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  1. ArchangelOfHell

    Doom Eternal won't have Snapmap

    Check this shit out, this is what Snapmap can do in the right hands. Map by JRCrash
  2. ArchangelOfHell

    (Indirect) Doomslayer Face Reveal?

    Woah, nice freaking eye! Good shit
  3. ArchangelOfHell

    Potato's Eternal Gameplay Analysis

    I loved everything about the reveal, now after all this time. My only wanted fix would be to BOOST the bass up on the plasma rifle. Or go with the original sound slightly modded. It just sounds like it can literally sound way better. Other than that loved everything they had to offer, hopefully we hear more news soon!
  4. ArchangelOfHell

    The Doom universe? Anyone else interested?

    Source? Or joke?
  5. ArchangelOfHell

    Do you think there should be another Doom horror game?

    Wow, fucking wow. What? The? Fuck? Horror games featuring shootable monsters are stupid? What...... what fucking forum am I in.... seriously wtf
  6. ArchangelOfHell

    This is what dark Seraphime entities are...imo

    Notice Mars in the background of that one shot? Could this actually be Deimos? What else could be that close to Mar's orbit? And we've seen a bit of Phobos so.. ideas? Also those mountains kind of give off a classic phobos background vibe aswell.. hmm
  7. ArchangelOfHell

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Here's a good hq view of the Phobos set, Also the alive UAC employee interaction is great, love how the Doomslayer simply cannot ask for the keycard and drags him over to enter, then grabs that awesome plasma rifle from one of the stunned guards.
  8. ArchangelOfHell

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    All with that beautiful view of Mars, the indoor facility seemed nice and dark as well. Sort of a new reinvisioned Phobos, still very impressed.
  9. ArchangelOfHell

    DOOM Eternal Gameplay Reveal Impressions

    Amazing from my honest thoughts, and the environment is on point. That Phobos landscape was stunning!!!!
  10. ArchangelOfHell

    Hell in Doom Moving Forward

    Check this map out, A guy named Dark Sniper remade some area's from Doom 3's hell, reinspired
  11. ArchangelOfHell

    Your Doom 2016 Multiplayer Stats

    Literally all weapons combos can be mastered in the right hands I've found. Yep, everyone. That's what separates this from other MP games, there is literally no best choice it really just depends on what your good with. I've found recently even the Static rifle is a mini gauss cannon of destruction in the right hands, it can literally go good with any other weapon combo. A fully charged shot and either a shotgun blast or a few well placed rounds with the assault rifle and its a wrap. Or the Sniper rifle, one well placed headshot and its over depending on there armor. Then again; you can find a potent combo with anything. The key is utilizing both our your weapons power and your items effectively as quickly as possible when the actions begins. Speed and violence of action gents ;) Keep calm and respawn ;)
  12. ArchangelOfHell

    Your Doom 2016 Multiplayer Stats

    Only a doom fan would be happy about that ;)
  13. ArchangelOfHell

    "You'll fight across dimensions" Crucible theory.

    Infact it would be great to wake up on either Phobos or Deimos before even coming close to earth, visit a few throwback locations before leaving, seeing Mars in flames from the argent destruction outbreak, as a mission prelude before the campaign so to speak.
  14. ArchangelOfHell

    "You'll fight across dimensions" Crucible theory.

    Still hoping for a renewed, reinspired Phobos location from knee deep in the dead, I dont know man. There's just something iconic about going back to Phobos, and I would hope to see it somehow in this one. Even if was go to some "hanger" through a portal to find a key and return, it would still be a great throwback'
  15. ArchangelOfHell

    Did anyone else think Doom 3 was going to be hub-based?

    Now that would have been awesome, great idea. Doom 3 has always struck me as having some of the greatest 3d Sci-Fi indoor environments, even to this day.