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  1. Has anybody read the "The making of Doom 3" book?

    Boring? Well your free to believe what you will.. I would however give d3 more respect than that.. From a graphical and atmospheric standpoint it is great. Gameplay could have been polished, yes.. However there were many key design elements directly placed into Doom2016 because of Doom 3's amazing tech design. A perfect Doom 3 would have been one with trent reznors sound, no disappearing bodies, and just overall way more demons -
  2. - Post your SNAPMAPS Here -

    Awesome full video coming soon. Will repost with review//
  3. How to make Earth interesting in a Doom sequel.

    If the sequel will include earth I would imagine it being roughly halfway through/ to boost the anticipation of seeing it, sort of like how you mostly begin on some Mars/Phobos base before entering the hell realm.. also here is a very good snapmap with a custom city theme, although I'm sure an entire team of ID employee's would come up with some amazing design. I would think to see semi-futuristic tech with hell bending/transforming into every detail. Which could look amazing giving the art talent they have, also I'd hope to see some form of coop campaign implemented this time-
  4. Doom snap map

    Check out my thread Saxon.. there are some incredible maps, however only a small amount of good mappers..
  5. - Post your SNAPMAPS Here -

    Here we test & recommend new maps, promote maps/ anything / each map will receive a review or recommendation from myself or someone else: If you already have videos or reviews of your maps post them here along with a brief description & your snapmap ID number/ Current list of maps created : Author name - ThePhobosAnomlay - Mars: Hell Followed ID# PUQ7ATXS -An early custom geo Mars Board, heavily inspired by Doom 3 / Mars: Engineering Bay ID# L7UX9DGL -One of my first ones, a large scale design of an outside Martian facility. Still holds well. Phobos: The Monolith ID #TYJMGXW7 -A Phobos inspired design based off of the famous Monolith standing there Phobos: Orbital Strike ID #HNKGPCPJ - Another Custom Phobos Facility/ Open world design Deimos: Entryway ID #QZN9Z7XH -Same Custom Geo concept/Open world Deimos: Argent Nightmare. ID #B2BR843L - A 4 player Coop mission, mostly with custom modules/ tons of demons with custom fx for demons Mars: Argent Bloodfall BETA ID# M5X2VSP4 - Newest Series of heavily inspired Doom 3 maps, this one is singleplayer with more custom modules- Mars: Argent Bloodfall 02 BETA ID# LTCQVXM5 -The newest map in production with DarkSniper, at the moment where working on better logic for improved fps, however it is playable. And most likely runs better on PC's with insane graphics cards. However must be optimized for consoles. Here is a very good list of Great maps by other well known authors- By DarkSNIPER-
  6. Anyone still play MP? [PS4]

    Hahaha whatsup canoli πŸ˜„ killin it "in the summertime"
  7. Doom 3: Phobos

    Thanks for the pic 😁 Just wondering since this is called Phobos.. will it contain remade missions from knee deep in the dead? If so can't wait to see your reinvisioned e1m1 πŸ€™
  8. Phobos Anomaly, a 3dmm film

    Thank you πŸ˜‡
  9. Doom 3: Phobos

    Alright gents, we would love to see a screenshot of maybe e1m1 to hold us back 😁 It's been five months since phase 3 began.. any news?
  10. Post good SnapMap levels here!

    From a new custom Geo campaign in the works, one of the first missions - You start in the first room from a reinvisioned E1M1 then work your way backwards towards an outside area to destroy an advanced teleporter into Deimos. Map ID # TYJMGXW7
  11. Phobos Anomaly, a 3dmm film

    Thank you, working on a sequel with better fps and animations. Stay tuned gents ✊️
  12. Unable to Obtain Title Storage/Strange Errors

    Hey just figured out everyone is going through the same problem man, not to worry hopefully we will get a patch soonπŸ€™
  13. Snapmap Shutdown/Crash on start?

    Anyone else all of a sudden having these issues? Created some really cool content only to have snapmap crash everytime it starts now. Using a PS4 and everythings updated.. Really hoping Bethesda issues a patch..
  14. Phobos Anomaly, a 3dmm film

    Made with old Microsoft 3dmm 😎, hope some of you enjoy.. however be warned the fps isn't great πŸ‘
  15. DooM E3 2017

    Well, this certainly looks cool. I know for a fact however we we're almost all awaiting SP or atleast snapmap updated content. Further researching the VFR Doom on Bethesda s forums they noted multiple ways to move, with teleporting fitting into the Doom universe, it only made sense to include it I suppose. Upon further trailer analysis it seems to be some sort of stand alone expansion so to speak, different locations and prop interactions for one that wasn't in Doom 2016. Well see what else pops up when fans get inside the action. I'll keep my hopes for future content this year.. For more info, plot details https://bethesda.net/en/article/5vMkA0xBtK46KOYO4ueaS6/prepare-for-virtual-carnage-with-doom-vfr