to see Sp content or atleast let the cyberdemon be available in snapmap. At this point anything would be great, its been some time since a decent update..
  6. Indeed. We can wake up on Phobos & deimos easily, as well as various UAC settlements all over the solar system like Saturn's moons lo and titan.. Or abandoned orbital stations.. to various lost hell dimension rifts.. There are countless settings Doom can easily translate into after the way the plot "ended" or began I should say 😇
  7. You know, I'm willing to bet there is some group of artists within the team continuing future Campaign content design. Whether or not there willing to go public about it is at there own discretion..
  8. Sounds very promising moon, will return with a full reveiw 😈
  9. Noted! Good to know!
  10. Thanks gents, ill have to remaster each mission for stability. Thanks for the feedback, much more optimized maps in the future.
  11. Just wondering if anyones got word on new content yet?
  12. Thanks gents I'm glad you both enjoyed them. I hear you, there still a work in progress and constantly make periodic updates these nights, Noted! Was trying to paint a picture of possible moon techbase environments, indeed the update severely slowed down everything.
  13. The latest battle in hell Fixed ¦¦¦
  14. A series of Mp and Coop Videos¦»
  15. A customized dark remake of Phobos » Snapmap ID» TYJMGXW7 Mission 1-5 Sp¦ MP ¦ Coop